History Is Mesmerizing! (43 PICS)

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Soviet Soldier in a parade in Moscow, 1940

The center of the Soviet city of Stalingrad (now named Volgograd), after 5 months of savage fighting between Soviet and Axis forces 1943

Dorothy Count – The first black girl to attend an All white School in the United States. She’s being mocked and taunted by her white male peers at the Charlotte’s Harry Harding’s School in 1957

The 1936 Summer Olympics

Watching television at Waterloo station, London 1936: When TV first started broadcasting in Britain the expensive sets were out of the price range for most people. Everyday folk however- provided they had a train ticket- could watch TV in the waiting room at London’s Waterloo station.

Izismile Video Collection

Vladimir Lenin’s last photo. He had had three strokes at this point and was completely mute, 1923

Japanese Samurai, 1866. Photograph by Felice Beato

Train passengers wearing masks to protect themselves from the Spanish Flu, 1918, 1920.

Quarantine regulations for Yuma County, Arizona 102 years ago

Jewish prisoners after being liberated from a death train, 1945


French troops of the 2nd armored divsion, on their way to liberate occupied Strasbourg, 1944

Record listening booths, HMV store London 1954

The fingerprint files of FBI, 1944

Members of the Fat Men’s Club of New York gather at a meeting, circa 1930.

Marie Curie, the first person to win two Nobel Prizes, first in Physics then Chemistry 1910s

Young women in Kabul, Afghanistan, 1970s.

Eva Anna Paula Hitler (6 February 1912 – 30 April 1945) was the longtime companion of Adolf Hitler and, for less than 40 hours, his wife.

Rod Serling, creator and host of “The Twilight Zone”, 1964

Yip Man, the master of Wing Chun, sparring with his student Bruce Lee, 1955

Ty Cobb Sliding Into Home 1912

Steve McQueen kicking back after participated in a 500-mile, two-day dirt bike race across the Mojave Desert, 1963

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants From 1972

School dance. 1950

Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol, and Jane Holzer, 1965

New York Yankee’s center fielder Mickey Mantle flings his batting helmet away in disgust after another terrible at-bat. June 25, 1965

André the Giant has successfully held the record for the most Beer consumed in a single sitting for the last 40 years. During a six-hour period back in 1976, André drank 119 standard 12 ounce brews in a pub in Pennsylvania.

Receptionist waits at her desk. General Motors Technical Center, 1965

Tourists in the 1920s before Cairo expanded look across the Sahara Desert from the top of the Pyramid of Cheops at sunset.

A young Dolly Parton with her husband Carl Dean. They’ve been married since 1966

Louis Armstrong plays for his wife Lucille in Egypt, 1961

Shoe shine boys listen to Civil War veteran tell his war stories, 1920s

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place in the Miss Correct Posture Contest pose with trophies and their X-rays – 1956

Elton John travelling on his a private jet, complete with a piano bar, 1974

Earliest known photo of Elvis Presley, with parents Gladys & Vernon in 1938

Clarice Lispector, a typewriter and a smoke

At 4:31 AM, an unauthorized photo taken of Stalin inside of the Kremlin shows the very moment he was informed that Germany had began their invasion of the Soviet Union. It was taken by Komsomolskaya Pravda, editor in chief. He was ordered to destroy it, but instead saved it. June 22, 1941

Despite being sworn ideological enemies, Nazi Germany and the Communist Soviet Union put aside their vast differences to sign a nonaggression pact in August 1939.

Hitler, however, considered ethnic Russians to be an inferior “mass of born slaves who feel the need of a master,” and he dreamed of clearing out much of the Soviet Union so that German settlers could procure “living space.”

Before the nonaggression pact was even a year old, he began plotting a surprise assault against the USSR, later dubbing it “Operation Barbarossa” after a medieval German emperor.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill both tried to forewarn Stalin, with Roosevelt telling him “it was as certain as that the night followed the day that as soon as Hitler had conquered France he would turn on Russia.” But the Soviet dictator distrusted their intentions and stubbornly clung to his belief that the Germans wouldn’t fight on two fronts (which had doomed them during World War I).

A Serbian soldier sleeps with his father who came to visit him on the front line near Belgrade, 1914/1915

Members of Dutch Resistance celebrate the news of Adolf Hitler’s death, April 1945

101st Airborne before dropping into Normandy June 6 1944

105mm shells from an allied bombardment all fired in a single day on German lines, 1916.

A US Marine gives a cigarette to a Japanese soldier buried in the sand. Iwo Jima, 1945


The first Japanese prisoner to be taken on Iwo Jima, Japan, is dragged from shell hole on May 16, 1945, where he lay buried for 1.5 days, playing dead to Marines who used it for a fox hole. After knocking away a live grenade that lay a few inches from his hand, Marines dragged him out after he promised an interpreter that he would offer no resistance. A stretcher was thrown down and he rolled on it and was then lifted out.

A federal agent inspects a ‘lumber’ truck after smelling alcohol during the prohibition period, Los Angeles, 1926

If anyone wants to know when they would have been picked in 1970 here’s a graph for that draft order


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Onnie 1 week ago
#20, not exactly a slide, more of a cheap shot.
Lewis 1 week ago
Onnie - Not a cheap shot. It's the way the game was played in 1912; greater physical contact at the bases.
Annie 1 week ago
#11 French troops ? What French troops ? They all surrendered.
Fireworks in France are banned by the way, after several Paris detachments went to the town hall to surrender, following a firework on 1946 New Year Eve.
Floyd 1 week ago
Annie, Speak the truth! What happened to once pround French?
Rian 1 week ago
"Once proud France" were Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan. But they are fictional characters of course.
Edyth 1 week ago
Annie, They are "2ème division de la France Libre“. Stupid [email protected]#king bigot.
Rian 1 week ago
"2ème division de la France Libre" wearing US uniforms, US helmets and riding an US tank. French soldiers don't even needed helmets to surrender by the way.
Rian 1 week ago
I love you.
I guess holding that gun improves your running performances.
Rose 1 week ago
I have a French rifle for sale. Never fired, only dropped once!
Billiewilhelm 1 week ago
#3 racist aholes.
Rian 1 week ago
#23 Look at that joy. Marvelous.



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