Now That’s Really Cool! (57 pics)

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“Found an old beer bottle in the mountains with a mini eco system inside..”

“I found a strawberry that looks like a star.”

“The trail in my town has a set of bike tools for emergency breakdowns.”

“In Australia, kangaroo sausages are called ‘kanga bangas’..”

“Group of baby Easter Bunnies I found while walking my dog on Easter Sunday (can for reference)”

Izismile Video Collection

“Store that sells honey in complete frames.”

“Still operational, origional 1957 wall mount refrigerator.”

“Years ago my friends and I molded starbursts in to other shapes for fun.”

“I found the balancing boulders on Zimbabwe’s one thousand dollar bill.”

“My spaghetti was tangled.”


“These mirrors at this fruit stand.”

“An old jacket hanging in the woods with a bird’s nest built in the pocket.”

“Snow then rain made a cobblestone effect on the asphalt driveway.”

“My reflection on the mirror looks as if it was a regular picture on the wall.”

“I found a huge stone with engravings from the 17th century.”

“This tree grabbed ahold of and broke the headstone in a graveyard I was exploring earlier today.”

“The way these rain drops look on the car.”

“I made Babybel wax into desk dinos.”

“My Great-Grandfather’s social security card was made out of metal, not paper.”

“This fake wall “hiding” a porta potty in a fancy neighborhood near our house.”

“Saw a couple in period clothes walking around my neighborhood on stilts.”

“This unplanned bunny in our Easter brownies.”

“This paper towel roll that rips off into squares.”

“Accessible parking spot that uses bricks instead of a stencil.”

“My kitty’s fur pattern is also the pattern of her skin pigment.”

Purple bell peppers.

“Snow had just the right conditions so that it rolled up like a carpet.”

“My tour guide’s tool for picking up littered bottles along the trail.”

“This guy made pants from all his festival hats from previous years.”

The wool of an Australian Merino sheep.

The way this dead tree branch broke off.

What it looks like when a cat licks cheese.

This band plays on a stage that’s only one square meter big.

Mexican blue collared lizard.

“When the sun hits my MacBook just right, you can see the apple through the screen.”

“This is what the bottom of a frog stuck on a glass tank wall looks like.”

“My friends extensive Pringles collection wall.”

Floating trees in Mexico.

“My dad has a cap with a solar-powered fan on it.”

“This is what an Ice Canyon in Greenland looks like.”

One Byte Of RAM From 1946.

A town in Switzerland.

What happens when an 8-year-old puts his hand in a petri dish of agar.

Spiral horned goat.

Sperm whales sleeping vertically.

This set of table and chairs.

French Artist Braga (Tom Bragado Blanco) turns a gas tank into a giant 3D Sphynx Cat.

Iridescent rutile needles that grew inside a garnet.

“This is in Finland, the mixture of the moonlight and northern lights is when the magic happens!”

A bridge in Iceland.
Families moving into freshly built neighborhoods in the golden years.

Pluto in 1994, Pluto in 2018.

Very big cactus.

Samsung redesigned its TV boxes so they can be up-cycled into a cat house.

One of the largest insects in the world, South American Titan Beetle. They can grow up to 16.7 cm 6.6 in.

The world’s largest bird sculpture at Jadayu Para in Kerala, India.

Nice Place for Self-Isolation - Xanadu 2.0 - Bill Gates' House, Seattle, Washington.


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Lorrie 3 month s ago
#44 is a capricorn, not a goat!



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