Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things… (24 PICS)

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1 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"Still blows my mind that healthcare isn't free, and people actually go bankrupt, legitimately bankrupt, from medical bills."


2 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"The work culture! You get so few vacation days and most people didn't use them all for fear of what it looks like. In the UK, if we don't use all our days, HR will normally ask us if everything is okay"


3 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"Pledge of allegiance. There's literally no other country that I've ever been to that does this! This is so strange and I feel so uncomfortable whether or not I do it.

Using the word "patriotic" in a good way. Seriously, I'd always thought it meant "blindly loving your country and think it's the best", which that definition would fit a lot of Americans better."


4 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"Saying "I'm Irish" but they haven't been to Ireland and neither have their parents."


5 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"Strangers asking you what church you go to. Or the rather competitive nature of religion here. It seems less important to actually believe and more important to let people know how much you believe."


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6 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"Keeping my shoes on when walking into someone's home. I feel like a barbarian"


7 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"There is a toot-your-own-horn culture here in my experience that I find hard to deal with, especially in the workplace. It's not usually a typical someone saying they're good at something, it's more about making themselves out to be better and top-dog.

I'm from the UK and I'd say we are kind of modest.

Also, writing the date, I just can't get used to writing it with the month first."


8 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"The pride people have in being unhealthy, ignoring serious symptoms, proudly eating like cr#p, proudly not exercising. And yet having the most expensive health care system in the world and refusing to accept alternatives. "that's whack man""


9 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"Tipping culture is so alien to me as an Australian. I always over-tipped because I was never sure — some people would react like I'd made their day for what I thought wasn't a big tip. Coincidentally, I forgot to tip a bartender once and I was made to feel like the worst person ever"


10 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"Saying "hi how are you?" to strangers and nobody actually answering the question.

The size of food serving when going out to eat.

Thanksgiving and black friday.

And lastly, the fact that every form I have to fill out, they ask my race.

I guess these are not technically social customs, or maybe they are, but I find all of the above very strange. Ugh, I'll never get used to living here."


11 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"The crazy giant gaps in bathroom stalls. It drives me insane. My partner told me that it's there to prevent people from doing drugs/having sex. But I still don't understand why I need to see everyone while I poop."


12 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"That Fahrenheit nonsense. I just never bothered to learn, always converted to Celsius, and then I ended up moving to Canada. I knew it would pay off to never learn."


13 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"A friend of mine is Russian. Her parents came to Russia and were still getting used to America. In Russia when you are pulled over by the police you get of the car and walk over to them. Her dad got pulled over and so he got out and started walking towards them. He didn’t know you are supposed to stay in the car. He learned that lesson very quickly.

He didn’t die they didn’t even shoot at him. He did get arrested though."



"Sounding like someone cares about you or your answers when they talk, when all they really care is following their scripts, for tip, sales revenue, door sales etc. The tipping culture. Why tell a burger costs $9.99 when with tax you are supposed to pay $11.25 and are supposed to tip at least 20% to not seem like a cheapskate? When the waitstaff works for under $3 a hour... just make it $15 and pay adequately, please"



"Not a social custom, but when i returned from my study abroad in Europe back to the US, I realized how enormous everything is here. The houses, cars, stores, drinks, food portions, and unfortunately many of the people."



"My wife is an immigrant so I'll pass on that she struggled with.The way many American families raise their children until age 18, then send them out the door to make it or beak it in the world. In many other countries, you never stop helping your children by paying for more education (Vo-Tech or college/university) and trying to avoid student loans, they always have a place to live free of rent, and are quite involved in everyday life of the parents, even if just by phone."



"I moved to Minnesota two years ago. At first I thought I would make friends super easy because people where really friendly but I soon learnt that nobody wanted to make friends. I was mistaking people’s inquisitive nature and need to overshare for genuine friendship foundation laying. I’m from the UK and usually if someone asks you for a beer and chat they want to get to know you, here in the US I’m just an interesting story to tell their real friends about. I found this upsetting at first, but I stopped caring and I did actually make a few good friends in the end."


14 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"That fake condescending voice people use. I'm not a toddler looking for his mama; talk like a normal person."


15 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"Pounds. Ounces. Feet. Miles. I could never get the hang of it."


16 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"The alcohol laws, in the UK you can drink in private from a very young age as long as you have parental consent and can have one beer/cider/glass of wine in a restaurant as long as you have a meal with it. In America, I tried to hand a pint to my Dad from a bar and the barman started shouting at me telling me to put it down because I wasn’t 21"


17 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"I'm from New Zealand.

Lack of vacation days.

Weird health system tied to employment.

Food portions.

Otherwise it is a pretty easy adjustment."


18 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"I still don't know how to get invited to parties, so there's that.

Also the drug TV ads with the long disclaimers while showing video of happy people living their lives. Really weird."


19 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"How hard it is to make friends in the USA. It seemed pretty easy from where I came (Europe), but after 20 years in the USA, I still don't have friends here."


20 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"Sales tax not being included in the price (got pretty used to it after 4 years, but it still occasionally caught me off guard).

Healthcare bills.

Tailgating on highway (even people complaining about tailgaters were themselves often tailgating).

Porch sitting, people sitting on their porch and watching passers by.

Distances (drove coast to coast, I thought it would never end).

Most men being pretty knowledgable about cars.

Drive thru ATMs, never stopped being funny to me for some reason."



"The lack of irony in general. And the way most people take themselves very very seriously. Don’t get me wrong, life is hard (especially in the US), but I’ve met VERY few people in the US who can make fun at their own expense - which is considered the norm where I’m from. Not saying one is better that the other - just the biggest difference for me"


21 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"According to my parents, it was people giving them thumbs up.

In their country of origin, thumbs up = middle finger in the US. So they kept jumping thinking they were being flipped off by random people. Took years for them to get used to it and understand no one was trying to insult them."


22 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"Town and school spirit are a very big thing here. No one takes high school sports this seriously back in my old school in India"


23 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"People saying they will pray for me. Either in aggression to insult me by saying I need to be prayed for (as sometimes I can be an a-hole or a victim of prejudice). Or, they are trying to be empathetic when told of a sad/unfortunate situation. Of course, I don't ever doubt that they'll remember."


24 Foreigners Just Can’t Get Used To These American Things…

"Younger Ppl calling adults by (just) their first name. I'm from the Caribbean so can't help but referring to ppl as Mr or Ms. Even if Im familiar with them."




Nervie 6 month s ago
You mean they do things differently in another country? How odd and random. sm_80
Lettie 6 month s ago
You do realize this is the same for Americans going to the UE.
Countries do other things, wow what a concept.
The dog has spoken.
Miranda 6 month s ago
Welcome to America. We are a free country which means if you don't like it you are free to go home and not come back.
Mat 6 month s ago

problem is that u cant flee from the US stupidity
Bea 6 month s ago
Mat,people who came to America came to escape old ideas from old countries who have been at war with each other since forever.
Americans don't care what you think about America

we don't wake up thinking "oh god, i hope the world doesn't hate me today"
we could care less what you think and it seems to bother you more than it will ever bother us

people who came her came to get away from the stupidity that is the rest of the world
you dragged us into 2 wars and from the looks of it now the rest of the world hasn't changed one bit

i'm glad you cant get away from our stupidity, it means we'll never have to deal with you here because it sounds like you'll never come here
Lorne 6 month s ago
Miranda,...which is what I did and many more that I know (I'm Norwegian, btw.) So what's wrong with the USA?
1. Voting (long ago) to use PI=3 (it fell through...).
2.Trying to use the metric system, then rejecting it (how dumb are you people?). 3. The sh#tty health care system, I'm bypass-operated and a diabetic since age 60 (I'm 76 now). This has cost me to date 32000 NKR/3300 USD in medicines, the operation AND hospital stay was free/gratis. Wake up or f.... off, USA!
ZombieDarwin 6 month s ago

How dumb are we? We've were the first to the moon, using the imperial system. You Norwegians haven't, and you have the metric system. If we're dumb, then what are you for having the metric system and yet not going to the moon, Hugo?

Don't you have a cloud to go yell at?
Allan 6 month s ago
The US military does use the international date format. I think that is the better, easier way. Direct to consumer drug ads are only legal here in the US and in New Zealand. I find them deplorable and misleading.
Sarah 6 month s ago
What is difficult for anyone to understand no matter where you were born (unless that would be some communist sh#thole country) is that the government is supposed to comply with the desires of the people, but in AMERICA the government is frightening the people into compliance using the mainstream media as the most powerful weapon.
Octavia 6 month s ago

I was born in a communist country, in Hungary, because USA helped occupy my country to the Sovietunion.
Ernie 6 month s ago
And yet folks still keep crossing deserts, mountains and oceans to get to that country that is so despised by the well informed. So tip your fat American waiter and tell him thank you for giving you a false sense of superiority. I’m still so surprised so many don’t return to their home of origin if they dislike the USA so much. Surely there’s a better job and better opportunity in their homeland. Right?
Uriah 6 month s ago

I left and only go back for vacation. Yes, better opportunities here. Covid has destroyed the USA.
Cliff 6 month s ago
#21... 24 years growing up in UK, 40 years living in USA since. Traveled to many countries in those 64 years. I have but one Question Where the F**k on this planet is the thumbs up sign equal to the American middle finger salute or for that matter the British reversed peace sign.?
Janice 6 month s ago
In Greece.
Bea 6 month s ago
America hears ya
America don't care
Leonora 6 month s ago
For americans not to care I see a lot of typical american reactions though... 35
Louvinia 6 month s ago

Yes, they're far to proud to admit when they're wrong or when someone else does it better (just like dear leader) fool
Johannes 6 month s ago
If these little things make you uncomfortable, wait until you find out about our love of pick-up trucks, fireworks on the 4th of July, apple pickin', corn dogs, giant foam "We're Number 1" fingers, target shootin' guns after lunch out in the backyard with grandma and the cousins, bass fishin', feedin' the birds and squirrels until they're monstrous sumo-sized, adults dressin' up for Halloween and acting like drunken idiots in public, jet skiing, snowmobiling, and dirt biking, going to a drive-in movie theater, DEEP FRIED EVERYTHING at the county fair, playin' little league baseball with the whole town lookin' on, wavin' to the cop directin' traffic - and meanin' it, and going to the church of our choice - or not, because we can. Don't hate us because we're beautiful and free, hate us because we don't give a $h#t about what you think of us.
Leonora 6 month s ago

Again, if you guys dont care about our opinion, why ard you reacting so fiercly?
ZombieDarwin 6 month s ago

Because rampant stupidity p!$$es us off.
Leonora 6 month s ago

How many MAGA hats do you have?
Louvinia 6 month s ago

That explains why you hate yourself then fool
ZombieDarwin 6 month s ago

That's a great example! Now you're getting it!
Sigfired 6 month s ago
I see these type of post all the time. “Wired things American do” etc... why don’t I see this for the UK, AUS , NZ or anywhere else. Oh yea, it’s because no one gives a sh#t about these countries.
Corey 6 month s ago

No, it's because the rest of the 196 countries in the world have worked out how to do sh#t properly.
Like spelling weird.
Alphus 6 month s ago
As an 'American' usa born and raised, yeah I completely agree.
I wish we used the metric system, much easier.
Date format makes no sense.
I wish tax was included in the listed price. So many things have extra hidden fees, tax being one of them.
Healthcare would be great, its such a risk and my insurance costs more than any tax increase would be.
Tipping I am neutral about. I could go either way. Its nice to reward good service with an extra large tip, but since most don't, the worker industry really suffers.
Louvinia 6 month s ago

Finally, a sensible American in the comments section! clapping
Corey 6 month s ago
Do you all realise that in every country except the USA, Americans are foreigners.
It's a WORLD WIDE web, not just an American one, FFS.
Rudolphus 6 month s ago
And they seem to elect idiots for presidents
ZombieDarwin 6 month s ago

Yes, but Barack Hussein Obama has been out of the White House for almost 4 years now. Please update your calendar accordingly. It is now 2020.
Lorenzo 6 month s ago
- You never see threads like this about (insert country name here) because no one from The United States is flocking to (insert country name here). People of the world want to come here. Then those people don't want to assimilate, they want to change things to the way it was where they wanted to leave from. Where is the logic in that?
Olivia 6 month s ago
Actually, I see there's like this about other countries. Often. Especially England.
If you can't take knowing what people from other places think about our future, the I hope you never travel. You are why we get the ugly American rep.
Olivia 6 month s ago
I hate American auto correct, half my words change when I post here.
Ced 5 month s ago
Olivia, Wow, did our auto-correct cause you to post such incoherent babble like you just did?




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