Old Things That Simply Refuse To Stop Working (39 PICS)

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"The triple-generation wedding shoes that my grandmother (1953), mother (1982) and I (2011) wore."

"1980’s Schott Perfecto. Had some repairs done and it should be good for another 35 years!"

"When was the last time you saw a toy with a Swiss movement? Fisher price clock radio circa 1964. Still works."

"Purchased by my Mom with babysitting money around 1958. Still works great, good thing too, she never filled out the warranty card!"

"Still sporting my dad's Coleman Classic tent from 70's. No leaks, and doesn't require a rain fly. All original poles in tact after 44 years."

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"My daughter pulled this out of a box of toys at my mother-in-laws house. Anyone remember having one of these?"

"My Dad's REI down vest from 1984 used on the Appalachian Trail. Still keeps me warm!"

"Just inherited my great-grandmother's Kitchen Aid (Hobart) A-9 Coffee Grinder. This model was discontinued in 1947, but still helped make a great cup of coffee this morning!"

"My ancestors wedding gowns"

"My parents bought this cheese grater shortly after getting married in 1977. I took it when I move out on my own. That was 20 years ago. It still does the job."


"Been wearing these Doc Martens weekly for 25 years. Changed the leaves once - that's it."

"My daughter's desk I picked up and restored for home schoolin'"

"Elna Supermatic sewing machine. Swiss made. Sewing perfectly for 60 years. The thing is a solid brick of steel."

"This is a Levi trucker jacket that belonged to my mother in the 70s. I’ve worn it for years and it’s still as nice as the day I inherited it"

"My 1956 GE Liberator stove, still going strong after 64 years."


"From past generations to new ones"

"Husband's Grandmother Hat Collection"

"Leica M3, born on 6/30/1965. Built to be handed down between generations of photographers."

"Finex foldable picnic table—bought in ~late 80s by my parents. Comes along on every camping activity. Although four persons of my size around it...a little cramped."

"13 years daily use vs 1 month- go spend $30 on a 12” cast iron and start winning."


"Father in law gave me this to give to my son. It belonged to his son, now mid 30's. Metal frame and bed. They don't make them like this anymore."

"Brewmatic - built in coffee maker, waking my lazy ass up for over 30 years, changed the heating element once"

"2004 Honda Pilot. Just turned 250,000 miles."

"Cast iron grill. I love everything about this. Should survive multiple generations of use. Super portable and versatile. You can find fuel anywhere."

"My latest restoration project. A mid 90s Forest Green Weber Genesis 1000. All new everything."


"Cast iron pepper grinder, made by Cole & Mason in the sixties."

"This 1981 HP Financial calculator. Still works like new."

"My 1969 Mark VI Tenor. I bought it 5 years ago and have since used it on 500+ shows and gigs! I love to think about the number of bar rooms, clubs, shows, concerts, countries and audiences this horn has seen over the past 50 years! This horn has been well loved and has so many stories to tell!"

"Panasonic alarm clock my mom got as a bat mitzvah gift and I still use it 38 years later"

"Bukama Knirps - German stapler from the 1950s - the best one I have ever had"


"This GE Fridge from 1942 at my friend’s house works perfectly"

"The last watch I’ll have to buy."

"1984 Cannondale Wabash 2 man tent. Keeping folks Dry and warm for 36 years."

"1974 coleman water jug my grandmother bought new"

"1966 Parker 51 Aerometric. Still works perfectly 54 years later."


"21-year old AMP Research/Mercedes-Benz B4 Full Suspension MTB. Been using it even more on road and trails during the pandemic. The only thing I had to replace are the tires."

"This cassette deck I got was made in 1977, never has been repaired but still wokrs perfectly"

"70s Snap om top box (HAS A TON OF PERSONAL HISTORY) and 85 snap on roll box!"

"My friends electric shaver he’s had since the 80’s! Shaves like a dream still!"

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Matty 8 month s ago
This was posted 2 minutes ago, 10 minutes ago the target had ramen noodles. The target was born on the 18th. 36

Captcha - all images with bicycles 36
Rhyna 8 month s ago
^ That would explain why the 18th pic was chosen as the thumbnail.



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