And What Is That? (19 PICS)

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"What is the structure, and what purpose does the light (flare?) serve"

1 And What Is That?

A: "Looks like a factory where whatever they make also produces a flammable gas a by product. They just seem to burn it off instead of letting it build up to dangerous levels"


"What is this thing? Found it as a kid and have never known what it is. Slightly heavier than it looks. Says US 4 inch on one side that also has an “L” in a diamond, the other side has some mark I can’t make out. The triangle is 4 inches from base to tip."

2 And What Is That?

A: "I believe this is an “earth anchor” sometimes called an “arrow head anchor”. The part that sticks up opposite the point fits into a shaft and it gets driven into the ground. There’s usually a steel cable that gets routed through the holes."


"Why does this mailbox of letters around it? Building was built in the early 1900s"

3 And What Is That?

A:" It used to be a combination lock. Now retrofitted with a key lock."


"Found this behind the reception desk of a hotel abandoned in the early 90’s. Any idea on what purpose it served?"

4 And What Is That?

A: "I’d imagine it’s the rack for the telephone system."


"I moved into an old house and found this screwed to the power outlet. It’s warm to the touch, and has apparently been here for years. What is this?"

5 And What Is That?

A: "It’s a transformer. Probably for a burglar alarm, but could be for a sprinkler controller or other low voltage system."


Izismile Video Collection

"Found at a playground in Minnesota, US. It’s the same size as a dime and is super thick."

6 And What Is That?

A: "Quarter shrunk with electromagnets"

"What is the white stuff around this dead fly?"

7 And What Is That?

A: "Fungal spores"

"These tongs were in the bathroom of an old hotel room. Any idea of the purpose? They aren’t old, but what are they and why are they there?"

8 And What Is That?

A: "It’s a towel holder"


"Is it possible to say what this thing is? Discarded during renovations in an apartment building"

9 And What Is That?

A: "Shoe holder / shoe rack"


"Hello, they erected this thing in the center of a neighborhood, its blocked off by a green tarp wall on each side."

10 And What Is That?

A: "This is a drilling rig. Fracing is a separate process. Anywho… I looked on the FL Oil and Gas Map and it only shows one well in Broward County and it looks like the permit was terminated in 2017. I don’t see any permits pending on Broward County. According to Baker Hughes rig count, there isn’t any rigs running in Florida. In other words, this doesn’t appear to be an oil and gas well site."


"What is this thing? They are yellow, hard and round. Found it in succulent soil. Haven’t seen them before today. They were maybe buried inside and washed up when I watered the succulent."

11 And What Is That?

A: "They look like slow-release fertilizer pellets."


"Spotted in a public restroom. Middle part rolls freely. Any ideas?"

12 And What Is That?

A: "There used to be a rubber roller around the middle piece. These usually get solved as a door-stop and/or purse hook. The roller reduces the chance of something getting caught on a static rubber bumper, like clothing as you pass it."


"Found two strips of these in a clear package inside a Uhaul box truck"

13 And What Is That?

A: "Resistors for circuit boards"


"Found just off the trail while hiking. It says “Research Project” but I’m curious what it would be researching."

14 And What Is That?

A: "Appears to be a remote weather station / rain gauge."


"Cast iron. About 6″ long and 2 1/2″ wide. Weigh about 8oz each. Appear to be left and right so maybe something that goes on shoes."

15 And What Is That?

A: "More research has determined that they’re oxen shoes. 2 parts are used for each hoof."



"Found in thrift store. Made of spongey fabric. Plastic peekaboo window at bottom."

16 And What Is That?

A: "Golf club head covers."


"Found in my grandparents loft, they’ve no idea what it is of where its from"

17 And What Is That?

A: "That’s a beer stein"


"Found while turning garden this spring in the Appalachian foothills of East Tennessee. What is this thing?"

18 And What Is That?

A: "A knapped flint knife. The handle is probably deer antler, bone would be hollow and too soft. The binding looks to be sinew. It doesn’t seem to be all that old. It’s probably a Boy Scout or survival class project."


"Metal part, found in my driveway, doesn’t spin."

19 And What Is That?

A: "It’s a fitting that attaches to a irrigation line . Then you blow water out of the line with a air hose to get it ready for winter (blowing out the sprinklers). This is the same kind of stem that is on your car tires."




Cora 4 month s ago
#11: Osmocote fertilizer. See:
Adelaide 4 month s ago
I always love it when I find posts like these here. I find it interesting. Keep em coming! good
Tricia 4 month s ago
^ Those self praising posts keep coming and always the same.
Hiram 4 month s ago
#8 That is a poop scooper, they are often found in penthouse suites, very expensive resorts, and wealthy peoples homes. Once you have relieved yourself, you ring the front desk and ask for the "White Glove Retrieval Service". Use the tongs to fish out your previous meal and and one of the staff will be waiting at your door with both hands outstretched, ready to whisk away your chocolate dumplings. That is actually how rich people live, their toilets dont flush, they're just for sitting and pooping. Side factoid: that is the butlers number 1 job (or should i say 2), thats how they got the name BUTler and that is why they are always seen wearing gloves 36
Levicy 4 month s ago
Very funny and creative Hiram!!!
I use to work at a resort in Aspen and some of those folks are just as you described.
Matilda 4 month s ago
Number 8 is no poop scooper, ya dumb [email protected]#k, its used to pick up ice cubes..
Valerie 4 month s ago

obviously you are not rich.
Ricka 4 month s ago

Can't be. It is fixed to the wall.

I think Hiram is right.
Lindy 4 month s ago
#17 The text is German, I gues it starts with "Geh sei lieb..." -> "go be nice"
If tis is really old, the cover should be made of tin, but sometimes it was lead. -> Check it is is tin bevor you use it
Jake 4 month s ago
#10 is a Water Well



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