Well, At Least It Works… (50 PICS)

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"I Wanted Natural Light In A Basement That Has No Windows"

"Paid $10 for two old windows, painted them, frosted the glass, installed them into my wall with LED lights behind them. Now it’s always 2 pm at the basement bar."


That’s Brilliant

"After Repeating 6 Times That I Want To Cancel My Comcast Xfinity, I Finally Figured Out How To Get Them To Stop Arguing And Actually Do What I Asked"

"My Dad’s T Got Splattered With Bleach, He Decided To Fix With More. I Found It Adorable"

"My Grandpa Uses The Actual Hardware For Labeling The Drawers"

Izismile Videos

I Should Do It Myself As Well

"My Dog Rolo Has Always Been A Messy Drinker, My Girlfriend Turned His Water Bowl Into A Moss Garden To Keep The Place Tidy"

"Changed The One Earphone Rubber To Black To Quickly See Which Is Which"

"This Gentleman At Target Who Reversed His Hooded Sweatshirt To Make A Puppy Pocket"

"Friend's Sister Lost Her Car Key While Jogging, Someone Else Made Sure She Found It"


A Life Hack For Anyone In Higher Education

"Wearing A Face Mask For An Extended Period Of Time. Sew A Button To A Headband To Keep From Destroying Your Ears"

"Putting Together Furniture? Use Some Of Its Styrofoam Packaging For Keeping Small Parts From Disappearing"

Sneaky Grandpa

"Hand Sewing A 1/4 Inches Hem And I Hate Juggling The Ruler"


"He’s So Small He Can Sneak Through The Fence When He Goes Outside, So He Must Wear The Escape-Proof Wiener Bun Of Shame At Potty Time"

"This Bra Used To Protect A Horse's Infected Eye, Whilst Also Allowing It To See"

"When Your Phone Touch Is Broken"

"I Was Running Late For Work And Couldn't Find Her Leash, This Is How I Walked My Dog This Morning"

""Grandma, Do You Have Some Rice That I Can Put My Phone In? It Got Wet." - She Pulls This Out Of A Cabinet"


"My Husband Made This Book-Holder-Opener For Me To Ease Hand Cramping"

"Crazy Sore Muscles But No Bath Tub? Improvise. Adapt. Overcome"

"You Can Connect Two Ziplock Bags By Flipping One Inside Out To Make A Larger One"

"Someone At My Work Created A Clock Out Of Two Cups To Keep Track Of How Fresh The Coffee Is"

"Instead Of Buying Those Cheap Plastic Chair Mats, I Bought A Box Of Laminate Flooring Planks And Put Them Together. Took Less Than 10 Minutes And Feels Sturdy. Chair Rolls So Smooth"


"When You Don't Have A Suit But Need One"

"In Queensland We Get A Lot Of Insects Who Escape The Heat By Getting Inside Via The Drains. My Wife Had This Idea As A Barrier. Those Are Stocking Socks"

"The Vet Said The Anti-Scratch Cone Would Be $50.00. Tractor Supply Had It For $19.95"

"Need Tweezers In A Pinch?"

"The Easiest Way To Water Your Garden"


"If You're Like Me And Have A Broken Laptop Hinge"

"Use Bobby Pins To Untie Stubborn Shoelaces"

"To Remove Strong Adhesive Labels From Plastic Containers, Simply Put Them In The Freezer For A Few Hours Before Peeling"

"I Use The Selfie Camera More To Plug Things Into The Back Of My Computer Than To Actually Take Selfies"

"Soviet Lifehack"


"Got Her Spayed And The Vet Didn’t Have Cones Small Enough"

"New Safe Browsing Accessory"

"Hate When Companies Ask For Your Email Address? This Is For You"

"My Grandma's Elderly Neighbors Have A Hook And Pulley System To Pull Groceries Up To Their Kitchen"

"Use A Fork When Grating Last Bits Of Food To Avoid Possible Injury And To Shred Really Really Really Quickly"


"Cables Managed"

"Many Thanks To The Stranger Who Let Me Know There Was No Bog Roll Today. I'll Be Doing This In Future When I Can"

"Why Is This Not Marketed As A Feature On All Wheelbarrows?"

"How My Grandma Closes The Bag Of Chips"

"My Grandma’s Technique For Cooking With Hot Oil"


"Reuse A Pringles Can For Other Snacks That Come In Bags To Avoid Loud Bag Crinkling In The Office"

"This Genius Watching Taken Using A Clear Plastic Bag To Hold His Phone On A Plane"

"My Mom Uses Ski Goggles When She Cuts Onions"

"When Disassembling Items, Punch Your Screws Thru Some Cardboard And Label The Sets. This Will Help You Retain Your Hardware, Remember Placement And Order Of Reassembly"

"Don't Have A Coin For A Supermarket Trolley? Use A Round Headed Key Instead"


Credits:  www.boredpanda.com

Missy 9 month s ago
#42 bog roll..... you Aussie!
Beverly 8 month s ago
#18 alfie has no bluetooth on his PHONE?



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