It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works… (26 PICS)

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1 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"I work in a hospital and when I'm doing something scary I tell kids that whatever they do they must not laugh."


2 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Stay at least a year behind in technology and gaming. Better, yet, two. You'll save a [email protected]#t-ton of money."


3 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"If you want someone you don't know well to like you, ask them for a small favor.

When I get new coworkers I go out of my way to ask them for something little, like borrowing a stapler or giving an opinion on something I'm working on.

Then they feel like they can ask me for something next time they need help, and soon I've tricked them into thinking I'm a nice person.

I don't know why it works but it does."



4 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"I've worked in mental health for years. I can't tell you how many people tell me what a good listener I am..because I just shut up and let people talk.

It's not rocket science, but the large majority of people just want to feel like their voices are being heard. Too many therapists and providers don't know how to be quiet and stop loving the sound of their own voices."


5 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Putting a piece a duct tape on your bike seat so people won't steal it.

Who wants to try and sell a potentially ripped bike seat, let alone buy one."


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6 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Feeling tired, headache, muscle cramps? Drink water. It is amazing how many people walk around in a state of dehydration. Water is an amazing fluid that solves a lot of problems."


7 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"My aunt puts her expensive jewelry in a zip lock bag, and her cheap jewelry in the jewelry boxes. She apparently had a lot of her jewelry stolen in the past by family. She now only has the cheap stuff stolen."


8 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"I don’t even know what made them think of it, but some researchers filled iPods for their elderly, confused clients with their favorite music. When they listen to the music, they are calm, recognize people better and are generally more cognizant."


9 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"For me personally, I make a to-do list but put like 3 or 4 things that are just mind-numbingly simple. I knock them out, cross them off, feel productive, and feel motivated to hammer out the tougher pieces."


10 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Telling your little kids to clean their room is a guaranteed way to get them to spend the day playing with their toys."


11 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"If you think someone is following you, literally act as crazy and stupid as you can. It is so stupid but the other person is usually so freaked out they leave you alone"


12 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Taking a shower to remedy any ailment. Prescribed by my mother. Headache? Take a shower. Anxious? Go take a shower with lavender. Have a cold? Get in the shower with Vix vapor rub. It's not a cure all, but I guarantee it always makes me feel less bad than before."


13 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Putting hand sanitizer on bug bites. It's the most glorious feeling and it works better than any itch spray!"


14 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"My depression makes it hard for me to do chores on command, but I figured out that if I set a timer or give myself some time to psych myself up, then I do it. It doesn’t always work, but 85% of the time I end up succeeding, and it’s a huge leap from a few months ago when I just shut down over chores."


15 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"My anti-clothing static device. I think I learned about this on reddit.

I live in a dry climate and static cling was always a problem. I really dislike fabric softeners for multiple reasons, but this trick solved the problem.

Take an old cloth (mine is a cloth napkin) and pin 7-10 big safety pins to it. Just toss it in the dryer with your clothes. The safety pins hit the sides of the dryer, continually grounding your laundry."


16 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

""The Superhero Stance"

Stand up straight. Chest out, shoulder back, hands on hips, chin slightly elevated.

It's so [email protected]#king stupid. But damned if you don't start to believe your own fake superhero hype."


17 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Long story short: A boorish guy was bullying my grandfather at a movie theater. My grandpa turned around and literally blew air on his face. The man was so weirded out that he left the theater."


18 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"If you think someone is watching you in a crowd, yawn. If they yawn too, they are watching you. Yawning is contagious!"


19 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Smile when you talk on the phone and you sound much happier than you really are."



"If you always forget if you have locked the door/closed the oven/charged your smartphone/... do something stupid after you did the thing you're about to forget. You won't remember the actual locking, but you'll remember the stupid thing, and then you'll know you did the thing. Stupid things include doing a little dance or pirouette, singing a small song (rickroll yourself!) or saying something really stupid like "I'd like to eat a towel right now!"."


20 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Wash your hands in shaving cream to remove fish/onion/nasty smells."



"Eating off a smaller plate. That trick helped me lose 80lbs."


21 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Watching movies you've already seen to help you fall asleep"


22 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Dressing well at work. You can be an amazing worker but people really do judge you by how you look. And by well I mean looking put together and professional. This applies for trades/blue collar work as well as white collar. I’ve worked both."


23 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Yell “strength of a bear!” before lifting something heavy"



"People resent being emotionally manipulated, so don't do it. Ever.You might get something in the short term when you try to 'butter up' or trick a person, but if you instead are civil and clear about what you want they will not spend days plotting revenge."


24 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Facial expressions affect your mood. Just faking a smile can help boost a meh or bad mood. Just squinting in the sunlight can bring your mood down. So spend time smiling and wear sunglasses."


25 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Positive self talk"


26 It’s Stupid, But At Least It Works…

"Wearing two pairs of socks, one thin pair under a thick pair. Sounds stupid. it helps wick the sweat away from your feet reducing stinky feet and crusty socks."



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Roberta 6 month s ago
are these children? half of these are half @$$ hacks.
the other half is cheap advice that the person never put into action.
Greg 6 month s ago
#27 Roberta ...sounds stupid, but still manages to work a keyboard.
Ona 6 month s ago
#5 I’ve never seen a leather Brooks bike seat with a rip in it.
Orilla 6 month s ago
#11 i suppose if you walk around like you're bat sh!t crazy and acting really angry and just swearing a lot at no one, people will leave you alone
Unice 6 month s ago
#7 I feel sorry for the aunt. If possible kick those klepto family members to the curb, or at the very least, get some locks.
Tobias 6 month s ago

Except maybe she's got so many relatives that she doesn't know who is stealing from her.


#2 should be done for all technology. There's no shame in refurb either. Don't be an Apple idiot and stand in line to get ripped off every year.
Mackenzie 6 month s ago
#2 i am ~15 years behind, still broke as [email protected]#k

#23 i usually shout "lightweight baby" and "nothing but a peanut". acute

sh#t @$$ advice from people who know sh#t.



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