Actors And Actresses Who Always Play Very Typical Roles (24 PICS)

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Tom Cruise

"He is so easily number one. He's played Tom Cruise in every movie he's ever made. He's the best bartender, the best pool player, the best fighter pilot, the best spy, the best race car driver. He's been doing the same thing for over 30 years!"


— jingleman


"Maybe early in his career it was different, but in the last 20 years he’s just been the high octane action star jumping off buildings and blowing [email protected]#t up. And he’s always so hyper-masculine like he’s got something to prove!"


— misteryahoo


Jennifer Aniston

"She usually plays very 'Rachel-esque' characters in almost all the movies she acts in – a woman who ends up falling in love with a guy she doesn't really like. She's a wonderful talent, so I don't mind, but she's the person I thought of immediately!"


— aroo22


Dwayne Johnson

"Our man the rock always seems to play the adventurous, headstrong leader with a caring side in every movie. Great man, albeit the same man over and over."


— celestehunter


"It’s like his character’s name changes and so does the scenery, but it’s basically the same movie lol."


— tracy110302


Will Ferrell

"An overgrown man baby in every single movie he's ever been in. His characters are completely interchangeable and unimaginative."


— b492e17612


"Usually sexist, mean, and insulting to others – Elf excluded."


— alext4e3fc38a7


Melissa McCarthy

"She’s always the bumbling character – loveable and goofy, sometimes gross, tries too hard to be sexual, and always uses physical comedy."


— devenb49c3b7272


"Literally cannot tell her movies apart."


— mynameisjessica


Izismile Videos

Johnny Depp (and Helena Bonham Carter)

"If either of them is in a movie, you already know the plot, the character they’re going to play, and how it will end."


— itsnotyouitsyou101


"Johnny goddamn Depp has played some variation of Jack Sparrow in every role since the first Pirates of the Caribbean film. I feel like I would enjoy Tim Burton movies a lot more if I knew they weren't going to have different iterations of the same character every single time."


— alexisclifford90


Danny Trejo

"He’s always the [email protected]$$ machete killer guy."


— wuntchtimeisover


Emma Roberts

"I feel like she is a straight b#tch in everything I've seen her in."


— serenityjohnson1003


Keira Knightley

"She's always the female lead in any historical drama – and she is really good in all of them!"


— hazelbrown24601


Jason Statham

"He always seems to play the same very British, no nonsense, slightly humorous, gut-punching, action-junkie spy man. Even when he plays bad guys, it’s very similar to his good guy characters (*cough* Fast and the Furious *cough*)."


— reneb4b1d76327


"He's always that jilted dude in a dark turtleneck sweater/black suit that needs to save the day."


— a_r_k



Katherine Heigl

"Always a baker and an overachiever, and initially hates the guy she ends up with."


— miller54862


Loretta Devine

"I'm sorry, but he is the same guy in every single movie and TV show he's in."


— hearts4kevinj


Hugh Grant

"Hugh played pretty much the same vaguely charming, intelligent, British bloke with very little moral compass in every film he was in for years. Two Weeks Notice? Bridget Jones? Love, Actually?"


— amyswinners


Aubrey Plaza

"Always a dark creepy weirdo, but that’s why we love her!"


— baeylel


"I think she just plays herself in everything – she’s awesome though."


— imo89


Adam Sandler

"Adam always plays the same quick-witted sarcastic person, let's be honest."


— urie_bowie_mercury0



Leslie Mann

"She almost always plays the sweet, naive love interest. I love her and she really owns that role, but she does play it a lot."


— u20609940


Kevin Hart

"He's always the short obnoxious guy who needs the big strong guy to help him out and show him the way. The dynamic is just old now."


— klevela


Noah Centineo

"Always the hot, adorable nerd/jock that everyone has a crush on."


— lovemarvey


Michelle Rodriguez

"She always plays the [email protected]$$ tough girl who isn’t taking any of your [email protected]#t and could probably beat you up."


— bethanymeyer89


"Always the lowkey sexy [email protected]$$. It’s fine because she is one, but come on give her a deeper plot!"


— vanessag4bc21e6aa


Robert Sheehan

"He always portrays a goofy/drug addict/anarchist character."


— carlfortin



Rebel Wilson

"Forever typecast as the best friend – a funny, wild, chubby girl with a heart of gold."


— allyb4a707401b


"Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, The Hustle, How To Be Single – all just Fat Amy in different places."


— laraterryr


Ben Platt

"He always plays the anxious, awkward character. Normally, I'd have no issue with it, but when he was cast as Elder Cunningham in The Book of Mormon, he even changed Cunningham to fit the character type he's used to playing."


— beepsss


Robert Downey Jr

"This is gonna hurt some feelings, but RDJ. He's more or less the same in every movie from Iron Man to The Judge. Don't get me wrong, I love him, but he's the same."


— sbaleswestern


"Always an overly-confident, snarky dude."


— alexandrak4a2b5f498


Michael Cera

"I'm sorry, but he is the same guy in every single movie and TV show he's in."


— hearts4kevinj



Nib 2 year s ago
Sad but true.
The caracterization depicted are all true.
Pate 2 year s ago
Characterizations - ESL much?
Obadiah 2 year s ago
Where's Schwarzenegger and Willis???
Jasper 2 year s ago
Bruce Willis has been in some terrible action/drama movies the past 5 years or so after doing some really great stuff. Should have stopped Die Hard at 3. Arnold has actually done some very diverse stuff during his career along with the action stuff. Watch Maggie, he does a really good job playing the dad of a girl infected with the zombie virus. Very emotional, well acted.
Obadiah 2 year s ago
Jasper, Well, Tom Cuise has done other roles like Jerry McGuire and The Firm. Kiera did Begin Again and The Jacket. But what they are known for are much different roles. Just sayin - they all got exceptions.
Nels 2 year s ago
I love Nicolas Cage, but he plays Nicolas Cage in every single movie.
Silvester 2 year s ago
lol tom cruise is not hypermasculine only a feminist would think so also hes a dwarf lmao




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