Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (52 PICS)

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“This is not blurry. It’s what 1,254 bicycles look like.”

“The incredible size of a fully grown wombat.”

Brickwork sculpture.

“Delorean with a Delorean trailer...”

“Remarkables Lookout, Queenstown NZ. Unreal view. Taken using a Nikon D810.”

Izismile Video Collection

“This shot of the pyramids.”

“This is a single picture.”

“A giant amethyst geode from Uruguay.”

“Squirrels will adopt orphan squirrels closely related to them.”

“These so-called wine windows were used by vintners in Italy to sell wine during plague pandemics in the 17th century. Now they are coming back to use due to coronavirus.”


“What a tree looks like cut in half.”

“A ship and its Captain.”

“The Storseisundet bridge in Norway.”

“If you brighten the poster of the Studio Ghibli animation "Grave Of The Fireflies"(1988), you will notice that not all lights are fireflies...”

“High speed photography and seafoam.”

“This is how a baby gorilla & baby human react to a cold stethoscope.”

“This is a rice paddy. Farmers in Japan plant specific rice species to make these amazing artworks.”

“When a bee is chosen to be the new queen, they are given a special type of honey that completely changes their bodies. Kind of like how a Pokémon evolves.”

“French artist Julien Berthier designed a boat to make it look like it's sinking.”

“Mirrorcube: A $377,000 almost-invisible treehouse it comes with an exterior made of reflective "spyglass" that's meant to help it blend into its natural environment. The glass has an infrared film placed within it that remains visible to birds.”

“This is the first Mercedes car ever made.”

“This katana made from 4 billion year old meteorites. It's called the "The Sword of Heaven".”

“This is the first flower entirely grown in space.”

“A photo of New York City in 1908.”

“This unstoppable Game Boy survived a bombing during the Gulf War and is still running Tetris in the Nintendo World Store in NYC.”

Rice terraces, China.

“In 2016, a swarm of 20,000 bees followed a car for 2 days because their queen bee was trapped inside.”

“The World Discoverer - a cruise ship dedicated to explore polar regions. Abandoned in 2000 on Solomon Islands after hitting a reef.”

“This is the Devils Flower Mantis, not an Alien.”

“Despite chaos all around her immediately following the Beirut blast this amazing nurse goes to the immediate aid of three newborns.”

“Result of a train burnout.”

“Mount Fuji seen from the International Space Station.”

“These ice shards on Lake Michigan look like pieces of glass.”

“Book box from Lombardy, Italy 1465-1485”

“Origami Ancient Dragon I folded from one uncut sheet.”

“Marie Antoinette built an entire fake village, complete with a working farm and fake villagers, in the backyard of Chateau de Versailles, so she could pretend to be a "peasant" whenever she felt like it.”

“This is what a “Dracula” parrot looks like.”

“Sea otters hold hands when they sleep to keep from drifting apart.”

“The guy wearing this survived a motorcycle accident. This is why it is always important to wear a helmet, especially on fast vehicles.”

“Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a statue of a sphinx while draining water from the pharaonic temple of Kom Ombo near the southern city of Aswan.”

“People Studying To be Mall Santas in Noerr Programs Santa University.”

“These Windows Inside Dos Bosco Chapel- Brasilia, Brazil.”

“Abandoned roller coaster being taken over by nature.”

“Lithops, “Living Stones”, a genus of succulent plants whose rocklike appearance serves as camouflage from herbivores.”

“A roman bathhouse still in use after 2 000 years in Khenchela, Algeria.”

“This wolf made out of pipe cleaners.”

“Photo looks like a surrealist concept art. (Siargao, Philippines)”

“A tiny record shop for mice in Sweden.”

“14000 years old bisons sculptures found in Le Tuc d'Audoubert cave. Ariege, France.”

“Photograph of the world’s ONLY albino humpback whale.”

“Sigiriya, 1500 year old rock fortress in Sri Lanka.”

“X-ray of gymnast doing floor exercise.”


Jem 2 month s ago
#21 to be correct this is a Benz, not a Mercedes.
Nellie 2 month s ago
#49. The bison are sculpted from clay. Still 14,000 years old, and being from clay instead of stone does nothing to diminish how amazing they are. Just thought people would want to know.
Otis 2 month s ago
#50 You sure about that?
Shay 2 month s ago
Otis, indeed, it may be the only known albino humpback whale, but given the size of the oceans and how little we know about them there could be more. :-)



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