Old Stuff Can Be Surprisingly Interesting (40 pics)

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I Found This Taped Up In The Toy Aisle Of Goodwill. Couldn't Tell What It Did But Thought I Could Detail It. Took A $3 Gamble And Then This Happened

My Grandfather Had A Miniature Set Of All Of Shakespeare's Plays. It's 111 Years Old

A Nice Couple Found My Great Grandpa's Purple Heart In A Forclosed Home In A Box Labled "Trash" And Returned It To My Family

My Barbershop Still Uses Their Original Cash Register From 1904

Izismile Videos

My Friend Just Found This Little Statue While Digging In His Own Garden

The archeologists from the museum told him that it is probably from a grave dating back to 3-4000 years ago. It has been found in Castell' Arquato, PC, Italy. He proceeded to give it to the Museum Of Parma.


My Late Grandma Still Had Her TV Operating Guide From 1962

The Filament Of This Antique Light Bulb Is Shaped Like Flowers

Found In The Pocket Of My Grandpa’s WW2 Bomber Jacket


These Intricate Old Keyholes

After A Construction Company Caused A Local Reservoir Level To Sink 10 Feet, A 600-Year-Old Buddha Carving Was Found

My Great Great Aunt's 100-Year-Old Nursing Kit Has A Vile Full Of Cocaine Tablets And A Syringe

I Found These 60-Year-Old Condoms In My Basement


My Friend Was Splitting Logs And Found An Arrowhead

Found An Old Monopoly Set In The Walls Of My 1925 House

This Antique American Pledge Of Allegiance Does Not Reference God

Roman Coin I Found In France While Metal Detecting. Emperor Constantine I. Minted In Trier (Treveri), Germany. Bronze. 306-337 A.D.


Lovely Antique Aquarium

This Page From An Illustrated Captain's Log From 1777

This Antique Door From 1380 In Regensburg, Germany, Helps Finding The Keyhole After You Drank Too Much Wine

36 Vettes From An 80s Promtional. One From Each Production Year From 1953 To 1989 Found Sitting In A Nearly Abandoned New York City Storage Lot For About 25 Years


Have You Ever Wondered How Music Was Typed Before Computers? This Rare Vintage Typewriter From The 1950s Lets You Type Sheet Music

Grandpa Still Uses A Decades Old Computer That Still Runs DOS, Typing And Printing And Storing Things On Floppies

This Old Sundial Has Muli-Oriented Panels That Show Time Of Countries All Around The World

My Grandma Has Original Moon Landing Printing Plates From The Time Magazine Cover


This Railway Ticket We Found In Our Barn. The Stamp On The Back Says Aug 18, 1890

An Old Cup That Keeps Your Moustache Dry

2000-Year-Old Green Serpentine Stone Mask Found At The Base Of The Pyramid Of The Sun, Teotihuacán, Mexico

I Found This Cleaning Out Grandma's House


New Orleans Still Has Horse Hitches In Various Parts Of The City

Mom Found My Old McDonald’s Food Toys That Turned Into Robots

I Found An Old Lunar Globe Where The Far Side Of The Moon Is Still Uncharted

Found This Old Calculator In My Great Grandmother's Attic


I Found This Old Lightbulb In My Grandparents’ House Finished In 1902 And It Still Works

Vintage Freddie Mercury Queen Plate, 1980s

Old European Houses Have A Shoe Scraper By The Door So That You Could Clean The Mud Off Your Soles Before Entering

Found Three 1969 Newspapers About The Moon Landing In An Old Chest In The Attic


Found This Coin In My Grandma's Collection Of Old Stuff. Turns Out, It's From The Year 1797

Jackpot Find At An Antique Market In Greenwich Village NYC. Poison Ring

Old School Nintendo Cards From My Grandma

Vintage Forbidden Candy Identification Chart



Credits:  www.boredpanda.com

Stage 3 year s ago
#15 The pledge was originally nothing to do with 'god' because the USA had separated from a religiously determined monarchy. Religion was not seen as something to be included in the original pledge or important to the identity of the USA. It was changed in the 50's to corral the public against the idea of communism which was presented as synonymous with secular or atheistic ideals.

... Mega-Churches now exist because of the Red scare.

#28 about $2,000.oo USD for those that care.

#38 more likely a snuff ring or a perfume ring.
Action 3 year s ago
" It was changed in the 50's to corral the public against the idea of communism which was presented as synonymous with secular or atheistic ideals."

so they did away with the pledge and look at us now, the part of the country that identifies as communists/socialists has increased and our country is a mess

Senator McCarthy was right about Hollywood, they're out in the open and they hate America and everything it stands for
Visit 3 year s ago
#38 is probably just for cocaine, I would guess.
Everybody 3 year s ago
#29 Those are from the early 1970's. I remember when they put them up. In the Spring and Summer months they hung plants from the ring, and in the winter they put xmas deco's. They stopped after a few years since people kept stealing them. But they remained for the most part until hurricane Katrina hit. Then, the ones that got washed away from the flooded streets were never replaced. But the others on higher streets remained. They still remind us of the time they were all over the city, so they keep them there. But they don't maintain them, sadly.
Catshark 3 year s ago
I just have to come back to add something else about #29, (btw, I wrote the comment above about the horse ring adornments).

The gate that's in the background dates back a lot further than the flagstone and concrete paving. It's pre-civil war in fact and made by creole slave laborer's. The city and neighboring parishes are teeming with these beautiful wrought-iron works. That should've been the topic of the photo since it's head-and-shoulder's more significant. lol But... these are our days I reckon.
Offer 3 year s ago
@action So you voted for Trump, well done!
Weird 3 year s ago
@Action If McCarthy and Conservatives like him got their way, the US would be exactly like Iran is today. They are the face of the Christian Taliban. That's who got the god nonsense shoved into the pledge of allegiance. So the next time you b*tch about Iran, liberals, or whomever else you're b*tching about that day, remember who you are: the Christian Taliban.
Skier 3 year s ago
#1 is a Death Star; could be worth a pretty penny if it really is old
Sig 3 year s ago
To get pardoned after the civil war, southerners had to pledge allegiance [to the northern government] Notice: the word 'indivisible' refers to secession.
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