Dads Share Their Perfect Presents For Father’s Day (10 pics + 10 gifs)

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I go camping every year on Father’s Day weekend. I invite my (adult) children. I wish they’d come.


I like to joke that what most Dad’s really want for Father’s day is that which made them fathers in the first place.

Last year my wife took a photo of my son and me doing something together and had it made into a magnet that I keep in my work toolbox. It’s probably one of my favorite things in the whole world.


A new drawing of Kiss by my daughter. She drew one in kindergarten that I’ve had as a screensaver for three years.


A day on the lake with the family.


Izismile Video Collection

Her: “Honey, what do you want for Father’s Day?”

My friend: “Sex in the morning, steak and eggs for breakfast, golf with my friends, steak on the grill that night, and sex again.”

Her: “No what do you really want, like a shirt or something?”


A hike. Nowhere spectacular. Just a hike together. That’s a perfect gift. A few hours of your time spent together, focused.


I would like to see all three of my sons this father’s day. However, the ex-wife’s plan of manipulating them into not seeing me is working. Hopefully, I will be able to see my youngest.


Time uninterrupted with my kids.


We don’t have kids, but we do have three cats. My husband has asked for a Pet Father’s Day. I looked at him and said, “I didn’t get a Pet Mother’s Day.” His response, “You didn’t ask for one.”

Fair enough. I’m going out for a run at the crack of dawn, then I’m making him his requested breakfast of blueberry pancakes with a side of sausage. Next year, I’m asking for my “Pet Mother’s Day” so I can at least get a cupcake or something, lol.



Plants for the garden.


I’d like to go on a hike with my daughter. But nope. Grandma wants brunch or some [email protected]#t to have her granddaughters celebrate Father’s Day.

I’d rather sit on the riverside eating a pb&j while throwing rocks in the river with my kid. I think next year she’ll be old enough to fish.


A new smoker or a fishing kayak.


I always ask for something I need but don’t ever buy for myself. This year I’m getting a ladder, last year was a weed trimmer. Just things that make my life around the house just a little bit easier, especially house/yard work so I have more time on the weekends to spend with my kids.


The expensive fishing lures I usually can’t justify buying. Nice Rapala’s and stuff.


A new board game to play with the family.


Just to simply be recognized as a good dad, get a nice little homemade card, and a pancake breakfast.


Vouchers for 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep during the day.


One year my teenage daughter gave me tape. Like 20 rolls of various types of tape. Electrical, strapping, duct, fiber, Gorilla, masking, etc, in various sizes. It sounds like a weird gift but I LOVE IT. I have a ‘tape’ drawer in the tool chest now. I always have whatever type of tape I need. It was an amazing fathers day gift.


Two hours of uninterrupted time to smoke a cigar and read a book.



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Antonia 1 month ago
time spent with all my children, well except for the youngest who left us 9 years ago...



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