Same Movies, Different Generations Of Actor Families (10 pics)

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Will Smith and Jaden Smith

1 Same Movies, Different Generations Of Actor Families

We met this unforgettable couple in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness , in 2006. Little Jaden conquered our hearts at only 8 years old. The chemistry between them revealed a strong father-son relationship off-screen. In 2013 they returned to star in the film, After Earth , where they again acted as members of the same family.


Ben Stiller and Jerry Stiller

2 Same Movies, Different Generations Of Actor Families

Ben and Jerry Stiller have acted together in many movies, including The Heart Break Kid , Zoolander , and Heavyweights . Their best-known appearance was in the first of these, in 2007, where they acted as father and son. In this film, Jerry Stiller is a Las Vegas lover who tries to counsel his son in the wrong ways, while Ben is confused about his recent decision to get married.


Kirk, Michael, and Cameron Douglas

3 Same Movies, Different Generations Of Actor Families

3 generations of the family name Douglas came together in the comedy It Runs in the Family . They are all great actors. Kirk Douglas was the first to establish his name in Hollywood by getting an Oscar nomination in 1949 . In 1960, he rose to prominent fame through his movie Spartacus . His son Michael is remembered for his romantic dramas and for his exceptional ability to seduce and intrigue viewers.


Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer

4 Same Movies, Different Generations Of Actor Families

Meryl Streep is one of the great actresses of the 20th and 21st centuries, and film after film shows us just how exceptional her acting skills are. Her daughter, Mamie, is not far behind her, although, for now, we have only been able to see her in a few films. The first one where the duo was released was Evening , in 2007. But it was in Ricki and the Flash where mother and daughter showed off their combined talents.


Charlie Sheen and Martin Sheen

5 Same Movies, Different Generations Of Actor Families

Martin Sheen, known for the great movie Apocalypse Now , is the father of the famous actor Charlie Sheen, who starred for over 10 years in the hit comedy Two and a Half Men . Although very different in character, both came together in 2 films: No Code of Conduct and Wall Street , where they played father and son.


Izismile Video Collection

Donald and Kiefer Sutherland

6 Same Movies, Different Generations Of Actor Families

Kiefer Sutherland was the great protagonist of the series 24 , which managed to stay on the air for 9 years. On top of that, he is the son of the talented Donald Sutherland, most recently seen in The Hunger Games trilogy playing a malevolent and original role. The Sutherlands were first seen acting together in 1996, in the movie A Time to Kill . Their second appearance happened recently, in Forsaken , 2015.


Sylvester and Sage Stallone

7 Same Movies, Different Generations Of Actor Families

It’s impossible not to recognize him. Rocky Balboa is one of the most remembered boxers in history, even though he’s fictional. Of the entire saga, the movie Rocky V  has a slower plot, although a new significant factor: the appearance of Sylvester Stallone’s oldest son, Sage. In it, we can see the duo carry out their father and son roles naturally and entertainingly.


Zelda and Robin Williams

8 Same Movies, Different Generations Of Actor Families

In 2004 House of D was released, the first great film that Robin Williams starred in with his daughter, Zelda. In the movie, he faces a complex role, as he acts as a janitor with a mental disability.


Colin and Tom Hanks

9 Same Movies, Different Generations Of Actor Families

The incomparable Tom Hanks starred with his son in the film The Great Buck Howard in 2008. In this movie, the main protagonist is surprisingly Colin, not Tom. The young man defies his father and leaves college to carry out his dream: becoming a great writer.


Clint and Scott Eastwood

10 Same Movies, Different Generations Of Actor Families

We could say that this is one of the most recognized father-son pairs out there. Both have built an excellent acting career based on classic and unforgettable films. Clint is a figure who cannot be distanced from the American western genre. He collaborated with Scott on Flags of Our Fathers , Trouble with the Curve , Invictus , and Gran Torino .




Vet 9 month s ago
Not a movie, but John Lithgow's son Ian had a recurring role on 3rd Rock From The Sun.
Abiel 9 month s ago
#1 " Jaden stole our hearts." What are you guys smoking? That kid is a total j#rk off douche.



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