This Australian Floating Villa Only Needs Solar Energy To Function, And You Can Even Stay There! (19 pics + 1 video)

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So, apparently, houses can float on water, and this one is available as an AirBnB rental

Introducing the Lilypad Palm Beach Villa, a luxury solar-powered floating villa in Palm Beach, New South Wales, Australia. This bit of accommodation offers a super-isolated retreat for two in Pittwater Bay near Palm Beach.

Designed by architect Chuck Anderson, the incredible Lilypad is a two-story 100% solar-powered house with a wrap-around porch. The house is said to be built using sustainable materials with full respect to the marine environment.

The Lilypad Palm Beach Villa is a luxury-class hotel for 2 floating in the middle of Pittwater Bay, Australia

The villa comes with a furnished living room with a fireplace, a fully-equipped kitchen, and even a wine cellar. Upstairs is a twin bedroom with a king-sized bed and a spa-like bathroom. Outside, the porch area serves as an open terrace fit for sunbathing, dining, or just chilling with a glass of wine during sunset.

And besides staying indoors, the proprietor also offers outdoor activities like paddle boards, fishing gear, snorkeling, a self-drive boat, and other active travel stuff. Heck, there are even hiking trails around.


It comes with a fully equipped livingroom, bedroom, kitchen, wine cellar, and a wrap-around porch area

The house is 100% solar powered and is built from eco-friendly materials

Oh, and there’s also the possibility to have a picnic set up on a nearby beach and a massage therapist can even come over to the Lilypad to make you feel even more relaxed.

So, despite the accommodations being designed for a two-person stay, it is possible to host up to 16 people for a party or other event. The Lilypad is open all year round, with summer being the best time to enjoy your stay, but winter in Palm Beach averages at around 10 to 17 degrees Celsius, which is quite warm by Nordic standards. Or by people-who-love-the-cold standards.


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Besides chilling, people can also go fishing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, or cruise in the self-drive boat

A night for two people in the villa will net you upwards of $1,000, including dinner, breakfast, wine and more

Apparently, the villa used to be a members-only venue, costing around $3,600 a month (or $43,200 per year, if you’re really dedicated), but it has since then been opened to the public and is said to cost upwards of $1,000 for a couple per night. Besides the accommodations, this includes everything from private self-drive tender, champagne and tasting plate, dinner, breakfast, and full access to the on-board wine cellar, among other things already mentioned above.

Due to the pandemic, the Lilypad Villa is currently only accepting bookings for Sydney locals or those who can’t leave Sydney at the moment, inviting those who are looking for a safe getaway from the craziness of COVID-19.


Check out Lilypad’s video advert below

This is by no means the only house that’s decided to learn to swim, as the Netherlands has seen a spike in interest in water-based housing due to much of the country living below the rising sea level. There was also the dRMM Waterhood proposal, a concept for London’s Royal Victoria Docks that would serve as a community of floating homes and office spaces.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you want a house that floats on water, or do you get seasick easily and can’t risk it? Let us know in the comments below!


Here are some other highlights from the luxurious on-water accommodations



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Silence 2 month s ago
It seems nice, but then again it's Australia. Home to Satan's pets (the wild life) and hot devil weather.
Jehu 2 month s ago
They should market this place as a zombie apocalypse experience with style...



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