Everyone Knows These Laundry Fails… (50 PICS)

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"Just Some Regular Rubber Gloves Washing Accidentally Opened The Gate Of Hell"

"It's A French Sweater Anyway"

"The Many Stages In My Sweater's Life"

"They Look Dry Enough"

"Turns Out Washing Machines Do Eat Socks, But There Were More Surprising Things That We Found"

"Today, my husband got tired of fooling with one of the washing machines that was just not working properly and decided to take it apart, starting with the bottom panel. To his shock, this is what he found... Socks, underwear, a credit card… and that is just what was in the bottom of the machine. When he removed the water pump that removes the water from the machine, he found about $7.00 in change."

Izismile Video Collection

"I Shrunk My GF's Favourite Sweater, But Her Loss Is Oak's Gain"

"My Pillow Said "Washing Machine And Dryer Safe." I Open Up My Dryer To This"

"These Six Socks Were Washed Together, One Shrunk"

"Accidentally Shrunk My Sweater While Doing Laundry"

"Sorry For Your Loss Meredith, We Kind Of Shrunk Your Favorite Sweater, But Ella Loves Her New Sweater"


"I Accidentally Put My Leather Gloves In The Washing Machine"

"Washed My Favourite Jumper"

"I Washed The "Antistress" Pillow"

"You Did Not Do Well"

"Laundry Time"

"So My Washing Machine Took A Little Walk"

"Accidentally Put My Wool Hat In The Washing Machine. Label Said Hand Wash Cold"

"Today Is A Pink Day"

"Did The First Load Of Laundry Of The Decade. 2 Rolls Of Toilet Paper Fell Off The Top Of The Fridge And Into The Washing Machine Without Me Noticing"

"Mom Lesson Of The Day: Check The Pockets Before Doing The Laundry"

"Accidentally Washed My Wallet And This Dog Appeared"

"So, I Came Back To Check On My Laundry"

"You Would Think They Would Make These Things Waterproof"

"Apparently Sometimes "Dry Clean Only" Really Does Mean Dry Clean Only"

"You Think You’ve Raised Them To Be Rational Human Beings, And Then You Come Around The Corner And You See This"

"Nothing Like Pulling Out A Warm Pillow Out Of The Dryer Right Before Bedtime"

"I Accidentally Washed And Dried My $10 Bill And It Shrunk To A Quarter Of Its Normal Size"

"And This Is Why You Let Your Wife Do Your Laundry And You Do Not Wash 100% Wool Sweaters In Hot Water. I Promise I Could Fit This Yesterday"

"When You Accidentally Put Your Gloves In The Wash"

"My Husband Washed His Jeans Today... With A Few Red Car Rags"

"I Feel Guilty For Murdering This Turtleneck"

"Honey, I Shrunk My Sweater"

"I Did Laundry. She Lost Her iPhone"

"I Washed Christophers Work Id And Made Him A Cyclops"

"My Friend's Laundry Machine Did This"

"Because When Life Gives You Over Sudsy Laundry Problems And Your Kid Is Home On Chanukah Break You Just Have To Make The Best Of It"

"Laundry Fail. One Of Sena’s Favorite Sweaters Is Hers No More"

"When You’re Having Monday Problems On A Tuesday. Now How In The Heck Am I Supposed To Clean This?"

"Farewell, Then, Beloved Jumper. In A Moment Of Distraction, You Were Bundled Into The Wash With Everything Else And Met Your Demise"

"AirPods Were In The Pocket Of My Jacket"

"I Got A New Sweater Today Because Mom Sucks At Doing Laundry"

"Really? Seriously This Is Inside Of My Washing Machine. How A Bag Of TJ's Pretzels Got Into My Hamper I Will Never Know"

"I Seem To Have Accidentally Shrunk Ed's New Outfit In The Wash"

"Accidentally Chucked My 2-Year-Old's Lovely Hand-Knitted Dress In The Wash And It Came Out Felted, Newborn Size"

"After hearing me exclaim "Noooo!", my 4-year-old son came running into the laundry to find out what had happened. He was quick to console me by reminding me that I will soon have a newborn to put it on. What a sweetie."

"When You Remember That Wool Shrinks In The Dryer"

"My Wool Sweater Shrunk In The Wash"

"Washing Machine Shook The Detergent Off"

"Don’t Know How I Managed To Do This Today But Somehow I Did A Load Of Laundry With An Entire Box Of Kleenex In It"

"It Won't Give Back My Laundry"

"My Mom Is Gonna Kill Me"


Credits:  www.boredpanda.com
Sarah 2 month s ago
I remember doing laundry using homeade lye soap in a gasoline-powered old school washing machine that had a wringer top. I wish I still had that old machine, it really got the laundry clean!
Cissy 2 month s ago
#36 practicing for grown up life? 35
Cissy 2 month s ago
Cissy - wow
Cliff 2 month s ago
#35.. No, your friend did that by leaving something snagged on the door sensor as he closed said door...
Ali 2 month s ago
#38 Rubbing alcohol and elbow grease should remove it.
Ced 2 month s ago
#38 No, you remove ink with hairspray! Gets it off most anything. good



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