Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (50 PICS)

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“King’s Landing, Florida.”

“These glowing rocks are known as Yooperlite, they are actually Syanite rocks rich in fluorescent Sodalite. They can be found mostly on Lake Superior.”

“Doom on a calculator run by potatoes.”

“This hyper realistic Woody figurine.”

“The colours of Autumn.”

Izismile Videos

“These Finnish trees covered in so much snow it makes the landscape look other-worldly.”

“A handmade ghost ship made by artist Jason Stieva.”

“Texan longhorn cow holds world record for longest horns span. They measure 10 feet 7 inches.”

“The image of the Japanese movie advertisement is printed on 2 sides of the newspaper so the full picture could be seen under some light.”

“This book of John Malkovich recreating famous photographs.”

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany

“This artwork “painted” into the back of this dirty Van is IAF.”

“This church has been under construction for 138 years - The Basílica de la Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain was begun in 1882 with expected completion in 2026 - With successful completion in 2026 the church will achieve 144 total years of construction.”

“For a brief period of 6 years, it was possible to mail a baby or small child through the U.S. Postal Service.”

“This is a Chinese water deer. They do not grow antlers but instead grow tusks. They are also known as “vampire deer””

Faroe Islands

“What does a volcano eruption look like from space? The Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-68 crew captured this view of the Kliuchevskoi volcano eruption plume in 1994.”

“Frane Selak is a Croatian man who cheated death 7 times. In the 1960s, he survived a plane crash, a car accident and a train crash. In the 70s he survived 2 more car accidents, and in the 90s another 2. He then lived on to win the lottery in 2003. He was dubbed "the luckiest unlucky man ever".”

“This is a Cotton Candy lobster - a 1 in 100 million catch. He was donated to the Huntsman Marine Science Center, to be safe and live out the rest of his life.”

“True pumpkin carving skill.”


“The Cape Romano Dome House in Florida used to be on land and now the domes slowly march out to sea (currently 300ft away)”

“Treehouse hotels of Laos, accessible only via ziplines.”

“The Knap of Howar in the United Kingdom is a Neolithic farmstead which has the oldest known stone houses in the world, built 6000 years ago. It’s truly remarkable how well the stones are preserved.”

“This building in Hongkong.”

“The surfing duck!”


“This horizontal border in Baarle-Hertog/Nassau. The border between Belgium and the Netherlands ran through this building, pitting everybody on the Dutch side, so the owner of the 2nd ground moved his door so that he was in Belgium.”

“Tree overtaking a tombstone.”

“Old stone Berber houses underground, in Sous Massa, Morocco.”

“1,400-Years Old Ginkgo Tree Near Ancient Chinese Temple Sheds Leaves, Creates A Sea Of 'Golden' Leaves.”

“An aerial shot of the Henningsvær Football Stadium in Lofoten, Norway.”

Art display in Venice.

“This X-15 was flown to 207,000 feet and reached Mach 3 in 1962. Pictured with pilot, Neil Armstrong.”

“I restored, colorized, and enhanced this 157 year old portrait of an African-American Civil War soldier and his family.”

“Dolphins get high by chewing on pufferfish. The pufferfish secretes a neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin that could kill a human. But by sucking on them, dolphins deliberately get high, observe their own reflection on the water’s surface, and act very strange in general.”

“A typhoon class submarine passing next to a beach in Russia.”


“My local bakery’s submission to the scarecrow contest (yes, that is bread)”

“Island foxes are a “dwarf” species of fox that only lives on the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California. There are 6 sub species because they all evolved separately on 6 different tiny islands.”

“Coming in for a landing, the Snowy or Arctic Owl. Native to the Arctic or Northern America.”

“Japanese dwarf flying squirrel.”

“This balloon was given to my mother when I was born in 1997 - it’s survived a flight from the UK to Ireland, and two house moves!”


“The actual coat worn by Napoleon Bonaparte during the invasion of Russia in 1812, located at Les Invalides, Paris.”

“This mannequin head that washed up on the shores of France.”

Times Square, 1900s vs. 2010s.

“Throne carved from a blown down tree in an English forest.”

“These aren’t leaves, but real insects.”


“This is an armadillo girdled lizard, they're usually found in the deserts along the western coast of South Africa. They look kind of like little dragons.”

“Fluorite found in the Jiangxi province of China.”

“Made from old car & motorbike tyres. Bangkok Thailand.”

“Queen Genepil, the last of Queen of Mongolia, circa 1920.”

“Heinrichite - a mineral crystal containing arsenic, barium, hydrogen, oxygen, and uranium.”



Alphus 1 year ago
#11 the Hohenzollern are the dynasty of the German emperors in the 19th and 20th century. When Germany was united in 1871, they wanted to rebuild the castle where the dynasty was founded centuries ago. This is not a medieval castle but how they imagined a medieval castle should look like
Deborah 1 year ago
I love it when there are explanations to the pictures we’re viewing. It make it interesting. great job good



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