Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup (16 pics)

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Nail artist Julia Ismailova shows how women look with makeup they do by themselves daily and with the look created by her, the expert.


1 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“The first thing I noticed is the perfectly accurate arrows as if someone had drawn them using a stencil. They look so heavy and rough. I also saw her incredibly beautiful even skin that was covered with a thick layer of makeup foundation. Here is the result that we got.”


2 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“Frankly speaking, there was actually nothing to find fault in: her skin tone was correct and the lipstick was the perfect color. The arrows made the eyes look a bit down, that’s why a soft shading of the upper and lower lids, as well as the elongated shape I used perfectly lifted the outer eye corner.”


3 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“I always see whether the girls’ makeup habits are going to change after appearing in my rubric of transformations or whether they will stay the same. It is especially pleasant when serious internal metamorphoses occur after these inspiring meetings. That’s exactly what happened to Nastya.”


4 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“In order to improve the look of the skin, I first do a mini-facial. It takes 15 minutes but provides stunning results. Second, I prefer to use colorful correctors for creating the effect of even and clean skin, instead of a thick layer of foundation. It helps to get a very thin layer of makeup and a more natural skin tone.”


5 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“Perhaps, the makeup done by me doesn’t reflect this heroine’s inner self and you know that I don’t like to ’break’ people. But this time, I very much wanted to create a tender and young fairy from a vampire woman.”


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6 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“The eye pencil and the eyeliner in the ‘before’ photo only enhance the perception of a sad look. I have made the brows look a bit lighter and added warmth to the face with the help of cheek blush and copper eye shadows.”


7 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“Kseniya told me that she doesn’t like to use mascara and prefers lipsticks in darker brownish colors and that the biggest thing that scares her is having her face ‘glow.’ She is afraid that her skin will look oily. Personally, I was a little turned off by the messy eyebrows near her nose and... perhaps that’s all! She really is gorgeous! Like from the cover of a fashion magazine. I offered my variant of her daily makeup and according to her number of selfies, her smile, and her sparkling eyes, I can go ahead and assume that my project was successful!”


8 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“The main request of my client was to get an official look that could create the right impression at business meetings. ’People perceive me as a little girl,’ Lena complained to me.”


9 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“My heroine is a strong woman, who is especially strong on the inside. This kind of woman often puts herself in various categories, for example, she thinks she is a certain color type. Frankly speaking, I don’t like differentiation by face color types and I don’t understand why people are divided into different groups: ‘cold ones’ go to the left, ‘warm ones’ go to the right. My task this time was giving her a certain softness and I think I did it well.”


10 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“The phrase ’I’ve never found the right red lipstick for myself. It doesn’t suit me,’ is a signal for me to take action. At first, I corrected the brows and then the rest of the puzzle fell together easily.”


11 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“Polina is 19 years old. The main focus of her makeup routine is to hide her red cheeks that literally start to turn red when she has strong emotions or even when she touches them. When it was my turn, I believed that enhancing her beautiful eyes and showing her gorgeous, even, and youthful skin should be a priority. Let the cheeks be red — it’s beautiful, isn’t it?”


12 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“Maria is 24 years old and divorced. The conversation with her revealed that she almost doesn’t wear any makeup now and the ‘before’ pic shows her evening makeup rather than her day makeup. However, 6 months ago, Maria would wear this makeup in the afternoon. My task was to show my vision of what I thought her afternoon look should be.”


13 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“Lena told me that she keeps ‘fighting’ with her Asian appearance, trying to match it to European standards. She was seeing harsh rosacea, awful pores, and strong pigmentation on her face. I never see these things and I never fight with anything. My task is to enhance all possible advantages and that’s what I actually did.”


14 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“Laiza is 19 years old. She is incredibly cool. When I got a request from her, I didn’t have a single doubt about whether to work with her or not. We talked about life for a long time and about what makeup means for Laiza in general. I felt that I didn’t want to ‘break’ her and remake her, I understood her message, and I started to work.”


15 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“This time it was the incredible Uma who asked for a transformation from me. She is an eye surgeon and traumatologist. She was most disturbed by the pigmentation that she got after pregnancy. On the left, you can see the makeup that Uma does by herself every day and on the right, you can see my option with a minimal amount of cosmetics.”


16 Amateur Makeup Vs. Professional Makeup

“Here is the very first transformation that started everything.”



Wrong 10 month s ago
I honestly don't know what the amateur and what the professional photo is. Sometimes I think it's the left but on other ones, I think the right is more professional. Very confusing.
Shark 10 month s ago
I'm not going to lie....I liked a LOT of the before photos better than the after. It's also a matter of personal taste.
There are a few of them that make the models faces look significantly fatter in the after photos. Sorry to the make up artist...just don't think you've made your point about "professional" meaning better.
Girl 10 month s ago
So many of these women are very plain looking. I thought Russian women were supposed to be hot!
Jump 10 month s ago
The left is self-done and the right is professionally done if you bother to read the actual words. Most were well improved, but I felt they needed to leave the hair as is to really notice only the changes. For many a different hairstyle helped improve their overall look. The only one I disagree with is #8. That lipstick shade is much to bold for a business meeting. It should be much more conservative. That screams stripper to me.



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