Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone's Successful Propaganda… (11 pics + 5 gifs)

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1 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ was made up by James Caleb Jackson and John Harvey Kellogg to sell their cereal.”




2 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“Clovers being weeds. Many weed killers can’t differentiate between clovers and other weeds so they just kill all of them. So companies began emphasizing clovers as a weed so they could still sell their chemicals.”




3 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“People eating KFC during Christmas time in Japan because of KFC’s marketing campaign that promoted their products as a traditional Western Christmas treat.”




4 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“Using enough toothpaste to cover the entire head of the toothbrush in commercials. Total marketing ploy. You don’t need more than a pea-sized smear of paste on your brush.”




5 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“The white picket fence American dream. It was actually a propaganda campaign on the ’50s to try and get women out of the workforce so men returning from war would have jobs to go back to.”




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6 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“The idea that teeth are supposed to be perfectly white. People should know that a healthy set of teeth doesn’t mean they’re perfectly white. Super white teeth are not even normal. Our enamel will slowly become more translucent as we age, revealing the colour of the dentin (which is yellow) underneath it. That’s why as we get older, our teeth will become yellower. Doesn’t mean they’re not healthy or unclean.”




7 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“The food pyramid was created in 1977 as the (heavily influenced by companies) USDA made new dietary recommendations to cut out fat and replace it with “heart healthy” starches and carbs. It actually led to a growth in obesity rates.”




8 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“Getting a new car at 70,000 miles. That’s crap. If you take care of them they can easily last over 100. My family had a Mitsubishi Endeavor that we finally got rid of at 275, and it ran fine”




9 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“Those who sell top cash Ibuprofen or Paracetamol. Normal cheap/store brand stuff works just as well. Just very good marketing”




10 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“That Napoleon Bonaparte was short. He was 5 feet and 7 inches tall which might be a little bit on the shorter side by modern standards, but it was around the average height for people back then. The idea that he was short actually came from a British propaganda campaign to mock him.”




11 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“Women’s razors. Marketing shaving to women and convincing them and the rest of the population that being hairless was more feminine.”




12 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“The concept of individual litterbugs. Corporations such as the tobacco industry helped fund the nonprofit front Keep America Beautiful to shift the responsibility of cheap, environmentally damaging packaging from the producers to the consumers. And it totally worked.”




13 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“Hallmark invented Valentine’s Day as we know it today. Yes, the holiday started with the Romans, but Hallmark marketed it brilliantly making buying cards, chocolate, flowers, etc. into the norm.”




14 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“Many Korean people believe that fans can cause death. Even my mother, who moved to America in her mid-teens, still prohibits me from leaving a fan on overnight for fear of death. There is a conspiracy theory that the South Korean government spread this myth as propaganda to prevent energy overusage, but it’s origins are unkown. It’s strange that many Koreans believe this myth considering it is one of the most technologically advanced countries.”




15 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“The idea that cow’s milk is a great source of calcium. Plenty of other foods are MUCH better sources of calcium. The idea that milk is the best source/part of a balanced diet/is necessary etc. comes from marketing tactics dating back to like, the 1940s”




16 Some “Normal” Things Are Just Someone

“The need for diamond engagement rings and the belief that diamonds are rare so corporations can inflate their value when they really only sell a limited amount of diamonds to artificially inflate the price.

In fact, diamonds are the most common gemstone around. Things like Emeralds and Sapphires are significantly more rare.”






ZombieDarwin 7 month s ago
#5 So white picket fences were added to the American dream in order to remove women from the workforce, eh? How exactly does that work, exactly?
Celia 7 month s ago

First of all, I accidentally hit the like button. I'm sorry.

It's "white picket fance American dream". As a concept. The dream to have a house, two kids and a stay at home wife. Stay at home wifes were a new concept. No one could afford the luxery of one adult person per family not helping feeding the family a few years before.
Maxine 7 month s ago
That's nonsense. Plenty of people owned a home and raised kids on only a father's salary, even as late as the '60s.

The propaganda here is the stuff you were fed in school.
Hessy 7 month s ago
ZombieDarwin, dude, it's a fence! It keep things locked in, right?

Elnora 7 month s ago
Just because everybody does it, doesn't mean it's right. KFC at Christmas is a laugh though. Fried chicken has always been a summer thing more, especially when it's so hot you don't feel like cooking.
Estella 7 month s ago
Can you spot the feminism pre-programming that feeds them the belief they're victims who should go marching around with hairy legs and arm pits exposed, demanding they can do the same work as a man can? Shipping manufacturing to foreign shores broke the family structure by making it impossible for there to be a single bread winner in the family anymore. How do you cover that up? Convince the wife she's repressed and that being a mother is a curse and men are pigs. Fill in the gaps with feminism and progressive liberal welfare programs in the 70's, and now abortion becomes the coin of the realm. THAT'S liberalism. An indoctrination to destroy western values without you ever noticing your brass ring.
Gerald 7 month s ago
they tricked them into thinking they're oppressed, when they help their husbands raise a family - but free when they let their bosses exploit them.
Bonus: twice as much tax payers.
Percy 7 month s ago
Whole lotta Karen logic going on in this Post 35
Deliverance 7 month s ago
#11 Because it is. And if you say that it isnt, you are a dirty smelly hippie.
Sheridan 7 month s ago
#11 After many, many hours of online research, I've concluded that it appears to be abnormal for women to have hair on any part of their body other than their head.
For scientific purposes I intend to conduct further research on a greater sample size at various sites or "hubs". good



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