Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos (12 PICS)

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Eva Longoria

1 Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos

This actress had several tattoos in honor of her former husband, basketball player Tony Parker. The first one was on her neck, and it said “Nine,” like the number on the jersey the player wore when he played for the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs. Another very visible tattoo she had was the one with the date of their wedding, “July 7, 2007” written in Roman numerals (VII-VII-MMVII). It used to be on her right wrist, but later on when they divorced, Eva immediately went to remove the artwork that once symbolized her love for the French basketball player.


Rumer Willis

2 Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos

The daughter of actors Demi Moore and Bruce Willis decided to get rid of the lion on her left arm because, in her own words, it was “negatively affecting her ability to land acting gigs.” Even for celebrities, work comes first, although she added too: “It just didn’t feel like me anymore, so I just thought to change it up.”


Heidi Klum

3 Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos

While she was married to musician Seal , Heidi Klum proudly wore a tattoo on her right forearm with her husband’s name and stars symbolizing their children’s initials. As soon as she was done with the singer, she went straight to having part of the tattoo removed by laser. Guess which part was removed...


Kaley Cuoco

4 Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos

The actress who jumped to fame after playing Penny in The Big Bang Theory had immortalized the date of her wedding with Ryan Sweeting on her back. However, after announcing their divorce, she decided to cover the Roman numerals with a moth-like insect.


Kelly Osbourne

5 Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos

In 2010, the host of Fashion Police, a show on the E! Entertainment channel, spoke for the first time about her decision to have some of her 15 tattoos removed. Of course, this made it to most tabloid headlines. She even shared the painful process , on her Instagram account, of removing them with a laser treatment she had to undergo. After announcing her decision, some media made lists to rank the tattoos Osbourne had inked on her body. Among them, a piano and the word “Daddy” to honor her famous father, Ozzy Osbourne, lead singer of rock band Black Sabbath. She also had a red heart, an anchor, the name “Jack” in honor of her brother, the word “Lovely,” a star, skulls, and red wings with a phrase dedicated to her mother.


Izismile Video Collection

Megan Fox

6 Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos

The actress decided to completely erase a tattoo honoring Marilyn Monroe. The reason behind her decision? According to some media reports, Megan got rid of the image of this legend of cinema because it attracted negative energy into her life.


Denise Richards

7 Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos

The actress was married to actor Charlie Sheen and both had each other’s name tattooed on their ankle and wrist, respectively. However, after 4 years, their marriage came to an end, so they decided to wipe the slate clean. Denise, for example, decided to cover up the name of the famous protagonist of Two and a Half Men with a fairy , while he covered up her name by making himself a kind of bracelet.


Marc Anthony

8 Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos

The Puerto Rican singer was married for several years to singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, but after they decided to break up, he went on to cover up her name, which he had tattooed on his right wrist.


9 Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos

Melanie Griffith

10 Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos

To celebrate her then husband, Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith decided to tattoo a heart on her right arm that had his name on it. However, in 2014, once they started their divorce proceedings, the actress decided to completely erase the symbol of the love she had gotten for him.


Colin Farrell

11 Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos

The actor has had several tattoos that, over time, he’s had removed. One of the reasons for completely removing some of his ink was, according to him and in his own words , because he got tired of getting painted in the makeup chair anytime he had to wear a T-shirt. He also added that some of the images that he had imprinted on his skin no longer pleased him and even embarrassed him.


Pamela Anderson

12 Celebs Who Got Rid Of Their Tattoos

The famous Baywatch star had a tattoo of barbed wire on one of her arms. However, by 2014, the actress decided to remove it completely. The meaning of this piece is still relatively unknown. Some presume that it means to be locked up and others think it symbolizes living a life full of sacrifice.



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Ez 7 month s ago
This only proves that people who get tattoos WILL sooner or later regret them. laughing
Rafa 7 month s ago
#12 - Well, she did star in that movie... what was it's name again? Oh yeah, Barb Wire. sm_80
Kingsley 7 month s ago
Never tattoo your SO's name on your body is the message I got here.



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