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“We were stargazing.

Him: OK, to find a shooting star, just look at a point that you’re attracted to.

I look straight at him.

Him: No you need to look at the sky!”




“In year 11th I liked this guy and I had been dropping hints for a while and since they weren’t getting me anywhere I (with a lot of encouragement from my best friend, who was convinced he liked me too) outright told him “I like you”.

His answer hurt a little not gonna lie “What? That wasn’t even funny”

And as it turns out my best friend was terribly wrong because his answer was “well this is awkward, I actually like your best friend”.




“Asking for his hand, then writing my phone number on it. Still didn’t get it.”




“Straight up sitting on his lap when watching a movie, kissing his cheek, and nuzzling my head into his neck + multiple other obvious verbal and physical clues, but he thought I gave off mixed signals and only wanted to be friends?”




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“This is so dorky but I liked a boy in high school and he was nice and we’d talk on aim a lot and one day thinking I was being SO brave I wrote him “I’ve been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks” lmao I thought it was so cute and he was all “Aw, get out!” Hahahaha if it wasn’t me I’d make fun of me for that”




“Oh my, my poor guy. I had been flirting hard core for years, complimenting him, comparing hand sizes, suggesting he needed someone to keep his bed warm.

Doing everything to be alone with him but I think the biggest one was once after a Pathfinder game he said it was time to go home and I said your place or mine. To which I got “I’m heading to my place” I was so frustrated I literally grabbed him and asked him out. Now I wake up every day next to the best man I’ve ever known.”




“Before my girlfriend was my girlfriend she was just a friend I had a crush on who texted me saying she [email protected]#ked up cause she drunk texted her crush the night before. I replied with “damn, was it bad?” And had a conversation with her.

Some 20 minutes later I realized she spent the whole night in question texting me. I’m not an extremely intelligent man.”




“I think you are cute. Wanna go to the movies?”

He was pretty shocked when I kissed him. We’ve been together for 2 and a half years now.”




“When I was in highschool, I had really low self esteem in terms of dating. It was totally mind blowing a girl would even be interested in me. That being said, I was talking to a girl I was interested in and she eventually sent me nudes. I had so little experience being friends with girls I assumed it was a standard friendly gesture that girls do for their guy friends. I wish I was joking about this.”




“Male massage therapist here…. At the time of my stupidity I was 21-22 ish. A long time family friend, from another state came to stay at my parents house to visit our state for awhile.. This girl is gorgeous, I was always attracted to her when I was a kid. Anyways, she has a jacked up back from post military life. She asks for a massage. Massage ends. I step out of the room for her to change. She put a towel on. Comes to the door… opens it. And asks if I want to come in and cuddle for a bit… Years later still regret not taking up her offer.”




“Guy here, I told a girl on MSN years ago that I had a crush on her, she replied, “It’s mutual” and I didn’t know what that meant so I ghosted her.”




“Dropping a girl off after dinner.

Her: “you wanna come up for coffee?”

Him: “Oh I can’t drink coffee this late, it’ll keep me up”

Her: “Okay, well goodnight”




“I asked him out and he replied “Just the two of us?”




“obligatory i’m a guy(sorry), and i’ve had pretty low self esteem for most of my life. one time my friend, a girl i liked, told me i could touch her anywhere i wanted to. i sorta wrapped my arm around her waist in a friendly side-hug sort of way, and she immediately smiled, grabbed my other hand and put it on her boob. i was like “…oh. cool””





“I am a guy but I missed an obvious sign once. Me and a friend were waiting for a few others to show up and they called saying they would be an hour late because they ran down to the university to pick up a buddy. My female friend turned to me and said “well I’ll just have to sit on your face until they get here”. I replied that it probably wouldn’t be comfortable. It clicked in about 2 minutes later and I was lucky she was far nicer than I am smart.”




“Would you ever consider dating an older woman?” (I’m 2 years older). He said no so I dropped it of course. Later he asked me out and I asked him about not dating older women and he said that he thought I was talking about my friend, that his friend had to point out that I was talking about myself and then he felt like an idiot, lol.




“I asked him out on a date. He said he was busy, “But hey, my twin is free. Duncan can grab ice cream with you.”

Duncan I got ice cream. I [email protected]#ked off that crush pretty quick. Still all friends though.”




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Valerie 7 month s ago
#7 oh sweetie, it was not the guy who missed the hint...
Louvinia 7 month s ago
Man, sad to think that there are so many goddamn idiots in this world sm_80



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