Family Finds A Curious Treasure Inside Their Own Wall (24 pics)

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This family’s medical cabinet had a small hole in it that led straight into their bathroom wall

Imgur user kludge77, who introduced himself as Peter Brown of Shop Time fame in an interview, recently posted a screenshot as well as a handful of photographs that drew everyone’s attention. The screenshot was of his short exchange with his wife and a picture of a rather yellowed Jergens lotion bottle for extra dry skin from the ‘80s.

Turns out, her dad found it in a hole in the medical cabinet where items have been falling into over many, MANY years. So, they cut a hole in the wall to fish out any other belongings that may have ended up in there and, sure enough, they found a treasure trove of goodies from 40 years ago.


They knew some of their stuff in the cabinet fell inside, but never got around to fishing it out… until recently

They cut open the wall to find a treasure trove of medical and beauty supplies that were lost since the 80s

“This back bathroom has a built-in style medicine cabinet. It’s got three shelves and like most medicine cabinets, it’s crammed full of stuff. Unfortunately, this one had a small gap in the bottom shelf up against the near wall. It’s only about 1 or 2 inches wide and you really have to crane your neck between the cabinet and bathroom mirror to see it. Most of the items lost would have been pushed to the back and side of the cabinet, so it’s not too surprising that it wasn’t noticeable,” explained Peter.

Over the years, enough stuff has accumulated in the crevice in the wall to make another medicine cabinet, to be frank. Among the many items that they have found are the aforementioned Jergens lotion, a bottle of Brut perfume, Bactine antiseptic, Band Aids, Pamprin pills, Vivarin caffeine tablets, AquaVelva Musk aftershave, ‘80s Tylenol, Olay oil, and a bunch more.

One of the screenshots that Peter got from his wife was a picture of the Bactine bottle with the caption The Demon: “The Bactine bottle was the one that got the most reactions from my wife. It has a very particular smell, and it brought her back to her childhood! Plus, the fact that it always stung so bad regardless of the lies on the label. The text she sent me called it ‘the demon’.”


Jergens lotion, Pamprin Pills, AquaVelva aftershave, and Vivarin caffeine tablets were just a few of the dozens of items they found inside

They even found what Peter’s wife called “The Demon”—Bactine antiseptic that was anything but “no sting”

And many people shared the same memory of Bactine being a real pain, despite whatever it said on the bottle. In fact, many shared their own memories of many of the products found in the hole.

Some said that they feel old because they can name each and every product found, remembering how things like Brut and Bactine still smell despite not seeing them in ages. Others were blurting out slogans like Revive, with Vavarin! and even referencing Wayne’s World by quoting, “Garth, are you wearing Brut? Yes, my woman likes me in cologne.”

“I kinda presumed my followers would find the pictures interesting, as it was such an odd thing to happen and a large collection of stuff,” said Peter. And that they did. The post soon went viral, garnering over 127,000 views with several thousands of upvotes in just a day.


Izismile Video Collection

The pictures soon found themselves on Imgur where they drew everyone’s attention

Within just a day, the post got over 125k views with several thousands of upvotes

“When I was telling my father-in-law about how many people were liking and commenting on this story, he said, ‘I’ve known the hole was there for a little while now, and I thought maybe one or two things had fallen in. I had just lost something and since we’re on lockdown, I might as well open the wall and get it out.’ He was flabbergasted by the volume of items!” explained Peter.

Now, the internet was being its old self and joked about trying out the products to see if they’re still good. You know, for science reasons. However, much of it expired ages ago:

“Most [of it] expired in the ‘90s, but some were from the ‘80s as well! The caffeine pills expired August of 1985 and were never opened. They moved into this house in 1980, so that might be one of the older items.”


“I’ve known the hole was there for a little while now, thought maybe one or two things had fallen in”—said Peter’s father in-law, but was surprised by the sheer volume of things he ended up finding

Here’s what the internet thought about these nostalgic finds in the wall



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Titia 6 month s ago
Years ago I had a similar experience with the medicine cabinet in a really old building.
It was built into the wall and had 3 shelves. My tweezers fell behind the bottom shelf.....and I was determined to retrieve them.
I did.
Along with a prescription envelope (with expired contents) dated a few days before JFK's assassination.
Cassie 6 month s ago
Treassure trove? More like useless expired garbage.



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