Treasures Found In Thrift Shops (39 pics)

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This Stain Glass Whale Light Measuring 4' Long Was Going To Be Thrown In A Dumpster

1 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“It was hanging in a wood shop so it was covered with a thick layer of saw dust. I brought it home and cleaned it up really well and it turned out looking really nice. I love whales and I'm extremely happy to have saved this beautiful one of a kind piece of art from being destroyed. It's in it's forever home!”

“My Greatest Thrift Find Ever. When I Bought It I Only Thought The Dots Would Glow. I Was Shocked When I Turned It On!! Best $10 I Ever Spent. Hope House Foundation Thrift Shop, Norfolk Va.”

2 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“I Went Thrifting And Did Not Expect To Find This Year’s “Easter Dress” In All Its Glory Hanging Before Me!!!!!”

3 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“What the fluffle (that’s the term for a group of rabbits btw)!!??!! I am tickled pink...And blue...And purple over my sweet find!!!You’d better believe I’m wearing this bad boy as I hop along to church, to teach, to walmart, pump gas and to the grave!! $6.99 goodwill Williamsburg, VA”

“My Wonderful 99 Year Old Grandad Is Moving Into A Nursing Home. We Are Cleaning Out His House And I Was Given This, Now One Of My Favourite Possessions.”

4 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“It is a dice that he made while he was a prisoner of war during WWII. Obviously it isn’t up to casino standards but it must have helped to pass the time! Interestingly, despite the very rustic charm of this piece, my grandad is a very talented woodworker, making beautiful carvings and furniture well into his 80s.”

“I Found This Old TV When Cleaning Out In The Attic In My Grandma's House.”

5 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“They put in under a blanket to keep it away from dust and I think it has been there for over 40 years. Instead of throwing it away I took it with me and built a bar. You can store 12 bottles in it and turn on the light with the original on/off button hope you like it.”

Izismile Video Collection

“My Granny Had Given Me My First Crystal Cat When I Was Roughly In The 4th Grade (Mid 90's)”

6 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“My mom flipped a switch after my parents divorced and ended up in jail, eventually prison. Not many things survived my childhood. One thing I made sure I kept safe and hidden was this crystal cat. Always in my socks, inside a sock, inside a sock, a little nesting doll of sorts. My Granny was my everything, she raised me. My mom passed away almost 4 years ago, then my Granny a year later. I rarely wander Goodwill in the "knick knack" section, something drew me towards it today and I found my third crystal cat! (Second kitty was also found at a different Goodwill about two years ago. ) It's not much, but it makes me think of how far I've come out of the darkness and my beautiful Granny everytime I catch a glimpse of those kitties.”

“My $2 Yardsale Find Today! Already Had The Perfect Plant For It Too.”

7 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“My Mom Was Born 1939, The Year Snow White Was Released. She Passed Away In March And As I Have Been Cleaning Out Her Home, I Found This Beautiful Blanket Made For Her, By Her Grandmother When She Was Born.”

8 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Wednesday, June 10th, my daughter had a baby girl, Poppy. I am so happy to pass along such a wonderful heirloom to her made by her great-great-great grandma!”

“This Is By Far The Coolest Thing I've Ever Found.”

9 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Left them all there as they need to be bought together, and they are $18 each sadly.”

“My Collection Of Flower And Bug Brooches.”

10 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“I finally got around to making this display. My original goal was to have it made for my daughter’s first birthday. She’s now 3 and a half. Better late then never! All pieces were found at estate sales and flea markets. ”

“My Husband And I Bought Our House Last December. I Just Noticed The Doorbell Plate Recently. It’s The Four Seasons Depicted, And I Think It’s Pretty Cool!”

11 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Found A Matching Brooch For My Tattoo While Antiquing In The Georgetown Tx Square. I Did Get It For A Whole $22.”

12 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Went Antiquing In A Small Town (Woodbury, Tn) Today And Found This Completely Adorable Little Fridge Full Of Office Supplies! Yes, That’s Right... Office Supplies!”

13 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“This Is Mr. Dave Velociraptor Or More Commonly Known As Dave The House Dino. I Rescued Him At Christmas Time From The Side Of The Road, He's Made Up Of Welded Parts Of Scrap Metal And Sits Proudly Guarding My Front Door In Western Australia.”

14 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Found This Little Bow Tie At Salvation Army In Vernon Ct. Perfect For My Little Man, Hamilton! Just Lookit Himbs!”

15 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“My Heart Fell In Love. The Second I Saw This Chair I Knew It Was The Perfect Candy Stash Chair... Turns Out It Holds Gummy Bears And Fruit By The Foot Perfectly.”

16 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“I’m Not Sure If This Colorful Whatchamacallit Is A Dress Or A Shirt But I Found It On The Floor At The Local Thrift Store In Lewisville Texas. Yes It’s Came Home With Me, Will Wash It And Y’all Know I’m Going To Rock It!”

17 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“I Found This Door Knocker At A Jumble Sale Well Over 10 Years Ago.”

18 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“I found this door knocker at a jumble sale well over 10 years ago and shoved him in the shed for a later project, I remembered him last week and figured during lock down he could finally be given the tlc needed. Turns out he's the messenger to the gods (hermes) over 150 years old and quite valuable. He's going on my front door this weekend (before and after pics)”

“When Someone Is Selling Their Intricate, One-Of-A-Kind, Hand-Carved African Bed, You Immediately Spend Your Entire Stimulus Check To Bring It Home.”

19 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“From Goodwill The Force Was Strong With My 6 Bucks!”

20 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Me: This Green Sequined Whatever It May Be Is Awesome, But Where On Earth Would I Wear It. Also Me:”

21 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“The world’s oldest drag queen (according to the guinness book of world records), Darcelle, is performing tonight. If I don’t wear a sequined hotpants outfit there, I may never in fact wear it. Darcelle said I killed it!”

“Thrifted Plant Stand From Tollbooth Antiques In Columbia Pa. The Guy Made This From Vintage Retro Tables That Came Damaged Or Stained!”

22 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Never In My Life Did I Ever Think I Would Own Something As Beautiful As These Opera Glasses.”

23 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Never in my life did I ever think I would own something as beautiful as these opera glasses I saw them at an estate sale last week and as soon as I saw them I knew they had to be mine. I’ve been thinking about getting opera glasses for when I see plays as I can only afford the nose bleed seats so it feels like this was meant to be! They work beautifully. I cannot wait to be able to use these gorgeous glasses!”

Chippo The Hippo

24 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“This little guy has been in my hands no less than three times at my go to vintage mall market, in Oakdale NY, however he had a chip on his left ear and the seller wanted a firm 12.00. Yesterday my guy came with me to help me hunt pyrex ( he’s my bowl spotter, lol) and I asked him to also keep an eye out for a hippo.. Who does he find? The hippo with the bum ear. He is a cutey and frank promptly started calling him Chippo and insisted on buying him for me. Told me to hit the ear with a sharpie and no one will ever notice. I’d say he’s correct and “Chippo” a Lenox endangered animal series pygmy hippo is now very happy in his new home protecting yet another collection of mine my cornflower blue corning ware lol.”

“It's A Kinetic "Six Man Clock" Sculpture By Gordon Bradt. It Looked Intricate And Artistic So I Did A Quick Google And Discovered There Are Two On Ebay Listed For $600 (Non-Functioning) And $1250. It Was $20!”

25 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“My mom invited my sister and I to a "Garage & treasures sale" yesterday and my sister had filled a couple bags but I wasn't finding much... I had already passed this by once (it was hidden by a sheet of instructions taped to the front) but was making a second pass when I lifted the page to see what is was. It's a kinetic "Six man clock" sculpture by gordon bradt. It looked intricate and artistic so I did a quick google and discovered there are two on ebay listed for $600 (non-functioning) and $1250. It was $20! I shoved it into my bag without even checking to see if it worked.”

“My Awesome Goodwill Find.”

26 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

One Secondhand Tarot Shower Curtain Launched This Whole Thrifted Costume

27 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Assembled with glue, zip ties, and safety pins, using all thrift store garments and gewgaws, this ensemble came together just in time for a mystery & magic event. Thank you, thrift stores!”

“Found A Cool Globe For $25 At Goodwill Today.”

28 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Thrift Store Score!! Found This Fainting Sofa With Fold Out Bed.”

29 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“My Dad Died Of Cancer A Little Over A Month Ago, And When We Were Cleaning Out His House, I Came Across This Bad Boy, Covered In Dust. It Now Is Proudly Displayed Next To Our Home Bar Area.”

30 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Found These Gnarly Guys At A Yard Sale Today! Brings Back Memories!”

31 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Picked Up This Cute Little Chicken With Measuring Spoon Tail Feathers At Goodwill In Palmer, Ma The Other Day For Three Bucks. I Love Her.”

32 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Here’s One Of My Favorite Antique Finds.”

33 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“We picked up this cabinet of old mail boxes a couple years ago at an antiques and pinball machines show in Illinois. I forget now how old this is, but I think it was from the 60’s. It took some work to get the musty smell out of the cubbies. This thing is heavy!!”

“We've Always Joked That Our Cat Karen Cant Get Close Enough To Me, Well Tonight Her Dreams Came True.”

34 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Found This Spider Pin At A Garage Sale Today For $0.25. Put It On My Shoulder And Scared The Life Out Of My 10 Year Old.”

35 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“My Absolute Favorite Secondhand Possession. The Brain Lamp.”

36 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“My mom picked this up at a yardsale in the 1970's. It somehow survived in our basement tv room through five kids, a few dogs, and a 500 mile move in the mid 1980"s. After my dad passed in 1997, my mom was downsizing and preparing to move again. In the garage sale pile was The Brain. Gasp! Thankfully I happened to be visiting, snatched it up and it once again made a 500 mile trip home with me. It has since survived an additional four moves, kids, dogs, and grandkids. Over the years I have looked for this lamp on different sites. I have never found a match.”

“Speaking Of Rocky Horror... Got This Amazing Dr. Frank-N-Furter Doll Out Of A Free Box At A Yard Sale! Even Plays The Time Warp!”

37 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“Found This Fabulous Body Central Jumpsuit For $5 At The Habitat For Humanity Restore In Hot Springs, Ar. It’s Too Long, But Came Home With Me Nonetheless. Time To Learn How To Hem A Garment!”

38 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops

“One Of The Best Donations We've Received Yet! Tailwaggers Thrift Shop - Eureka - Ca”

39 Treasures Found In Thrift Shops



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