Unknown Answers To Simple Questions… (4 pics + 8 gifs)

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Who gets the middle seat armrests?

Really, it’s every man for himself when it comes to armrests. BUT, if you’re going to be a polite gentleman or woman the proper protocol is to give them to the person in the middle seat. The aisle seat can stretch out a little more and the window has leaning capabilities but the middle seat, like middle children, is forgotten and neglected. Give them the armrests, their flight is bad enough.


Why do plastic soda bottles have bumpy bottoms while water bottles don’t?

The bumps are there to increase the strength of the bottle. This is necessary because the plastic bottle must be able to withstand the pressure of the gas in soda.


Why do flies never find the open window?

The airflow coming in causes them to avoid flying into it, but they are trying to get to the light.


Why ice is slippery?

When ice is close to its melting point, slipping is caused by rolling over water molecules that cannot attach to other water molecules at the surface. Kind of like a dancefloor that is covered with marbles or balls.


Why do cats purr?

Researchers have found that purring has communication and healing properties and that cats’ purring produces frequencies used to heal pain, edema, wounds, and dyspnea. This might also explain why many cat owners find cuddling with their fluffy friends relaxing.


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What color is a mirror?

A perfect mirror reflects back all existing colors and the scientific definition of white light consists of a mix of all existing colors. Therefore, ergo, hence, a mirror is also said to be white.


Why sloths are so slow?

A sloth’s diet is almost entirely based on leaves which are very poor in nutrients, leading to a low-calorie intake. In able to climb up trees all day they must move very slowly to burn few calories.


Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

Most glue has a solvent that, when exposed to air, evaporates, leaving only the sticky substance behind.


Why are wedding dresses white?

For years, most women were married in a dress they could reuse for other occasions. Hollywood curated images of fantasy white weddings and in the 1950s cheaper materials and the post-war boom allowed them to be produced more affordably, which led to the middle class adopting the look and popularizing it fully.


What color are a zebra’s stripes?

It was long thought that zebras were white with black stripes but the opposite is true. The white stripes emerge only as a zebra embryo develops in the mother’s belly.


Why does orange juice taste horrible after brushing your teeth?

Toothpaste suppresses the ability to taste sweetness, which means that other tastes, like the bitterness in orange juice, become more pronounced.


Why do your palms sweat when you’re nervous?

Your body releases adrenaline that sets your heart to pound in order to be ready for whatever comes next. The main function of sweating is to control body temperature for when your body goes to work. Areas of the body that have the highest concentration of sweat glands are the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands.

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Cecilia 11 month s ago
#6 'Reflect back' is redundant. Ergo and therefore mean the same thing, ergo they are redundant.
Lester 10 month s ago
hiya boys, did you miss me?



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