What Would Nostalgia Look Like 40 Years From Now… (28 PICS)

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Nowadays we are feeling nostalgic about stuff from the ‘80s and the ‘90s. But what could have the same value for us in 40 years?


"Comfortable temperatures."


"The Internet.

Hell, I'm nostalgic for it now. Not the final form that the internet has taken over the past decade or so, but those wild west days before youtube, facebook, social media, reddit. Finding weird @$$ sites, geocities pages, looking up cheat codes for GTA, hanging out on forums, seeing something go truly grassroots viral and not just because it's trending on instagram or something. Those days when no company knew what the hell the internet was or how to market on it, it was just left to the nerds and the kids who were making up the rules as they went along.

I miss when the internet felt like a little adventure rather than a timesink or utilitarian tool to get the day to day done."


"The night sky.

By that time, Musk, Bezos, and god knows who else, will have hundreds of thousands of satellites in orbit. Our cities will have doubled in size, and urban sprawl will cause further light pollution. Stargazing will be something future generations will only hear stories about..."


"I'm fifty years old, so I can actually be nostalgic for things from 40 years ago. Mostly I miss my grandparents. We take people for granted until they're gone. The people in your life won't always be there.

I'm also nostalgic for a time when it was normal to not be able to contact someone anytime you wanted to. Now if someone calls, texts, or emails you're expected to answer or respond immediately."


Izismile Videos

"Hardcover books"


"Poppable bubble wrap"


"I have a running joke that I'm from the future and I'm relieved that I'm back in the glory days of 2020."


"Clean air"


"Driving a car yourself"



"Cars with a manual gearbox"


"Being able to say “it must have got lost in the mail” or “I didn’t get your text” as a lie for ignoring someone"


"We just spent 5 months with family. Having dinners together, watching TV together, playing games, just being a family. Kids are going to grow up remembering the time they had with their parents and siblings. There will be good memories."


"Polar bears."


"Back in my days we used videogames with controllers!"



"Drinks full of sugar, food full of salt. Oh and antibiotics that still work."


"Being Rick rolled"


"The United States Postal Service"


"Seafood. There won't be anything left in 40 years. I get it there will be some sort of sea life clinging on to eat. My point is nobody will be eating halibut and tuna on the regular because we killed 90% of them"


"Playing physical games with friends. Going to friends’ houses to play basketball/soccer and a few video games, and then have a sleep over. Socializing to the extend even the youngest here have experienced."



"Movie DVDs. With everything going digital, I think production houses will soon stop making DVDs and just start streaming the movies in either their respective streaming platforms or sell them to other platforms like Netflix."



"I'm already nostalgic for dramatically flipping a phone closed to end a phone call..."


"Cash money. Besides the occasions when dealing with cash is just a lot more convenient, it's art--all those paper bills and coins are designed. Some are beautiful."



"Payphones. Imagine trying to explain to your grand children, "back in my day if I needed to be picked up from the park, I called Collect on the payphone to my Mom and when the machine asked who was calling you said 'pickmeupat5:30please' so you didn't have to pay for the call"."



"The sound of a V8"



"Flipping through cable aimlessly not really sure what will be on any channel and just going til you hit something decent. The place I'm at now has free cable included and sometimes I'll waste hours just flipping through. It feels just like the early 2000s again and is a crazy throwback feeling to watching TV before everything was on apps and on demand."


"Healthy spines and happiness"


"I think YouTube. Like how us 80/90s babies miss early Nickelodeon and Saturday morning cartoons I think future generations will miss the unlimited content."



"Honestly probably malls. I feel like a lot of them are going out of business and getting torn down. Well at least the old mall experience."



"Express your opinion anonymously on internet"



"So many of the amazing movies made in the 2000's. Lord of the rings, The Matrix, many of the Cristopher Nolan movies. I'm convinced these newer classics will be enjoyed for decades to come"


"Top 3 things that came to my mind: going to the movies, being able to flip to a random channel, [and] driving to places (maybe 40 years is too soon for this to be nostalgic but it'll happen soon enough)"



"Split Screen Gaming. It's already sorta not a thing anymore"


"High quality nerf blasters"



"Original movies"


"Handshakes when you meet someone."









"The 1950s. People are always nostalgic for the ‘50s."


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Littleberry 1 year ago
What a bunch of Debbie Downers. I still have hope that humanity will reverse much of the damage being done, especially in over fishing and hunting, and climate issues. There will be invaluable medical and technological advancements in 40 yrs, and hopefully social and economic change, as well. These are certainly not the glory days. Society still has a long way to go.
Mick 1 year ago
I just came from such an uplifting gallery to come to this one full of negative nellies. Get a grip. dash
Mitchell 1 year ago
Being able to have an opinion without offending someone.
Roscoe 1 year ago

_not_ being supported by idiots on the internet for any stupid and imbecile opinion that's vented
Archie 1 year ago
You climate alarmists won't be mentioning the climate in 40 years.
Roscoe 1 year ago
#21 Sun Solaris makes me nostalgic!
Nanny 1 year ago
was a good operating system.



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