Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (57 pics)

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“These are all of the charcoal drawings I've completed so far this year.”

“Like if it was made just yesterday.”

“This Baobab Tree Looking Ripe.”

Beidane tents in Morocco.

Izismile Video Collection

15 floppy disks for installing Windows 95.

“I’ve been utilizing this quarantine time to learn machine learning and data science. During the course of time I came across GANs which can generate a human image that shockingly looks like that of a real photograph.”

An amazing piece of fluorite.

“This is a dusky leaf monkey and her baby. The baby is born bright yellow so if the mother ever loses the baby she can easily spot it in the green canopy of the jungle.”

Fully-restored 1958 Golden Sahara II with Goodyear's Illuminated Neothane Glow-Tyres.

Starfish with 6, 5 and 4 arms.

“Ever wondered where sesame seeds come from?”

The Crooked House Sopot, Poland.

A Ferrari-Powered 1968 Ford Mustang.

“Egyptian metro vendor hanging from one of his belts just to show people that his belts are good quality.”

The four seasons of Kotisaari Island. Rovaniemi, Finland.

A 30 million years old petrified pine corn, Germany.

People made of pebbles.

The scary Storseisundet Bridge, Norway.

Japan has a network of roads that play music in a perfect rhythm if you drive the correct speed.

An Atlas V rocket breaking through the clouds above NASA Kennedy Space Center.

Abandoned Soviet turbojet train.

“Best Dive For River Treasure Yet!! Found A Drone, Phones, Voodoo Jars, & So Much More! (Drone Returned to Owner!)”

Seeds germinating inside a tomato.

Bioluminescent waves on the beach, Los Angeles, CA.

The Beatles 1966 Tour, Philippines.

American Kestrel.

Mama hippo attacks croc that came too close to baby.

Light pillars over Ontario due to extreme cold that causes ice crystals to be suspended in the atmosphere.

Lord Howe Island stick insect - thought to be extinct for 80 years, rediscovered in 2001.

These graves of a Protestant/Catholic couple buried on two different graveyards.

A couple of days ago world's highest 5G tower was installed on Mount Everest using yaks to lug equipment.

“This made me stopped and watch.”

“Synthetic Rutile has over 6X the Dispersion of Diamond, 0.28 vs 0.044.”

“My Night Sky petunia looks like a cluster of galaxies!”

Jadav Payeng is better known as the Forest Man of India. He earned this name by spending 30 years of his life planting trees, creating a real man-made forest of 550 hectares. Thanks to this reforestation, wildlife has return.

~ 8th century Viking warrior helmet.

Murder hornets.

Flamingos have taken over the Indian city of Mumbai amid COVID lock-down.

Where the crew sleeps on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

“How people of the past perceived cars of the future to look like. Built by Ian Roussel, it was a commission build by a customer who wanted a retro-future landspeeder.”

This is an underground cathedral in Colombia entirely made of salt.

Arnold with Wilt Chamberlain & André the Giant on the set of Conan the Destroyer, 1983.

“My brother likes to create miniature Firearms out of matches. This is a Barret M82 .50 cal Anti material rifle. (Lego brick for scale)”

“Relief Maps Show The World's Mountain Ranges - Eastern Europe.”

Octopus floor mural.

“Bizarre Café which makes you feel like you're in a cartoon.”

A rare spherical cloud.

“This indent in the grass is the path all the barn cats take to the shed.”

Henningsvær, Norway.

The size of a 1956 5MB hard drive.

A restaurant in Polignano a Mare, Italy.

“This entrance in the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks in Czechia looks like something out of Lord of the Rings.”

The Black Velvet, the world blackest black flower. It was developed in 2010 using natural breeding.

Aztec Knife with a mosaic handle and a chalcedony blade.

“Then there was this guy...”

The tallest man in recorded history, Robert Wadlow's growth chart is insane.


Nole 3 month s ago
#22 looks like it´s straight out of Fallout
ZombieDarwin 3 month s ago
#4 You can't fool me. That's one of those plants from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!
Delf 3 month s ago



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