Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories (12 PICS)

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Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law

1 Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories

On The Graham Norton Show, Jude Law recalled a funny story from the set of Sherlock Holmes.

"There was a scene where we walk into a room of carnage. There’s all these rubber bodies just strewn around, like obviously fake dummy bodies. And Robert leans over to me and goes “Check this out, this’ll be really funny.” There’s a big hand lying there and so he steps on it as hard as he can. And the extra starts screaming, “For the love of GOOOOD!!!” We didn’t know he was alive!

Robert Downey Jr.:

"And then the guy says, "The honor of getting my hand stomped by the great Sherlock Holmes. In America, he’d be like, “Lawsuit!”


2 Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories
Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise
3 Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories

When actor Jamie Foxx went on The Graham Norton Show, he talked about things that happened on the set of Collateral that made him realize that it was Tom Cruise that was a big star and not anybody else. The anchor:

“I like the story of you learning that, like, Tom Cruise was the star.”

Jamie Foxx:

“Oh yeah. When I did get in Collateral, Michael Mann was like, ‘Hey, you’d better keep your stuff together because, you know, I’m making sure this movie works for the big star.’ And that’s how I knew I wasn’t the big star.

We’re in the car and we’re driving and we’re supposed to do this stunt where I crash into another car. But what happens is the car gets out of control and I actually do crash into the car. And they’re like, ’Jamie, get out of the way. Tom? Are you okay?’ And that’s where you know where you are.”


4 Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories
Hugh Laurie and George Clooney
5 Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories

On The Graham Norton Show, George Clooney said that he spoke to Hugh Laurie a lot about medicine, because both of them had done medical shows for a long time. Hugh Laurie complained that he didn’t understand anything and was just trying to support the conversation. And then he added:

“I cannot remember any of it. I couldn’t remember it 10 minutes after I said it. And George still remembers whole reams of stuff from considerably longer ago. But I can give you one thing I carried over from then is when I do another role now and a director says, ’Action!’ I start limping. I’m just like a dog who’s had electrodes attached to it.”


Izismile Video Collection

Colin Firth
6 Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories

In one of his interviews , Colin Firth talked about how he was included on the list of the most influential people in the world. And soon, he became the Commander of the British Empire. He said,

"Trying to remind a child it’s bedtime and that I’m in fact the Commander had no effect whatsoever. I made it on to one of those influential lists. I brought the magazine home and I think my son was 10 at the time and he said, “You’re not even the most influential person in this house!”


Ryan Reynolds

7 Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories

In his interview on the morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ryan Reynolds shared a situation that happened to his second daughter Inez.

“My younger daughter Inez, she’s 2. She’s like really into villains. That’s like her thing. We watched Beauty and the Beast and her favorite character was Gaston. When our pediatrician met Inez, she said, ’Oh, this one’s shady.’

Even the other day when we were traveling back home, we were at the airport and out of our whole family, she’s the only one that got the secondary security pat-down. At 2 years old! And she takes it like a hardened felon. She’s just like, ’Search me.’”

“And I was like, ’What is happening here?’”

Patrick Stewart

8 Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories

Actor Patrick Stewart, famous for his roles in Star Trek and X-Men, remembered a situation that happened to him in an elevator.

"I was going down in an elevator. And the doors were just about to close and a couple squeezes in. And it’s perfectly clear that they’ve had a drop or 2. And the man says, “Oh my God! I can’t believe it. This is Dr. Spock from Star Trek.” And his wife said, “Honey, no. You got it wrong. This is Sir Ben Kingsley.”

It was actually Leonard Nimoy that played Spock in Star Trek and British actor Ben Kingsley has nothing to do with Star Wars or Star Trek.


Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford

9 Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories

Benedict Cumberbatch remembered the time he first saw Harrison Ford in real life:

“When I first met him in LA, I told him, ‘I’m a really big fan and I used to fantasize about you.’ I wanted to say I used to fantasize about being Han Solo.” And you [Harrison Ford] took is very well and said, “It takes all sorts.”


Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey
10 Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories

On Ellen, actress Anne Hathaway remembered a story that happened to her and Matthew McConaughey on the set of Serenity that was filmed on the island of Mauritius.

“Matthew and his wife Camila took us on an amazing kind of bar side tour of the island.”


“Wow. And how was that?”


“I don’t remember.”


Tom Cruise

11 Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories

In one of his shows , Conan O’Brien asked Tom Cruise:

"You’ve done so many amazing stunts. How do you feel when you open your schedule and don’t see “Another deadly stunt”?

“I feel upset.”


Ian McKellen and Maggie Smith

12 Famous Actors And Actresses And Their Funny Stories

From an interview for Graham Norton:

"In New Zealand where we filmed The Lord of the Rings, if you’re lucky, you’re given a piece of green stone, carved, and you wear it, and chances are you’ll go back to New Zealand. It’ll bring you a bit of luck. When those films were nominated for like 20 Oscars, everybody was wearing that green stone. And when we were on the Red Carpet, I met Maggie Smith and she asked me what that was around my neck. I told her it brings me luck. And we went our separate ways and, you know, it lasts 3 and a half or 4 hours. And then everyone else wins the Oscar apart from me. Then you go to get a drink and you bump into Maggie Smith and she points at it and says, “Didn’t work, did it?”



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