You Don’t Wanna See It In Public… (17 GIFS)

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“Listening to music without ear buds. Especially the few @$$hats that use speakers.”




“I saw a guy in a public parking lot dump his car’s overflowing ashtray out onto the pavement and then just drive off — leaving his butts and ashes for someone else to clean up.”




“Overly amorous PDA. I don’t mind if I see a couple give a quick kiss in public however, I don’t need to see people trying to lick each other’s tonsils.”




“People who wear shirts or hats with swearing on it. I don’t think kids and elderly people should have to see the stupid [email protected]#t you’ve got written on your funny or thought-provoking shirt.”




“Surely there are things, people, and behaviors that are annoying. But what really makes me boil over is when your friend asks to meet up and have a chat, but ends up spending the whole evening writing messages to someone else on their phone.”




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“There are people who whistle at a person to get their attention, as if they’re a dog. I don’t care how far away from me you are, you have to call my name for me to respond to you.”




“It annoys me when people comb their hair in public places. They simply take out a comb, right in the middle of the street or at their workplace, and start to brush their hair.”




“People peeing in public. Like, find a damn toilet. Don’t whip your [email protected]#k out and start pissing all over the floor, you weirdo.”




“I am amazed by the people who find it appropriate to come up to you and start criticizing your hair color. It’s like why I don’t come up to you and start saying, “Your clothes are so ugly. Why did you buy them at all? Take them off, I don’t like them.””




“I am amused when I see people cutting their nails in public. You can’t imagine the amount of people who do this on my daily train ride. The noise is bad enough, but I have no faith in people’s ability to control where those bits of nails are pinging off to. Also, a guy at work did it at his desk all the time until I asked him not to. “





“You can be with 30 people on the commute home from work, and all it takes is one rude person to make it miserable. Yelling into their cell phone, bad hygiene, playing loud music on their phone with no headphones, watching movies/playing games without headphones.”




“People who speak obnoxiously loud in public. It’s so obvious they just want people to hear the [email protected]#t they’re talking about.”




“People who carry on conversations at the table while the waiter is waiting to take their order.”




“I can’t stand it when people take up an entire sidewalk with a big group of people. Also, when people randomly stop in the middle of the sidewalk to text or some [email protected]#t.”




“Spitting in public.” I can’ understand if you had something gross in your mouth or something, but even then, spit to the side and not where people are walking.”




“I know it’s not against the law or anything, but if i hold a door open or you and you don’t even acknowledge it, it’s a bit of a piss off.”




“Littering. I just don’t get it.”





Phenie 2 month s ago
Desperation is a stinky cologne!
Clare 2 month s ago
People who take their non service animal pets into the store. I have seen a trend of people bringing their beloved pets into Walmart and Grocery stores. I get you love your pets, but please leave them home.
Asaph 2 month s ago
^preech it bree!



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