Have You Missed These Movie Mess-Ups? (14 pics + 1 gif)

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Rose’s fiancé admirably looks at the Titanic that is going to start its tragic journey and doesn’t even suspect that the incomplete decorations of the huge liner are located right behind his back.


Just look at how spectacularly Luke Skywalker scatters his opponents in the famous battle at the sands of Tatooine in the Return of the Jedi scene. He doesn’t even need to touch them. We’ll chalk it up to The Force.


Of course, characters must undergo changes over the course of a movie’s plot. But sometimes these transformations are amazing (and irreversible). In Die Hard 2, a man with a darker complexion bends down to pick up an envelope, but when he grabs it off the floor, his hand is of a different color. When he gets up, he looks the same again.


The design on the soles of this ancient Roman’s shoes from the movie, Gladiator seems quite modern.


On hot days, ancient Romans, as a rule, would come to the stands, taking plastic bottles of water with them.


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Also, the camera crew, who weren’t vampires, can be seen in the reflection of car windows. This is a standard mistake that can be seen in many movies.


Fans of Sherlock sometimes want to play detectives too. And here, it’s easy to notice that John is typing not in his blog, but on his photo.


In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the suitcase where enchanted balls are lying (including one of the bludgers Oliver Wood is fighting with) is supposed to be shaking due to some magical reasons. But we can see that it is the mysterious Muggle mechanism that actually propels it and makes it move.


At the time of his death, James Potter, who Harry sees in the Mirror of Erised, was only 21 years old. But it seems that the fight with Voldemort had worn him out significantly. The actors who played Harry’s parents are much older than their characters but it is believed that this was done intentionally. It would be strange for small kids who watched the first movie to see 20-year-old people play the parents of a boy who’s the same age as they are.


If a real owl had been used instead of the dummy in the second movie about the wizard boy, the animal could’ve been injured because of the crash with the barrier. That’s why we are on the side of animal protectors and are happy it wasn’t real.


Hermione, Harry’s true friend, decides to share her towel with the boy who became frozen underwater. But in the next frame, we can see that both she and the boy are wrapped in separate towels. Was this a blooper or an example of the kind of friendship they had?


Here’s another test for movie-watchers’ attentiveness. Not everyone will see the difference in one number on the license plate of the car in different frames. Don’t worry, the creators of Home Alone didn’t notice it either.


Kevin’s family must’ve foreseen the fact that they were going to Paris without their youngest kid. Otherwise, how could one explain the disappearance of Kevin’s portrait from the wall where it was hanging at the beginning of the movie? His parents definitely grabbed it with them as not to miss their boy.


It seems the handsome vampire from Twilight has such cold skin that the girl standing in front of him became freezing and was shown wearing a hat in the very next shot (even Edward himself would envy such a speedy outfit change). Moreover, the structure of her hair has changed too.


There are no visual bloopers in this frame but there is a factual error. The pirate, Sao Feng, greets Captain Barbossa with the words: “Welcome to Singapore.” But Singapore wouldn’t become famous as a port until the following century, in 1819, after signing an agreement with the British. The events in the Pirates of the Caribbean take place 100 years before, back when the port was called Temasek.



Monty 7 month s ago
Always so much fun watching films with people who like to point all these tiny annoying details throughout.
Van 7 month s ago
# 14 - I think the problem is not the hat, but the position of the girl. In the first photo the girl has straight hair and in the second photo wavy hair. The girl shown in the first photo is in the second photo, in front of the group. You can compare her hair style in both photos



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