Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark… (18 pics)

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Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song

1 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“It’s about a drug addict lying to the person they love about being an addict and that person leaving them. If you listen to the lyrics, you can tell it’s not a happy song, but the music allows you to pretend it is.”


Hanson – Yearbook

2 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“While it’s supposedly based on the band looking at their mom’s old yearbooks, the song heavily implies that someone died during the school year and now their picture is absent from the yearbook, and someone knows why but won’t say why. It’s a really heavy song from the three boys who also wrote ‘Mmmbop.'”


Matchbox 20 – 3 AM

3 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“It’s so upbeat and catchy, but it’s about his mother’s cancer.”


The Wallflowers – One Headlight

4 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“I was young when it came out and thought it sounded like a happy song, but then my mom’s biker chick BFF was like, ‘nah, listen carefully.’ She then proceeded to explain it to me. I learned a lot about life that day.”


Sarah McLachlan – Angel

5 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“One that always gets me is ‘Angel’ by Sarah McLachlan. It’s been covered a few times and it’s always done like a sweet love song, but it’s actually about deciding to relapse and take heroin again in a hotel room.”


Izismile Video Collection

Fool’s Garden – Lemon Tree

6 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“It always seemed so upbeat and happy. Turns out, it’s about depression.”


Butthole Surfers – Pepper

7 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“I always liked how it sounded and never really paid attention to the lyrics, but it’s all about teens dying.”


Nada Surf – Popular

8 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“I don’t know how obvious it is, but it’s pretty depressing. For any attractive, well-liked/popular student, it really puts you in their shoes. Can’t imagine how lonely and suicidal one can feel from people expecting too much from them.”


Filter – Hey Man, Nice Shot

9 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“It’s often thought to be about Kurt Cobain, but it actually was written about the public suicide of Pennsylvania state treasurer R. Budd Dwyer. Facing a lengthy prison sentence for bribery, Dwyer shot himself with a .357 Magnum during a televised press conference the day before his sentencing.”


Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – Brown Derby Jump

10 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“It describes the protagonist’s glamorous, but ultimately shallow and self-destructive lifestyle.”


Goo Goo Dolls – Black Balloon

11 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“I’ve heard that it’s about heroin, but I’ve also heard that it’s about abortion. Reading the lyrics, I can see both. Either way, I absolutely love this song.”


Sarah McLachlan – Possession

12 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“I thought it was this beautiful love song until I found out the song was written using text from letters Sarah McLachlan got from a man who was obsessed with her!”


Sloan – The Lines You Amend

13 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“They were masters at writing great pop/rock songs, and this one was catchy AF. It was also very clearly about suicide.”


Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland 1945

14 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“Neutral Milk Hotel being dark isn’t exactly a surprise, but ‘Holland 1945’ is such an upbeat song with horribly dark content.”


Pearl Jam – Jeremy

15 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“My mom recently told me that it was written about Jeremy Wade Delle, a high schooler who shot himself in front of his English class. I grew up hearing it on the radio and I never knew.”



The Northern Pikes – Girl With A Problem

16 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“I loved listening to this on road trips because it has a fun, happy tune, but then as I got older I realized that it’s about a woman suffering from alcoholism.”


Alice in Chains – Man in the Box

17 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“I’m not a fan of the band, but the song recently came on the radio for the first time in a while and I decided to look up the lyrics (I do this periodically out of curiosity). The darkness of the lyrics really surprised me, honestly, especially the ‘buried in my [email protected]#t / won’t you come and save me’ bit at the beginning.”


The Cranberries – The Icicle Melts

18 Some ‘90s Songs Were Actually Pretty Dark…

“It’s based on the James Bulger murder, and some people think it has to do with views on abortion.”



Pres 9 month s ago
you really ought to listen to music for adults. these childish and selfish people would have you believe their songs actually have meaning, when all they sing about is feeding thier ego.
Kingsley 9 month s ago

does that matter? if other people can find something in it that helps them, whatever.
Charity 9 month s ago
So what was neutral milk hotel saying?
Adolphus 9 month s ago
#7 How can anyone listen to this and not realize what it's about?

#15 If you've ever seen the video it's pretty obvious



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