Squirrels Are Fantastic! (50 pics)

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"I've Never Seen A Baby Squirrel. I Am Not Disappointed"

"Squirrels Landing On The Ground Look Like Superheroes"

"Old Woman Uses A Marionette Of Herself To Feed Squirrels In The Park"

"Found Him In Achankovil Forest Kerala, India"

"Saw A Pregnant Squirrel For The First Time Today. I’m Not Sure What I Expected But This Exceeds All Of It"

Izismile Video Collection

"These Squirrels Are Using The Side Of This Window For Part Of Their Nest"

"I Noticed There Were A Few Squirrels In A Tree And They Were Going Crazy"

"A Squirrel Has Been Stuffing This Sign Post Full Of Acorns For The Winter"

"My Wife Just Shot This Pic Of A Sleepy Albino Squirrel"

"I Made A Squirrel Bar"


"So The Other Day My Dad Called Me And Told Me His Golden Retriever Found Two Baby Squirrels That Was Half Alive In The Yard"

"He rescued it and fed it. This is them a few days later. Now it won’t leave his side."

"Defiant Squirrel"

"When You Totally Surprise Your New Squirrel Friend Who Visits You Every Day With A Selfie"

"This Is Gary. I Think 5-7 Week Old Red Squirrel. I’m Rehabbing The Little Guy. His First Time Out In The Yard. He Loved It. Passed Out In The Sun"

"Squirrel Fell In Love With My Stepdad"

"We Adopted A Badly Injured Baby Squirrel. Here's One Of The First Photos Of Him"

"My Friend Texted Me Saying She Was Watching A Squirrel Eat A Pizza In A Tree. I Said, "Pics Or It Didn't Happen." She Replied With This"

"Little Thumbelina Is An Eastern Grey Squirrel, Who Was Born On A Frigid March Morning"

"Her Momma's nest was destroyed due to nearby construction, and in a desperate attempt to keep her family safe, she crawled into a 10th story window and gave birth two tiny babies on a stranger's bed, while he was away at work. When the apartment owner arrived home, he was surprised to find two tiny pink babies resting under his pillow, amongst some dried pine needs and branches .

Although we tried for hours to reunite the babies with their Mom, she refused to take them back out into the wild with her. After some time, Mom decided she could no longer return, and the two little sisters were adopted by local wildlife rehabbers . Although, sadly one sister passed just a few hours later, tiny pink Thumbelina got a second chance to begin her new little life."


"I Filled A Tiny Tea Cup With Some Walnuts For My Squirrel Friend"

"I Think A Squirrel Fell Off My Roof"

"This Is Judy. She (He?) Comes To My Kitchen Window Every Day To Get Some Almonds. I Love Her (Him?) So Much. That Little Smile Makes Me Melt"

"Rescued This Little Guy While Shooting Some Photos In A Wooded Area. My Dogs Adopted Him"

"The Day After Hurricane Irma, This Baby Squirrel Ran Straight Up To Me, Jumped Into My Hands And Passed Out. I'm Sure It Had A Rough Night"

"Indian Palm Squirrel In My Indian Palm"

"My Wife Getting A Hug From A Baby Squirrel That She's Taking Care Of"

"Spotted A Squirrel With Unusual Coloring"

"I’m Stuck In The Hospital Right Now And Every Morning This Guy And His Pals Come To My Window"

"Man Builds Tiny Picnic Table For Squirrels"

"This Squirrel We've Been Feeding Has Begun Sunbathing On Our Deck Table"

"New York Squirrels Will Just Tap You On Your Shoulder And Ask "You Gonna Finish That?""

"Everyday This Squirrel Trades Dried Leaves For Fresh Nuts At This Woman's Apartment Window"

"This Squirrel Has A Blond Tail"

"This Albino Squirrel Comes To Our Door & Begs For Corn Every Day"

"Went To Start Their Grill For The First Time This Season. Stumbled On A Squirrel’s Cache"

"This Squirrel Found An Easter Egg"

"On A Recent Trip To The Grand Canyon, I Was Reprimanded For Taking This Picture. Totally Worth It"

"A Black Squirrel And An Albino Squirrel Eating Together In Harmony"

So I've Been Feeding The Squirrels Lately And This Is What I Saw At My Door When I Woke Up"

"This Squirrel Keeps Messing With My Cats"

"That Little Hand Stole My Heart Away"

"This Squirrel Was Begging For More Popcorn After Two Girls Near Me Ran Out. He Came Over To Me And Did This Just As I Took The Photo Because I Couldn't Believe How Close He Was"

"Milk Drunk Baby Squirre"

"This Wild Squirrel Made A Nest For Her Baby In Her Rescuer’s Drawer"

"These Two Frequent Nut Stealers Have Cool Frosted Tips"

"Thought This Belonged Here. Honestly One Of The Only Reasons I Wake Up In The Mornings Because I Get So Excited"

"Captured This Beauty Today In Brevard, Nc"

"My Squirrel-Obsessed Dog Never Even Noticed"

"He Is My Sister-In-Law's Outdoor Pet And He Visits Her Hairstylists For Nuts"

"He is very tame and as you can see is really cute. They call him Yochen (he is a German squirrel so an "eichhörnchen")."


"A Family Of Squirrels Moved Into The Hole In My Tree"

"I'll Trade You This Leaf For A Snack"


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Tony 1 month ago
heart heart heart heart
Tory 1 month ago
Squirrels are super intelligent and can be very friendly once you earn their trust.

However, you have to be very careful of two things, both deadly.

1. Squirrels can be carriers of the black plague.

2. Squirrels, esp. grey ones, can be carriers of raccoon roundworm. It does not harm raccoons but it can quickly kill squirrels and humans. In a few days it can kill you, by literally eating your brain. 27
Eva 1 month ago
#2 they are scratching, NOT landing on the ground



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