HRs Go Through A Lot… (8 pics + 12 gifs)

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“Not HR but have been on teams to interview and have input on possible hires. One standard question: “What would you do if your were having problems with a coworker?” Answer’s can include: “I would try and work it out” or “I would take it to a manager” etc. His answer: “I’d take him out back and beat the [email protected]#t out of him.” He was surprised when he didn’t get the job.”


“I once had a temp job in HR. I was scanning lots of old personnel files, and the one perk of the job was reading old complaints against people. The best one I came across was a mediation caused by one member of staff accusing another of witchcraft.”


“The family of the guy who passed away came to speak to us (it was in a factory environment). To get pension docs etc. We sent them away with a to do list. 1 hour later reception pinged us saying Mr Xs family was here. Strange. The documents take a few days to get. Nope. New family. Yup. The guy had 2 different families. Who were about to have a fun surprise.”


“I was a recruiter, and you would be shocked to see what some people actually have as their personal email. Most people have come around to using just their name, but then every once in a while you’ll have to verify that “brownglitter69″ is in fact how they would like to be contacted.”


“So one guy failed his drug test at the lab. He came back to the office claiming that it wasn’t his fault. He explained that he was riding in a car and he stuck his head of the window. Then, when the car passed under a bridge, someone threw a bunch of cocaine off the bridge, it hit him in the face, and he accidentally inhaled it.”


Izismile Video Collection

“One of the strangest cases was brought about because a Client asked us to review CCTV footage as he’d driven past the office late at night and noticed the motion sensor lights inside going on and off and was concerned there had been a break-in. Turned out our night security officer who’s primary role is to monitor cameras from the control room was skipping up and down the corridors cause “he felt too full of energy” and had to get it out of his system somehow. Watching the footage of him skipping featuring the occasional star jump through vacant corridors for 20 minutes at 1am really made my day.”


“Worked for a large trucking company. Every employee would get a present on their birthday (in the mail) and their names on the video board (this week’s birthdays are:). A guy called to ask if his name could not be on the board. Reason: his twin brother murdered his parents and he did not want to be reminded of his birthday.”


“The maintenance guy had been living up above the ceiling of the building. He had built a little cubby living area with electricity and a small fridge and everything.”


“Call center employee calls HR to complain about their supervisor: “He’s abusive… he won’t even let me leave my desk.” Supervisor calls HR to complain about employee: “can you please tell ____ that she’s allowed to leave her desk. Oh my god… she’s [email protected]#tting in her trashcan!”


“An executive at the company got very drunk at a conference in Vegas and the company got a call from the hotel saying they’d have to pay for outside contractors. He had rubbed his poop all over the walls of his hotel room and the hotel cleaning staff refused to deal with it.”


“An IT guy who worked the overnight shift (because he was doing support for our Asia/Europe regions) got written up for improper use of company systems. He had dozens of not hundreds of Google image searches related to foot fetish stuff. Like insert celebrity here feet along with other random stuff like “cute toes”, etc.”


“An employee (from a different country and culture) never showered. He said that where he comes from, they shower about once a month. His coworkers complained of the smell, which was gaggingly offensive. His supervisor eventually sent him home and told him he couldn’t come back until he showered. It was a union business and the guy filed a grievance with the union steward. They came into my office, which has a camera because it was where we had all major disciplinary meetings. The moment they walked into my office, I almost gagged from the smell. It was suffocating. I had two chairs in front of my desk and I asked them to take a seat while I went and pulled his file. When I left, I pulled the door closed behind me. I went to my boss’s office, told him the situation and asked him to pull up the camera in my office. It was hilarious. The Union steward was holding his shirt over his nose and telling the guy “Goddamn dude! You’re killing me! You’ve got to take a shower!”. After letting them marinate in the stench for about 10 minutes, I went back in and the Union steward retracted his grievance and agreed to send the guy home.”


“Guy came into the interview in sweatpants and a hoodie, and said he didn’t need the job because of how much money he was making illegally, but he wanted to have a job so the IRS didn’t get suspicious. Weirdest part is I don’t live in America, I very much doubt the IRS cares about Canadian tax returns.”


“Had to delete someone from the system following them being murdered. Was a bad day.”


“One of the dumbest things, an employee that worked night audit at a hotel parked his car at the entrance and would occasional go out there to drink a bottle of vodka in full view of the cameras. He didn’t even sit in his car to drink! Just grabbed the bottle out of the car each time and drank in the open. Seriously, he could have put it in a water bottle and drank at the desk and would have not been caught as soon as he was. If at all!”



“My dad works in HR. He just told me about a day when they had to layoff about half of the company. It was crazy and there were a whole lot of moving parts that day. Unfortunately, in all the craziness, no one remembered to tell this one new hire that sadly the position he was hired for was no longer affordable. So he came into the office only to see everyone clearing out their desks and leaving. And then…he got laid off. An hour into his first day.”


“Got a call from our office in India that staff who supported the night shift were running a brothel from the office. They didn’t know they couldn’t do that.”


“Some employees were playing Squash or similar racket sport at a gym. One of the guys had been working there for over a year, nice guy. At the gym someone recognized him and called the police. He was arrested shortly afterwards by armed police, for an assassination attempt on the King of Spain. He had fled the country and was using a false name. Sentenced to 92 years in prison.”


“Caught a site manager with like 50+ pairs of panties hidden all over his office in Ziploc bags, a multitude of sex toys, and over 100k in cash stuffed in ceiling tiles. Took awhile to unravel all of that.”


“Our benefits team made the decision to eliminate reserved parking as lots of employees were frustrated when they walked past dozens of empty spots in the reserved lots every day. This new policy applied to all of the company’s locations. Of course, the benefits manager received hundreds of complaints in the first few days from people insisting they needed an exception for their own personal spot. The best reason by far was from one person who “needed a spot close to the door because they were terrified of bobcats”. No other context.”





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