Drone Photography Is Beautiful, And These Contest Winners Prove It! (30 PICS)

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Nature Category Winner: Gray Whale Plays Pushing Tourists

At the end of the gray whale season, I was told about a gray whale that, for the last 3 years, used to play with the boats, pushing them gently. So we went back the year after and, incredibly, the gray whale appeared and this shot is the result.


Wildlife Category Winner: Where Herons Live

Many think that herons make nests in reeds or in a swamp. In fact, they nest in the tops of huge trees and with a drone, it is sometimes possible to see them.


Nature Category Runner-Up: Flamingos At Lake Logipi

The early morning sun lights a scene of flamingos gathered at the edge of Lake Logipi, next to an interesting fan-like geological formation.


Photo Of The Year: Love Heart Of Nature

In winter, a shark is inside a salmon school when, chasing the baitfish, the shape becomes a heart shape.


People Category Highly Commended: Cross The Field

A girl, her mother, and their herd of cows walking across the pasture return home after a day of labor.


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Urban Category Winner: Alien Structure On Earth

Sometimes we need to change the perspective to feel the strength of the structure more strongly than we've ever thought. The Petronas Towers, also known as the Petronas Twin Towers, are twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur.


"Life Under COVID-19" Winner: Black Flag

Thousands of Israelis maintain social distancing due to Covid-19 restrictions while protesting against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Rabin Square on 19 April 2020.


"Life Under COVID-19" Highly Commended: The Lockdown

The busiest highway in Dubai, shot with no cars present during the lockdown for the disinfection of the municipality. A moment to remember.


Urban Category Highly Commended: Sunrise On The Top

At 4:30 in the morning, mysteriously shrouded in clouds, this is what the second-tallest building in Shanghai looks like.


People Category Winner: Frozen Land

With temperatures of minus 30°C, winters in the Eurasian steppe can be brutal. But life doesn't stop, and local people move from one village to another with a sledge, crossing icy rivers and lakes.



Nature Category Highly Commended: Lonely Road

Driving along Ring Route 1, in a magical and enchanted landscape, I was ready to embrace whatever may lie ahead.


Abstract Category Winner: Phoenix Rising

The phoenix rising is a symbol of re-emergence from the ashes of fire. This is symbolized through the beginnings of an actual regeneration process at the industrial mining site of Lake Owens. After a destructive past and the creation of the most toxic dustbowl in America, migratory birds are returning, and life is beginning anew…


Nature Category Highly Commended: Crater Row

A spectacular crater row in Iceland’s vast interior. The intense red on the rims is caused by the scoria being colored by the oxidation of the iron minerals in the lava, in contrast with the surrounding basalt. A white four-wheel-drive vehicle can be seen driving along the road beneath the craters.


Wildlife Category Highly Commended: Homecoming

A buffalo herd is passing a lake before moving to its shelter where the herd will retreat to rest.


Abstract Category Highly Commended: Spring Zebra

The area of this small village in the Częstochowa region is characterized by large rapeseed crops that create beautiful patterns that extend to the horizon.



Wedding Category Winner: Tropical Bride

"I used the flowers and the leaves left over from the decoration of a wedding to make something creative."


Wedding Category Runner-Up: Lovers On The Field

We were looking for some abstraction. We had a boat, a drone and... a lot of time. A strong wind created a beautiful storm in the field. Perfect weather conditions showed me "the eye of the tiger" or "deer eye" through the couple in the kayak. A wonderful combination: beautiful lovers, fantastic nature, strong wind, and this perspective.


Wildlife Category Runner-Up: Munk's Mobula Rays Schooling

Though from a boat, it was hard to appreciate just how enormous this shoal was, the drone revealed a mass of thousands of Munk's Mobula rays (also called Munk's pygmy devil rays) all swimming in the same circular direction.


People Category Highly Commended: Carpet Field

Hundreds of handwoven carpets are placed in the fields in order to draw out different colors with the burning effect of the sun’s rays. A pair of workers lies down on the carpets after finishing their work to relieve the tiredness of the day.


Sports Category Winner: On The Sea

An aerial view of swimmers, where the sea becomes the place to take refuge, between the blue carpet and the white foam of the waves.



Abstract Category Highly Commended: Swirl

An abstract shot of a pink lake chemical reaction in Western Australia.


Nature Category Highly Commended: The Island

People Category Runner-Up: 2,000,001

Two million Hongkongers took to the streets on 16 June 2019, calling on the government to withdraw the controversial extradition bill. The night before the historic march that nearly one-third of the population took part in, protestor Leung Ling Kit ended his life after hanging a banner of the people's demands in the city centre.


Wedding Category Highly Commended: Framed

This is one of my favorite pictures. It was a perfect match. The great couple, the VW Beetle, the frame. So, it was easy to create a great composition.


People Category Highly Commended: Women Sorting Dry Red Chillies

Women collecting red chilies under the sun for more than 10 hours a day for little pay, employed in one of the many factories that specialize in drying chilies.



"Life Under COVID-19" Runner-Up: Heart Of Warsaw

The deserted oldest part of Warsaw which, before the pandemic, used to be filled with sun umbrellas of nearby restaurants and crowds of people.


Wedding Category Highly Commended: Pebble / Wave

After the ceremony, the couple headed to the beach and decided to go in for a dip. We were lucky to find the perfect waves which only touched the bottom of the dress.


Sports Category Highly Commended: Waterfall

Surfers try to challenge the waves. It is difficult enough to ride them, not to mention to tame them and be able to take off, as well as break them and then caress them.


Sports Category Runner-Up: Ball Up

The physical motions of the tennis player against the clean abstract lineage of the court created a harmonious effect to the eye.


Abstract Category Runner-Up: Largest Congregation

More than 600,000 devotees participated in South Asia's largest Eid-ul-Fitr congregation. The prayers began at 8:30 am with devotees coming from different parts of the region. Eid-ul-Fitr is a Muslim festival of happiness celebrated all over the world.



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