“The Simpsons” Were Created By Oracles! (22 pics)

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There was an episode where Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter accident (2013); an episode about the coronavirus and killer bees (1993); and an episode on protests and riots against the police (2001).

When Donald Trump became president of the United States:

This is first mentioned in an episode back in 2000. Donald Trump became *shudders* president in 2016.


When Lady Gaga was suspended from the air during a performance:

This episode aired in 2012. Lady Gaga was suspended from the air during the Super Bowl halftime show in 2017.


When Homer voted on a rigged voting machine:

This episode aired in 2008. A polling place in Philadelphia was accused of rigging the Obama/Romney election in 2012.


When a statue of a problematic figure got beheaded:

This episode aired in 1990. Protesters for the Black Lives Matter movement began removing and beheading problematic statues in 2020.


Izismile Video Collection

When two characters modeled after Siegfried and Roy were attacked by a tiger:

This episode aired in 1993. Roy Horn was attacked by a tiger during one of their shows in 2003.


When smart watches became a must-have accessory:

This episode aired in 1995. Apple watches launched in 2015.


When the Ebola virus hit the world:

This episode aired in 1997. The Ebola outbreak began in 2013.


When the US beat Sweden in curling in the Winter Olympics:

This episode aired in 2010. U.S. won the gold over Sweden in curling during the 2018 Winter Olympics.


When Bengt Holmström won the Nobel Prize:

This episode aired in 2010. Bengt Holmström won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2016.



When Daenerys torched all of King's Landing in Game of Thrones:

This episode aired in 2017. The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones that featured [spoiler alert] Daenerys torching King's Landing aired in 2019.


When JC Penney's went out of business:

This episode aired in 2006. JC Penney's filed for bankruptcy in 2020.


When kids became obsessed with farming and agriculture games:

This episode aired in 1998. FarmVille was all the rage in 2009 and Animal Crossing New Horizons is the new, hip game in 2020.


When the Amazon was on fire:

This episode aired in 2002. Reports of the Amazon rainforest being on fire began in 2019.


When Disney+ announced The Mandalorian:

This episode aired in 2004. The Mandalorian premiered in 2019 — yes, Star Wars movies are hella western, but to come up with a spinoff that's hella, HELLA western? Idk man....


When Cats was a box office bomb and overall awful film:

This episode aired in 2005. Cats premiered, and tanked, in 2019.


When tech devices would predict your text (usually incorrectly):

This episode aired in 1994. The earliest iteration of autocorrect and predictive text began in 2005.


When Homer solved the Higgs boson equation:

This episode aired in 1998. Higgs boson was discovered in 2012.


When Bart caught a three-eyed fish next to a nuclear power plant:

This episode aired in 1990. A three-eyed fish was found in 2011.

When horse meat was found in food:

This episode aired in 1994. Horse meat was found in Europe — including Ikea's Swedish meatballs — in 2013.


When Greece took an economic downturn:

This episode aired in 2013. Greece defaulted on its debt in 2015.


Finally, when Disney bought Fox:

This episode aired in 1998. Disney purchased Fox Studios in 2019.



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Miranda 1 weeks ago
Where's the coronavirus one? Or even the killer bees one you mention at the very beginning?
Anderson 1 weeks ago

They actually called it the japanese flu in that episode, and while looking for a cure, someone accidentally opened a truck filled with killer bees. But interestingly, Springfield did go into lockdown until a vaccine was found.
Armida 1 weeks ago
All this is mind programming. Read any Neville Goddard book and you will understand. By having millions of people seeing and thinking about something, it is materialized.
Miranda 1 weeks ago

I think you forgot your tinfoil hat today lol
Sheridan 1 weeks ago
#5 Bart cut the head off their beloved town founder's statue and was hated for it. sm_80

#21 Greece was already in deep economic trouble in 2013. No crystal ball needed for that one.
Allan 1 weeks ago
Miranda are you aware of the unspeakable crimes and human experimentation the nazis commited during WW2? Did you think it stopped? Who funded them to begin with? Many were brought to America and were giving limitless black budget funding to continue their horrific experiments. If youre not awake yet.... dash
Antonia 1 week ago
Allan, you make a serious post and yet use a nonsensical little image to finish with? Are we to take you seriously?



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