Yeah, Exactly, Cat Weight Losses! (50 pics)

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The Only Transformation Pic I Will Allow

Bronson's Journey To A Healthier Life. Adopted At 33 Lbs (15 Kg), Now He Weighs 19.9 Lbs (9 Kg)

Rehomed This Little Big Buddy A Little Over A Year Ago. Meet Big Tony

Before - Fat, Dirty, Breathing Problems, And Unable To Clean Herself. Now - Blessed And Highly Favored

From Almost 20 lbs To 14 lbs. He’s A Larger Cat Than Normal But Now He’s A Lean, Large Cat

Izismile Video Collection

Tommy Boy Has Been Successfully Dechonked

Adopted This Cute Overweight Kitty, Put Him On A Diet And After A Few Years He Had Less Than Half The Weight Of When I First Got Him

Dechonkification? Completed It

She’s Proud Of The Post-Diet Body

Barsik Came From A Shelter At 41 lbs. He Is On A Vet-Supervised Diet And Losing Steadily


This Is Amy. She’s Been Living At The Shelter For Over A Year And No One Wanted Her Because She Has Weight Issues. But I Do As Well So We’re On A Diet Together

She’s doing great and lost a little bit of weight already. She even plays with our other cat. Her stomach doesn’t hang on the floor anymore either and she’s always walking around the house


He Went From 20 To 14 Pounds

Stan Has Successfully Dechonked At 10 Years Old. He’s Got A Long Life Ahead Of Him

Look At My Handsome Boy's Progress

Mister Weez Was Always My Big Chonk. After A Year Of Diet And Exercise, He’s Now My Small/Medium Chonk

Travis’ Weight Loss Progress From 2017 To 2019

My Senior Rescue Boy Went From Full Loaf To Slice Of Bread

When I got him he was so shy that he only came out at night. He's lost about 1.5 kg (about 3.3 pounds) since January. Went from 6.9 kg to ~5.4-5.5 kg.

Bosie (full name: Lord Alfred Pawglas, customarily addressed as "His Lordship") is a 7-year-old tabby striped calico boy who was surrendered because he couldn't cope with the addition of two babies, two other cats and a dog to the household (all in <2 years!).

Dechonking him mostly took switching him to moderated amounts of wet food with a very small portion of kibble per day in a puzzle feeder or puzzle toy.


Dechonkification Has Succeeded. We Have Reached Fine Boi

Chonk Progress

So Two Years Ago The Vet Told Me Muffin Needed To Go On A Diet. Well Look At This Before And After Shot! I'm So Proud Of Her

A Reformed Chonker

Basically my granny was this cat's owner until she died in 2018 (Mitzi was very overweight when my granny adopted her as it was believed she was a stray had been fed by students) and since then Mitzi had unfortunately been stuck going in and out of the shelter for a while and making quite a few headlines and never quite meeting the right owner. Due to a lucky coincidence, a family member of mine who had originally wanted to adopt her in the first place moved into accommodation where pets were allowed at a time Mitzi was back at the shelter and they adopted her finally this year. She's been slowly losing weight and as you can see she's a lot better now! She will never look as slim as she weighs unfortunately due to her excess skin but she's in a much healthier place than before and her temperament has improved dramatically!


Chunky To Hunky. Down 7 Pounds Since Coming Home

Pinky The Hutt Lost The Weight Chasing A Pupper Around

"I'm Sorry Ladies, I Know Dere's Less To Love But Don't Worry, I Still Gots Sum Rolls Leftover In Dis Belleh"

Miracle Used To Be So Chunky

A Cat's 4-Year Weightloss Journey

My Cat Lost Half Her Weight Over 12 Years

Mama Was A Stray Cat Who Found Us About 5 Years Ago. She Was A Very Overweight Cat. Even In Animals Diet Is Key

Meatball Baby, Before And After Rescue. Her Real Name Is Gracie Sue

18 Pounds To A Healthy 11. Still Whines For Food Constantly

I rescued her at 18 pounds. Her previous owner just left dry food out for her 24/7 because she would whine when her food bowl was slightly empty. She's a very chatty cat


Cinderblock Has Been Training On The Underwater Treadmill Like A Champ

From Heckin Hefty Chonk To Small Chonk. Proud Of Her Dechonkin' Progress

Danni DeVito's Weight Loss Progress

10 Months In His Forever Home, And This 14 Year Old Is Down 3 Pounds

After Losing 17% Of Her Bodyweight, Amber Became Less Sleepy And More Interested In Playing

Fat Cat Mr Pickles Has Lost Almost Half His Body Weight After We Put Him On A Special Diet

Before And After, Almost Two Years Between

Molly's Transformation - 14.5 lbs To 10.3 lbs. Thought You Guys Would Appreciate Her Hard Work

Weight Loss Journey, Before And After (He Was Neglected Before Being Brought To The Shelter)

Before And After: One Of Our 14-Year-Old Cats, Lunchbox, Now Weighs Half Of The Weight She Was When She Came To Our Sanctuary

After I Was Told My Cat Was Obese, I Put Her On A Diet. She's Looking A Lot Healthier

We Are So Proud Of Our Good Boy. He's Gone From The Heavy Breathing Meme To An Energetic, Happy Boy

Pete The Cat, Lost 8 lbs

Here's Bo's Progress - 28 To 20 lbs. I Almost Can't Believe His Transformation

Project Dechonk Successful

Former Chonker Getting In Shape, She Looks As Proud As Us

Logan Here Has Had To Go On A Special Prescription Diet That Bulked Him Up To Almost 21 lbs. Now He's Down To A Slim 15 lbs

Before And After - Slow Churn To Slim Fast

49 ~1 Year Of Progress For Rey

My Girl’s Slow Dechonkification. 17.5 lbs Down To 14.9 lbs


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