Exactly What They Asked For! (40 PICS)

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"When Your 3 Year Old Asks For A Rainbow Dinosaur Donut Birthday You Deliver. Drew Up The Design And Had It Made And They Did An Awesome Job"

"I Told My Son He Could Only Get One Donut"

"Friend Ordered Chicken On Her Pizza In Israel. Reasonable Execution"

"Asked For Extra Pepperoni"

"Olive Garden Is Proving A Point!"

Izismile Video Collection

"A Customer Called Asking If We Were Practicing Social Distancing With Her Sandwiches. I Told Her We Are, But Tbh Guys I'm Running Out Of Space"

"Asked For Extra Cheese"

"Asked If I Could Buy One Single Munchkin For My Dog's Birthday (Who Loves The Drive-Thru) And They Blessed Her With All This. Glazed Munchkins, Bacon, And Whipped Cream!"

"I Got Another Mac And Cheese Burger. This Time I Asked For "As Much Mac And Cheese As You Can Without Getting Fired." I Might Not Survive"

"I Left A Note In The Delivery Instructions Asking For As Much Extra Ranch As “Legally Allowed By State Law”"


"Ordered An Espresso Shot Over Ice This Morning"

"I Mean I Like Mushrooms On Pizza But This Is Too Far!"

"I Asked My Thai Place To Make It So Spicy Someone Would Get In Trouble ... They Gave Me This"

"Just Ordered A 12 Inch Pizza And Meant To Ask For It To Be 10 Inch, I Mistyped And Put 1 Inch…"

"A Customer Jokingly Complained To The Bartender That His Blue Cheese Wasn't Blue The Last Time He Ordered It"

"I Manage A Deli For A Small Chain Supermarket. One Of The Cart Guys Asked Me To Make A Pizza With 4x Extra Cheese. That's 30oz Of Cheese"

"Ordered 12 Tacos At Jack In The Box At 2am, Drive Thru Person Must’ve Accidentally Put In 12 Twice Because We Were Asked Again How Many We Got At The Window, When We Said Twelve He Just Shrugged And Told Us To Take All Of Them (24). We Deliciously Complied"

"Her Mom Asked For A "Child Sized" Cone"

"I Asked The Lady To Cut My Sandwich Into Three Pieces"

"I Asked The Guy Taking My Order For, “As Much Fire Sauce As You Can Give Me Without Losing Your Job.” Turns Out That’s 243 Packets. I Love You Taco Bell, And Promise Not To Ask For Anymore Sauce For A While"

“Can I Have Avocado On The Side?”

"A Customer Asked For A Breakfast Sandwich In A Bagel"

"Ordered Two Cheese And One Pepperoni. Got One Pepperoni"

“Can I Get Extra Egg?” In Tokyo, Japan

"Sour Cream On The Side Please"

"Dude Asked For Extra Mayo"

"Extra Limes For My Gin And Tonic"

"Extra Tomato"

"Asked For A Side Of Onions. Wasn't Disappointed"

"I Asked For Extra Fried Chickpeas In My Rice Bowl, And Got Exactly What I Asked For. Almost As Much Chickpea As There Was Rice"

"Customer Asked For An Ungodly Amount Of Pepperoni"

"Gin Martini, Extra Olives"

"My Husband Ordered A Hot Fudge Sundae With "As Many Peanuts As You're Allowed To Give Me" - He Happily Used Them All"

"I Ordered A Gyro Plate And A Side Of Fries"

"Not Spaghetti. Extra Cheese At Chipotle Never Hit Like This Before"

"I Asked For My Burger To Be Cut In Half At Work..."

"Someone Asked Me To Make One With “Everything” On It. 3 Mayos, Mustard, Ketchup, A1, 4 Hot Sauces, 5 Cheeses, All Veggies And All Toppings Plus Queso, Chili And Salsa Verde"

"38 $18"

"I'd Be Fine With This, Honestly"

"Told The Guys I Like A Lot Of Extra Sauce Because It Just Makes The Food So Much Better. They Definitely Complied. Shout Out To The Taco Bell On Central In NYC"


Credits:  www.boredpanda.com
Mat 2 month s ago
#38 ok
Allen 2 month s ago
ITT American style gluttony.
You do know it's one of the Seven Deadly Sins don't you?
Odell 2 month s ago



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