Not All Wildlife Photos Are Good… (48 pics)

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Jump With Joy

I Spent Thousands Of Dollars And Several Days To Get A Chance To Photograph A Great White Shark. Here It Is

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I Can Show You The World

What You Get When You Are Running A 90 Second Night Exposure At 2000 Iso And The Red Ass Firefly Is Attracted To Your Red Light On The Camera

Izismile Video Collection

This Guy Pecks On Our Door Almost Daily And Brings Offerings Of Bugs Snakes And Lizards

I Accidentally Shot This Photo While This Little Bastard Was Attacking Me. Triggerfish Are The Best

Interesting Place To Coccoon....

The Beautiful Whitetail Deer. Full Of Grace... And Our Idiot Cat Who Mistook Her For My Dog And Decided To Give Chase

Car Camping In Idaho A Few Years Ago. Bull Elk Came Up On The Car In The Middle Of The Night And I Had My Own Jurassic Park T-Rex Experience

Best [email protected] Shot I've Taken!

The Magnificent Sight Of An Elephant On The Dusty Plains Of Africa Scratching Its Balls On A Termite Mound

Tried To Get The Perfect Picture Of A Deer In The Rain. Instead I Get A Picture Of It Bolting, And It Looks Like It Has A Bird Nest With A Single Egg Instead Of An Ass

I Tried My Best, Ok

Some Get Magestic Hawk Shots... I Get These


I've Never Seen This Animal Before! Does Anyone Know What It's Called?

Beautiful Brown Hyena In Namibia

When Your Subject Is Moving Far To Quickly For You To Possibly Capture It In Focus

Two Majestic Bald Eagles, One Photo Bombing Sea Lion... And A [email protected] Auto Focus

Behold The Red-Bellied Woodpecker Feasting On A Block Of Fresh Suet

I Can Relate

One Of The Rarest Moments I've Ever Come Across In My Entire Life. Nailed. It.

I Stayed In Nashville And Was Told There Was A Baby Groundhog In The Garden. I Got Obsessed With Seeing It And To My Delight It Appeared On The Last Morning. I Think It Thought It Was Hidden Behind The Pole

Disappointed Old Man Dove Gives You One Minute To Get The Heck Off Of His Lawn

Hey Sexy

I Don’t Want To Talk About It

He Caught Me

Came In Looking For A Midnight Snack, I Assume

It's That Crazy Door To Door Salesman Again

He’s Angry About Something

Eat Mee!

I Was Going For Cute, Then He Turned Around

‘Eagles In Speedboats’ Would Be The Name Of My Hipster Synth Electro Band

A Snow Bunting Tries To Put More Spin To Its' [email protected] Story

Ok, I’m Going!

Last Year These Guys Came Up Through A Vent Into My Kitchen... The Cats And Dog Watched Calmly And Disinterestedly As I Scooped Them Up With Oven Mitts And Cursed Myself For My Single Status

Walking Home From The Bar One Night, I Was Challenged By This Powerful Trash Panda

Nessie? Is That You? (Don’t Do Panorama Photos With Animals)

That Time I Learned Snakes Can Climb Brick Walls

Ineffective Means Of Deterrence

Noticed A Carpenter Bee Following Me While I Was Doing Yard Work Today, So I Decided To Take A Picture

"What Do You Mean I Can’t Eat Inside!!”

My New Camera Had A Night Mode And Was Trying To Get An Owl On The 4th Of July. I Think We Got Nuked Instead

Well... There Was A Frog Here

We All Have Days Like This

Needs A Cuddle, Whatever It Is

A Graceful Kudu In South Africa

Put A Trail Cam At Floor Level By The Front Door To See The Feral Cat We Thought We Were Feeding. Will Never Go Out That Door After Dark Again



Agnes 8 month s ago
Thursa 8 month s ago
#15 Ahegao Hawk JC-LOL shoot
Georgiana 8 month s ago
#48 the cat was probably eaten days before



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