These Family Photos Are Either Funny Or Awkward… (42 PICS)

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"My great-grandma in the 80's."


“I took my 2002 Senior Year with my bird, Jeff. It made the yearbook. 10 years later, I caught him reflecting on our long history. Sentimentality in its truest form.”


"My daughter looks like a mom that regrets all her life decisions."


“This old picture of my great-grandmother, far left, makes it look like the cameraman just stumbled into a secret meeting of the grandmas.”


“Grandma fell asleep. Then the tide came in.”


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"My Great-Grandmother, born in 1899. Never met her, but definitely a legend."


“During a cousins photo shoot, my brother fell off the stool mid-temper tantrum and the photographer managed to catch all of my cousins’ reactions.”


"My friends Grandma's house. She put a magazine cut out of Leonardo DiCaprio over her late (not so nice) husband's face. The 80+ year old's version of photoshop."


“My hubby is a teacher. I’m a stay-at-home Mom. We have 5 kiddos, 4 of them adopted through foster care. A long time ago, I heard our pastor point out that when it comes to kids, rules without relationship = rebellion. From that day forward, I made a promise to myself to always make relationship with our kids a priority. And that means having fun with them and having a sense of humor. We want to teach our kids that being able to laugh at yourself (not in a bad, degrading way, but in a good way) is a wonderful attribute. So, we always do crazy photos for our Christmas cards. This year, we decided to make an awkward family photo.”


"My swag peaked in 1987."



"My mom and dad in DC in the late 80s."


"I found my spirit animal at a very young age."


"Reason #82 why dads shouldn't be left alone with their kids."


“My parents keep this framed on the wall. It’s a poem written and illustrated by my brother in second grade.”


“This picture was taken at my daughter’s preschool. I think the photographer thought having her hold a flower would make for a really cute and innocent picture.”



“This is me and my dad 1977 Coney Island. He would be vilified and in jail today for this.”


"My friend's baby pictures look like Mrs. Doubtfire."


"My friend's three-year-old son in preschool today."


“One year my mom made my brother and I outfits from the drapes that came with our beautiful couch.”


"My mom with her brothers and sisters in the 1980s."



“Bring a toddler to a wedding, they said. It will be cute, they said.”


"My dad teaching math in Southern California, late 70's/early 80's."


"When your Grandma looks like Taylor Swift and your Grandpa looks like Hugh Hefner's Brother."


"Just thought I'd share this old picture I found of me and my dad. Hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as I did."


"My mother and grandmother demonstrating safety standards in the 1960s."



“There’s a reason why my sisters were accepted into private school and I wasn’t.”


“Meet Uncle Jack, the goth uncle.”


“My mom said this was one of my favorite things to do as a child.”


"Our social distance Easter photos turned out terrifying."


“Her husband went to the pregnancy room with her to cheer her up.”



“If your mum wasn’t making herself into a ramp for your new BMX, did she even love you? 1980’s.”


“My great-grandmother worked for a photography studio in the 80’s. She was watching us one day and decided to surprise my mother with professional photos of the three of us. This gem was one of the pictures. I love how my sisters look so cute in the corner of the photo while I am in a food coma floating in the sky.”


"My Mom took me to a Glamour Shots in the mall when I was 11 years old. I walked out as a middle aged woman who wants to speak to the manager. This is framed in my parents living room."


“My adorable son was a wee bit chubby as a baby.”


“Got my 10-year-old daughter dressed up for a nice New Year’s Eve dinner and tried taking a pretty picture of her. I got a haunting photo that looks like she is missing her evil twin.”



“There was a moth in our kitchen.”


“Halloween 1994, when my parents told us they were a sock and a sock box, and asked us to put on our white pajamas, because we were dryer lint.”


"That moment you realize you're not the only child anymore."


"My great-aunt uses her old television as a stand for her new one."


“We had the worst wedding photographer in the world. I think this says it all.”



"Me picking mushrooms in Belarus in 1987, one year after the Chernobyl meltdown in neighboring Ukraine."


“My siblings and I were forced into a ‘pet look alike’ competition. It still haunts us.”


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