These Rescued Pets Are Especially Cute! (40 pics)

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Khemjira Klongsanun Found An Abandoned Puppy On The Road Side In Thailand Whilst Running A Marathon, Carrying It For 19 Miles To The Finish Line And Adopting It. That Puppy Is Now All Grown Up!

This Cat Was Abandoned And This Is His Photo Minutes After Being Rescued

We Adopted A Pair Of Kittens Today. My Husband Was A Little Worried About How They'd Do With Our Dog.. He's No Longer Concerned.

Just Adopted This Dude. His Name Is Tucker And He Is Good Boye

Yesterday I Adopted A Kitten But I Think They Gave Me A Meerkat

Izismile Video Collection

Rescued Good Girl Wants All The Love

This Is My Quarantine Cat, Ahsoka, I Adopted Her To Help Manage Her Anxiety And Prevent Her Going To The Humane Society. I Was Told She Would Hide All Day And Generally Avoid People. After About 3 Hours Of Being At My Place I Felt A Tapping On My Arm

My Friend Adopted A Senior Dog That Had Been Shot In The Leg And Left To Die. These Pictures Are A Day Apart

This Is Louie, Our Adopted 16-Year Old Pupper! He Makes This Face When He Is About To Get Treats.

Rescued This Little Guy A Week Or So Ago And He Keeps Peaking Over The Couch At Me Like This


Another User Told Me I Should Post This Here. Meet Rimosa, She's A 3yr Old Staffy I Rescued 11 Months Ago. I Call Her Wonder Dog

We Adopted A Puppy Today. He's Terrified Of The Car Because He Thinks We're Taking Him Back To The Shelter. But He Loved Bedtime

Adopted Her 3 Hours Ago And She’s Already So Comfortable And Happy To Have A Home, I Laid Down Next To Her And She Just Climbed Onto Me Anybody Who Hates On Pitbulls Has Never Owned One Of These Big Babies

Look Who I Adopted Today!! Her Name Is Ash And I Was Told That She Is Very Cuddly

Lucia Was Skinny And Mangy And Naked And Itchy And Scared When Rescued From A Hoarder. Now She’s Fluffy And Happy And Dare I Say It A Bit Plump. Rescued By Good Karma In Florida

Golden Retriever Rescue With A Lot Of Anxiety - He Likes To Just Hold Toys In His Mouth So I Had To Get Him This One. It’s Too Damn Cute

He Spent 5 Years In A Rescue Shelter. I Will Make Sure He Has The Best 5 Years With Us From Now On.

4 Years Since We Rescued Her And Her Brother And She Still Holds Onto Us When She Sleeps So We Dont Leave Her..

This Is Daisy, She Was Extremely Abused Before We Got Her, I Could Hardly Pet Her Without A Yelp Or Whimper. We Adopted Her Almost 2.5 Yrs Ago. She's Now Officially Been In A Loving Home Longer Than She Was In A Bad Home. Such A Sweetheart That Loves Luvins!

My Husband And I Rescued A Five Week Old Kitten Yesterday And I Just Wanted To Share. His Name Is Figaro

Two Catalan Police Officers Found This Kitten With Two Dead Sibling In A Bush, While Doing A Road Control. They Rescued The Kitten And One Of The Police Officers Addopted The Little Buddy

Just Rescued Another Bunny. Momma Ate His Ears So He’s Now Earless. Everyone Meet Skip Evander-Holyfield

Little Baby I'm Adopting! She Has One Pink Bean Per Foot

My Daughter Has Been Asking Every Christmas And Birthday For 5 Years For Her Dream Dog. This Week We Adopted Her New Best Friend. So Far They’re Inseparable

This Is Little Arietty, Patiently Waiting For Me To Throw Her Toy. I Am Starting To Suspect That We May Have Adopted A Doggo!

Husband Was Not Happy About Rescuing This Feral Cat

This Is Alan. He Lost His Eyes In A Dog Attack Prior To Us Adopting Him. Despite Not Being Able To See, He Moves With Courage And Confidence. A True Inspiration

Just Adopted These Two Loaves.. Meet Quinn And Kit!

So The Other Day My Dad Called Me And Told Me His Golden Retriever Found A Baby Squirrel That Was Half Alive In The Yard. He Rescued It And Fed It. This Is Them A Few Days Later. Now It Won’t Leave His Side

Adopted A Stray Abandoned Kitten, 5 Day Difference In His Eyes

Adopted This Little Floof Over The Weekend. We Hope She Likes Her New Home!

Hi! This Is Our New Rescue Dog And We’ve Named Her Apples! She’s Really Shy, Cuddly, And Also Tries To Speak Human!

Welcome Home Rosie! Just Adopted Today!

First Camping Trip With My Newly Adopted Pup! 10/10 Will Do Again

My Grandma Adopted Her This Way After Our Old Cat Died At 13 Years. Currently Undergoing Dechonking

When I First Rescued Him And Now! He And 4 Other Kittens Were Left In A City Work Truck

Finn’s Loving Life After Being Adopted Yesterday! Took This Photo Before The Drive Home

My Best Friend Got A Text Saying That A 10 Month Old Dog Would Be Put Down In A Couple Of Days Unless Someone Adopted Him. Immidiately Got In His Car And Picked Up Baloo. They Bonded At First Sight

This Is Bert. Today We Rescued Him, And Hope To Give Him A Much Happier Life. He Didn’t Get Much Sleep On The Way Here Due To His Excitement; Here He Is Trying To Fight Off The Snooze

Lost Our Pibble Last Month Due To Epilepsy Complications. Adopted This Rescue Yesterday; He's Already Family!


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Arnold 2 month s ago
While I am loving the fact that people are rescuing more pets these days I fear for the babies after the pandemic is over and they return to their regular jobs and lives.



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