Reasons Why Kids Refuse To Eat Their Food… (40 pics)

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After watching the movie "Ratatoulli" 658098764 times and asking me to make what they made 787628 times I spent hours scouring the internet for the exact same recipe from the movie and made it and now they can't eat it because a rat didn't make it


It's "too beautiful." She's crying actual tears of joy. She's 4


Because it's broken. I can't eat it because it's his. So I guess we're gonna have to put it in a raft, push it out to sea, and set it aflame using a flaming arrow Viking style. RIP Pringle. Enjoy Valhalla.


Because it's too cute. I actually had to freeze it so it could stay like this forever and he could visit it


Because it "reminds me of Snow White." I told her that if this apple really could make her sleep for several hours I would have cleaned the store out.


Izismile Video Collection

Because by removing the cherry seeds, I turned them into olives


Because although he loves onion rings, recently learned they contain onions


Because the hairs disgust him. He's fifteen. Fif. Teen


Because if Honey Nut Cheerios taste like honey and Chocolate Cheerios taste like chocolate, this one must taste like the cast of Frozen and she doesn't want to eat Elsa.


Because she doesn't like "all the nipples." Me: You mean, seeds?" Her: No, NIPPLES."



Because he discovered halfway through that it isn't an Oreo. I never said it was an Oreo. He's crying. There is a crowd forming. Send help.


Because the grapes are too spicy. SPICY


Because she asked for cheese and crackers, not crackers and cheese.


Peanut butter and honey sandwich because the honey looks like a rabbit and she doesn't want to wreck it. In her defense, it totally does.


Because there are too many spoons in the bowl. (You'll never, EVER, guess who put them there.)


Because they don't have heads. Side note: He bit all of the heads off


Grilled cheese sandwich because it has a "tail" and he doesn't eat animals


Because he doesn't like his food this fancy


Because "a mouse already had some."


Because it's cold and "tastes like you mixed a bunch of fruits together." Um, I did


Fresh carrot from the garden because it has legs


Because she doesn't like the "orange thing" on the bottom. It's her fork...


I got a new toy and spent AGES cutting the boy's lunch out. Eddie took one look, sighed, and said "You shouldn't have done that."


Because she's a vegetarian. She wants chicken nuggets instead


Because "it looks like it needs a doctor."


Dumpling because, "ewww, it has toes.."


Because they're all "cracked open like humpty dumpty" and he "can't eat things that are broken," because they might "break him." And "no one would be able to put him together again."


Because the icing cracked when he dropped it. He's 17


Because they're "blurry" (wavy).


Bat pasta - they cried because they couldn't understand it wasn't real bats


Because "it has seeds."


She refused the yogurt I picked out for her (left) and insisted on picking out one herself (right).


Because it's exactly what she asked for. I'll end up eating it standing over the trash like a beggar and she'll ask for it two hours from now. When I tell her it's gone she'll cry like a Directioner upset about Zayn and I hate myself for even referencing that


Because it looks like a booty


Because she farted on it and now it's a fart muffin


Because she already ate at school. It's Sunday


Because I told him it was a leg... he doesn't eat anyone's legs. He only likes wings and parts you don't name... but no legs


Because her "heart wants Goldfish"


Because after being told repeatedly that there are peanuts in the candy, it turns out that- *spoiler alert*- there are indeed peanuts on the candy.


Because they're dead.


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Yeona 2 month s ago
I stopped reading half way through. You baby your kids to much, when I was a kid when my parents made something you either ate it or went hungry. I learned most of the stuff I didnt want tasted good.



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