Fascinating History In Photos (22 pics)

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British sappers training to defuse mines blindly, so that they can be able to do it in the dark, 1943

1 Fascinating History In Photos

This farmhouse once stood in Manhattan where 84th Street and Broadway now cross. 1879

2 Fascinating History In Photos

It was to this house, known as the Brennan Farm, that Edgar Allan Poe and his wife moved so that Poe could experience “country air” to cure his tuberculosis. It was also where he penned his famous work “The Raven.”


Jerry Lee Lewis with his new 13 year old wife (who was also his third cousin) Myra Gale Brown at Idlewild Airport, NYC, 1958

3 Fascinating History In Photos

Myra Gale Brown was the daughter of J.W. Brown, Lewis’ cousin and the bass player in his band. At the time, she hadn’t realized that there was anything wrong with her relationship with Lewis. Elvis Presley, the biggest rock star in the world, was dating a 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu, who would later become his wife. Infatuation with a child simply seemed to come with rock and roll territory.


A group of Montana men advertising for wives, ca. 1901

4 Fascinating History In Photos

Kim Jong-il with his father, Kim il-sung and his mother, Kim Jong-suk in 1945.

5 Fascinating History In Photos

Izismile Video Collection

Children at school in New York City, 1888.

6 Fascinating History In Photos

By the year 1870, all states had tax-subsidized elementary schools. The US population had one of the highest literacy rates in the world at the time. Private academies also flourished in the towns across the country, but rural areas had few schools before the 1880s.

Queen Genepil (1905-1938), the last queen of Mongolia.

7 Fascinating History In Photos

Queen Genepil was the last wife of the last Mongol Khan. She was executed in May, 1938, shot as part of the systematic Stalinist destruction of Mongolian culture, in which a vast amount of the population were killed (between 20000 and 35000 people), including almost all the shamans and Buddhist lamas.

Her daughter, Tserenkhand, who managed to survive said: “They took her away at night. She did not wake us, only left a piece of sugar on our pillows. I still remember the joy of a sudden discovery of that rare delicacy in the morning.”


The German, giant howitzer ‘Big Bertha’ on the Western Front in 1915.⠀

8 Fascinating History In Photos

High school football players practice in Chicago. 1902.

9 Fascinating History In Photos

Charles Lindbergh lands in Paris’ Le Bourget Field, completes the world’s first solo, nonstop transatlantic flight May 21, 1927,

10 Fascinating History In Photos

Houdini exposes spirit trickery to New York clergymen, 1925.

11 Fascinating History In Photos

Harry Houdini did not like mystics and believed (rightly) that they were frauds. These are the people who would take people’s money and claim they could contact the dead or get them in touch with long deceased relatives. What Houdini would do every chance he got was to show how everything that occurred in one of these sessions could be reproduced by clever movements of feet, hands, etc. and that it was all a trick.

Dunkirk Evacuation, 1940

12 Fascinating History In Photos

Canadian Troops land at Courseulles at Juno Beach June 6th, 1944

13 Fascinating History In Photos

Italian logistics in the Alps during WW1

14 Fascinating History In Photos

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker (Bonnie and Clyde)

15 Fascinating History In Photos

Bonnie, especially, was enamored by the “gangster” life. She read pulp fiction and movie magazines voraciously and she loved the movies, and thought it was all very romantic. But Clyde Barrow and his on-and-off gang members were absolutely ruthless.

Besides robbery, theft, and kidnapping, they murdered thirteen people, including multiple police officers. When they were ambushed by law enforcement on a country road on the morning of May 24th, 1934, they were hit by 167 bullets. In the trunk of the car, officers found several stolen automatic rifles, sawed-off semi-automatic shotguns, as well as different types of pistols and several thousand rounds of ammunition. Clyde always stole and drove 8-cylinder cars (such as the Ford DeLuxe) because they could outrun the police’s Model Ts, and officials also found thirteen sets of license plates from different states in the trunk, as well.

Though they considered themselves married (but never truly by law, as Bonnie was married to another man), they were buried in separate cemeteries. Bonnie’s family refused to let them be buried side-by-side. Clyde’s epitaph reads: Gone But Not Forgotten, and Bonnie’s reads: As the flowers are all made sweeter by the sunshine and the dew, so this old world is made brighter by the lives of folks like you.


At a Berlin elementary school in 1934, students pay tribute to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. ⁠

16 Fascinating History In Photos

The woman in this 106-year-old photo wears a traditional dress that signifies she is married and part of the Mongolian nobility.⁠

17 Fascinating History In Photos

A very early photo of the Pantheon in Rome, captured in 1860.

18 Fascinating History In Photos

The Pantheon is one of the best preserved buildings from ancient Rome. The current building was completed as a temple around 125AD, but turned into a church in the 7th century. The twin bell towers were removed in the late 19th century.

The guy on the left is named William West. The guy on the right is also named William West.

19 Fascinating History In Photos

The first William West was sent to Leavenworth Prison in Kansas in 1901.

When the second William West arrived at the same prison for a minor crime two years later in 1903, he was told that he was already in prison serving a life sentence for murder.

After some confusion, the staff realised that they had two inmates with the same name that looked pretty much the same.

The two men were not related in any way, and law enforcement quickly realised that a more reliable method of identification was necessary.

The case of William West and William West changed the face of forensics. Fingerprinting soon became the standard method for identifying criminals.


Prostitutes on display in Yoshiwara during the Meiji period, 1882

20 Fascinating History In Photos

Prostitutes posing as “working girls” in Dawson, Canada during the gold rush 1900

21 Fascinating History In Photos

Tauentzielgirl team (lower class prostitutes) in Weimar Berlin, 1920’s.

22 Fascinating History In Photos


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Norbert 8 month s ago
If #22 is lower class, wtf are #21?

#19 is a time traveller. He came back to tell himself not to do stupid sh#t anymore
Ebenezer 8 month s ago
The #22 women are in a city while the #21 women are in a town out in the boonies.
Artelepsa 8 month s ago
#3.... She was not his third cousin, that is not how it works.... she was his first cousin once removed.
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Artelepsa,no one, but no one likes a smart @$$
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interesting there was 3 posts concerning prostitutes
Pandora 8 month s ago
#16 Whatever the desired change, target the children first. Do it well enough and they'll even betray their own parents. Watch the hand that rocks the cradle.
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an unfortunate truth.
Mac 8 month s ago

The third Reich lasted 12 years. They couldn't really profit from those education. It was just like the germans already were at this time.
Katy 8 month s ago
The hands that've been "rocking the cradle" in the American public school system for the last 50 years have been the Marxist Education majors who graduated in the '60s.

The results are plain to see in the angry automatons who believe they're thinking for themselves as they loot and burn our great cities.

This observation has already been deleted once, by the way. Censorship lives.



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