People Are Missing Out On So Much… (18 PICS)

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1 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Entertainment from other countries. If you get into TV, movies, music, etc from another country it’s like you open a whole new world of entertainment.”




2 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Frozen grapes are the best summer snack”




3 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Your states comptroller or treasury office maintains an “unclaimed property” website where you can enter your name, address, etc, and find various payments/refunds/dividends that never made it to you.

My sister just told me about this and I had a tax escrow refund from 10 yrs ago that never made it to me. After submitting my info and initiating my claim the state mailed me a new check.”




4 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“A night sky that’s not light-polluted. Even if you view it through a telescope there will be light reflected from mist in the air, and heated air will cause the sky to “wobble”. Also, your eyes will not get fully low light adapted either.

That said, you can still get great views of the planets and the moon. Right now both Jupiter and Saturn are very easy to see (Mars and Venus should be too, but I haven’t checked recently), and with 10x or higher binoculars (verified) you can see the four Galilean moons of Jupiter and get a hint of Saturn’s rings. Just see to that you rest the binoculars on something solid, so that it doesn’t shake.

Without light pollution you can easily see the Milky Way, nebulae and galaxies. Not so much in the middle of a city.”




5 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Thai food”




Izismile Video Collection

6 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Free streaming movies and ebooks through library apps”




7 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Homemade mozzarella cheese.

With a few pieces of equipment that aren’t particularly expensive you can make your own in half an hour. It’s unbelievably delicious when it’s really fresh. And if you stretch it right you can make your own string cheese.”




8 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“The incredible high you get from doing something creative. I’ve experimented with drugs and I’ve drank a lot of alcohol, but none of those things could make me feel as great as I do when I’m able to write a lot (and be happy with what I wrote) within a short amount of time or was finally able to do something on guitar that I was never able to do.”




9 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“The broiler function on your oven. Great for ribs, making s’mores, browning casseroles, toasting bread, crème brûlée, melting/crisping cheese on baked ziti…”




10 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Their local farmers market. So many people I’ve met have never been and they truly don’t know what they are missing out on from produce to art to protein….so many things that are unique and worth trying and seeing!”




11 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“That drinking lots of water fixes a lot of problems”




12 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“The rest of the world seems to know this, but many Americans do not: the difference between a Hershey’s bar and really good chocolate.”




13 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Investing in retirement effectively”




14 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Swimming naked feels amazing! In spas (very common in the Netherlands) or just out in nature.”




15 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Everyone thinks Luxembourg is a boring place with just banks and law firms and nothing else.

This couldn’t be more wrong and there’s an area called Vianden with a castle and a chairlift which is like a little fairytale land.

The pics on Google do not do it justice, but I lived there and trust me, there is far more to this beautiful country than everyone assumes.”




16 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Dark. The Netflix series”




17 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Authentic Mexican tacos.”




18 People Are Missing Out On So Much…

“Music that isn’t played on the radio. There’s a boatload of good songs that the normal person has never heard of.”






Sarah 7 month s ago
Swimming naked in the ocean anywhere on the west coast of the big island (HAWAII) at night during a full moon.
Put that on your bucket list- you won't regret it.
Vonna 7 month s ago
#4 yes, but the Home Depot is 1 hour 45 minutes away. Better not forget anything.

#12 Hershey's is greasy artificial disgusting "chocolate". American children don't realize this, but most American adults I know do.

#17 That is NOT a photo of genuine Mexican tacos.
Olivia 7 month s ago
I am literally sitting in Progresso, at a street car eating pretty much what you see. So, I don't know where you get your info. But I'm loving this.
Gilbert 7 month s ago
#9 I had to google what broiler means. In Australia we call it the griller

#14 is why I'm banned for life from the council swimming pool
Greg 7 month s ago
#19 not browsing these kind of posts and going outside or exercising? yeah, me either.
Toby 7 month s ago
#6 ... will never forget receiving notice from Amazon - please return your electronic book within 30 days to avoid fines on your account.



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