Best And Craziest Moments From SNL (18 PICS + 1 GIF)

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Ashlee Simpson got caught lip-synching during her performance of “Autobiography,” did a very awkward dance, and ran offstage

“Instead of ‘Autobiography,’ her prerecorded track of ‘Pieces of Me’ started playing. She didn’t know what to do, so she did this awkward dance and walked offstage before the show cut to a commercial.”


Kristen Stewart dropped the f-bomb in her monologue

Elvis Costello stopped playing “Less Than Zero” 15 seconds into the song and performed “Radio, Radio” — a song that NBC had objected to — instead

“He was then banned from appearing on SNL until he made his triumphant return playing the same song backed by the Beastie Boys years later! THAT was punk rock in its purest meaning.”


"Elvis with the Beastie Boys, seen here!"


Charles Rocket dropped the f-bomb during the curtain call, resulting in him getting fired in the middle of the season

“The show was already in limbo, and that mistake cost half the jobs on the show, including Rocket’s. SNL would’ve tanked entirely were it not for Eddie Murphy.”


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Sinead O’Connor ripped up a picture of Pope John Paul II during her performance of Bob Marley’s “War”

James Franco accidentally squirted fake blood straight into Leslie Jones’ mouth during the “Gift Wrap” sketch

“Jones spent the entire skit trying not to throw up .”


Martin Lawrence went off script during his monologue, sharing his personal experiences and opinion on women’s hygiene and genitals

“Because of network policy, this part of the monologue has been edited out of reruns of the episode since it originally aired in 1994. Instead, the following graphics are displayed explaining what occurred and calling it a “frank and lively presentation” that “nearly cost us all our jobs.”


Rage Against the Machine tried to perform with upside-down American flags hanging from their amps and were escorted out of the building immediately after their first song

“The upside-down flags were meant to be a protest of the show’s host that week: then–presidential candidate Steve Forbes. The crew removed the flags before the show went live, but the band was not invited back in to perform a second song or seen onstage for the goodbyes at the end of the show.”



Adrien Brody decided to improvise his introduction of musical guest Sean Paul by wearing dreadlocks, speaking in patois, and spewing a bunch of Jamaican stereotypes

Buck Henry hosted an entire episode of SNL with a bandaged head because John Belushi accidentally cut him with a sword during a “Samurai Stockbroker” sketch

Fred Armisen did an impression of then–New York Gov. David Paterson on “Weekend Update” that essentially made fun of him for being blind

"During the segment, Armisen squinted and was unable to do basic tasks, seemingly due to his inability to see. According to the New York Times, the governor’s office issued a statement about the impression, saying ‘this particular Saturday Night Live skit unfortunately chose to ridicule people with physical disabilities and imply that disabled people are incapable of having jobs with serious responsibilities.’"


Fear caused a bit of a riot during their performance and were cut off mid-song with a commercial break for fear that they’d seriously damage the equipment

“Fear hosted the Halloween episode in 1981 thanks to the help of cast member John Belushi getting them in the door at 30 Rock. They performed offensive songs — including the anti–New York song ‘New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones’; had a mosh pit that destroyed the set; and continuously used vulgar language. Concerned they’d destroy the equipment in the studio, the crew cut to a commercial when they began playing ‘Let’s Have a War.'”


Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor did a “Word Association” job interview sketch in which both their characters said racial slurs back and forth, including Chase saying the n-word

“Chase and Pryor notoriously didn’t care for each other IRL, either, and it shows.”



SNL Executive Producer Dick Ebersol had the audience vote on whether or not they should keep Andy Kaufman on the show…and fans voted him out

“Kaufman’s early appearances on the first couple of seasons of SNL left people wondering what planet he was from.”


Jenny Slate made a splash in her very first episode by accidentally dropping an f-bomb

“It was rumored for a while that the slipup during the ‘Biker Chick Chat’ was what got her fired from the show, but Slate explained that it was because she wasn’t a good fit. It’s good to see she’s doing a lot more for herself now.”


Jenny Slate made a splash in her very first episode by accidentally dropping an f-bomb

“Not only did DJ Muggs smoke weed on national TV, but the band also trashed their instruments at the end of their performance. Safe to say, it wasn’t a huge surprise when Lorne Michaels didn’t welcome them back on the show.”



Noel 8 month s ago
"dropped the f-bomb" thats just so pathetic... who the [email protected]#k cares about swearing THAT much that its something special?
Augusta 8 month s ago
You Americans... Isn't SNL on at midnight? Yet saying "[email protected]#k" is apparently so controversial you can lose your job? Grow up America.
Augusta 8 month s ago

Even Izismile censred my typing. Naked women photos and more, but can't even type a swear word on this site without being edited... Proven my point now, haven't I? Pathetic.
Jennet 8 month s ago
I suspect, in those days, BBC was just as strict.
Jasper 8 month s ago
Remember that Garrett Morris came out, looking like he was going to slam the Rolling Stones for Some Girls, which was, believe it or not, controversial, then asked "where are these girls?" That created lots of upset letter writers and such, and he still catches cr#p for it to this day.
Paula 8 month s ago
This show should have been canceled in 1980..... It's sh#t...



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