Well, This Is Fortunate! (40 PICS)

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"This egg that one of my chickens laid"

"A five leaf clover I found today"

"When your girlfriend’s weight matches the sample photo"

"Storm took down a tree but didn’t even scratch my car"

"The Longest Curly Fry I’ve Ever Seen in My Life"

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"My bf found the end of a rainbow"

"The way my remote landed when I threw it on the couch"

"The way these two separate sheets of cellophane aligned when I dropped them"

"3 ears I grew from the same heirloom corn variety"

"Caught a quick photo of the Eiffel Tower while walking in Paris then noticed I was photobombed when I got home.."


"I dropped my spoon and it landed perfectly balances on the edge of the table"

"One carton, 4 eggs, 8 yolks (sorry, one broke)"

"Dumped an egg yolk into my sink and instead of breaking, it fell perfectly onto the grate"

"Found a face on a tree today"

"Was swiping at the dispensary when I looked up and saw the girl I was about to swipe on."


"I found this leaf that looks like a weather radar"

"This tree's curve went right over the hood of this car that it [almost] fell on."

"Found A Woman's $5,000 Engagement Ring In Under A Minute! Plus, Another Surprise Return At The End!"

"After a rain"

"I told my fiancé for over 3 years that we didn’t need a dog of our own. I’m so glad we waited, because we were able to rescue our new best friend last month."


"Just played bass on instagram live with one of the musicians that inspired to start playing. I couldn’t be happier right now"

"Our cat is back after two weeks in the woods, she is dehydrated and cold but will be alright. Im so happy."

"Last year we drove almost two hours to the country to see the meteor shower but we didn’t see anything, this year I saw around twenty and he saw three. We were very excited."

"Six years ago, I had an idea I thought was interesting. I sacrificed vacations, parties, relaxation, and a chunk of sanity typing maniacally into a Word doc I never thought would see the light of day. On Sept. 15, it's being published by McGraw-Hill!"

"A customer today only gave a penny for a tip, got mad at first then saw it was from 1889"


"My town has very lenient laws on curbside dumping so people put lots of stuff out front of their houses knowing someone will take it. Went out this weekend and came back with a full SUV of goods, the prized find was a fully functional wii with 5 games including Zelda Twilight Princess!"

"In a bag of decent non-precious jewelry via the thrift dumpster...the same one that gave me a gold chain earlier this year"

"Can you say coffee?? Pulled a bunch of cases of Starbucks coffee, along with some lesser known brands. A few cases of the teas, Pop chips, Pita chips. It was a good morning!!"


"I was hired to take this antique organ to a landfill. Happy to say I kept it instead and used it on my bands first album!"

"Woke up for some water. Thank god I turned on the light before taking a sip."


"Had a rim explode going 45 mph. Felt lucky to be alive"

"My AirPods just got put in the washing machine and tumble dryer by accident and they still work! (First post)"

"I forgot my notebook in a shopping cart. Luckily, it was still there over an hour later when I raced back to find it. It had six hundred dollars in it."

"Diamond ring missing since 2004 turns up on garden carrot"

"That was close. My lucky day. Only a slight nick on the knee."


"Crisis adverted."

"The neighbor usually parks the car on the left, where the tree fell, but that night he parked it to the right."

"My parking job behind my friends car."

"I left for the weekend to my mother, and when returned found that the sink was filled to the top"

"Literally being held by a thread."


Livia 1 year ago
It might not seem like a whole hell of a lot to anyone else, but I accidentally dropped a hard contact lens down the bathroom sink drain, knowing I always remember to stop the sink up before cleaning them. This time I was a little distracted though, and left the drain open and was using water from the tap at full force to rinse-
I shut the water off and thought I would never see it again, but that little voice in my head said: "take the drain trap off and look inside" and so I did- like I have a thousand times before- and it was there!!!
With all that I have lost in the world lately- this made me believe in my guardian angels keeping me in their favor. I am legally blind without my lenses.

Much gratitude for this, words just cannot describe...
Eliphalel 1 year ago
#17 Is probably fake. Why would the car be parked across the sidewalk. Looks like it was driven under the tree after it fell.
Alyssa 1 year ago
#33 - What kind of dumb bastard puts $600.......or ANY amount of money in a [email protected]#king notebook? MORON!
Arabelle 1 year ago
#18 surprise ending? did she give you head as a reward?
Cecilia 1 year ago
Wait... that 1889 penny is only worth 4 buck! Thats not fortune thats work!
Laverne 1 year ago
#25 That penny is worth $3 if you're lucky.



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