Shame, Pets. Shame… (40 pics)

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Left This Note For My Husband

Throwback To When Dad Decided To Make Home Improvements I Didn’t Agree With

There Are Two Types Of Doggos

He Even Looks Proud

I Just Thought My Mom Would Like Some Company

Izismile Video Collection

True Story

My husband and I went out to the garage to feed our black lab thus leaving the ferrets to their own devices. After a short time we returned to the following:

1. Someone had opened one of my husband's Harbor Freight emails and searched for item number "1q''''''smffmnnnn". There were no results.

2. Wesley (on the left) had ordered a Samsung Galaxy S4 for $180 using the ever so convenient Amazon one-click option.

3. Ryan (right) turned off the power strip which supplied the laptop, phone charger, ferret litter box ventilation fans, and the internet, but not before Wesley's purchase went through.

This is a true story. We canceled the order. We weren't really sure what to put in the explanation box.


She Screamed At Dingleberry

Hamburger Thief

I Feel Like A Little Bit Of Cat-Shaming Is Ok Here

The Smile Says It All

Well, Pete Wasn’t Such A Good Boy Today

Groundhog Day

Next Time, Pay Attention To Me

I Found Out I Wasn’t Included In Mum’s Next Holiday, So I Ate Her Passport

This Happened Today On Our Walk


Self-Sufficiency Level: Unlocked

Dog Ate Husband's Teeth

My husband lost 2 front teeth due to a skateboarding accident. His new flipper wasn't comfortable and he took it out and left it on the end table. Leaving the room for a moment was all it took for our Daphnie to get a hold of them.

Daphnie was NOT hurt, what ever pieces she actually ingested passed without incident. The only thing this hurt was our budget! Even the best Dental Coverage doesn't replace teeth when your dog eats them.


Sneaky Pooper

This Cat Being Publicly Fat-Shamed

I Was Having A Good Morning. Everything Was Going Well. Then I Came Home To This Glitter Bomb

And This Happened

Binx Has Officially Destroyed All The Living Room Blinds

This Cute Dachshund Surely Loves Pizza

Meatball Is A Jerk

Colin My Naughty Cockeral. The Kids Are Scared Of Him And So Are The Neighbors

“I Just Had To Explore That Noise In The Bushes At 3am, I Only Wanted To Play But Mr. Skunk Was Not Having It"

These Bad Dogs Deserved To Have Some Dog-Shaming For This One

Atlas The Service Dog Sits In Front Of The Camera With A Toothy Grin Wearing A Sign That Says "Mom’s Underwear Is Not A Present For Guests"

Bovine Business Calls

Let’s Not Forget About The Other Sketchy Character Living In Our House

Stealth Licker

I Ate Alexa And I’d Do It Again I Tells Ya

Apparently Puzzles Are A Delicious

Taste-Test Concludes: February Least Filling

What You Snackin’ On, Willis?

Shame On You

I’ve Been Told This Belongs Here, And I’m Inclined To Agree

Had A Bit Of A Scare Yesterday When I Got Home. There’s Never A Dull Moment With These Two, I Swear

Then I Run Into My Cat Cave And Hide

Candy (Left) And Casper (Right). Casper Is Pretty Stupid. Picture Says It All



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Bobbie 7 month s ago
quite careless leaving drug goodies where poor animals can find them



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