Some School Kids Are Extremely Weird… (19 GIFS)

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"Was in the band during some down time, some guy kicks off his shoes and socks and bites the ends of his toenails off. Most of the class “casually” migrated towards the other side of the room."




"Poured his juice on the table at lunch and suction cupped his mouth over it and inhaled it all like a hoover when you put it directly onto a hard floor

He’s a lawyer now"




"Apparently he put a teaspoon up his arse in assembly"




"This girl decided she wanted to be pregnant. She proceeded to ask probably half the people in our high school if they would impregnate her, and then when that didn’t work she brought a zip-lock bag and asked for guys to jizz in it.

Everyone called her Sperm Bank after that, and I honestly can’t remember her real name."




"I’m from a small town. There was this weird kid who was a year older, but he was so weird that even the younger kids would pick on him. I didn’t really know him, but I put him in the weird but harmless category. He graduates, and then decides to rob the local Taco Time with a shot gun. Well, it is a small town. The kids working at the Taco Time all know him, and pretty much everybody in the Taco Time also knows him. He got two years."




Izismile Videos

"In fourth grade a girl ate a whole mechanical pencil next to me. She also regularly ate whole sheets of paper and erasers. The pencil really sticks out in my mind though."




"Ate a sheep eye we were supposed to dissect in science class. Man oh man."




"Robbed a gas station dressed as a ninja, armed with a katana. Stole cash from the register, all the cigarettes he could carry, and a bunch of lottery tickets. He then fled across state lines with a 17 year old girl (he was 19). Not a great result for him."




"A few days before a pep assembly, anonymously posted signs all over school that said “the cock is coming”. Teachers and school administrators were obviously concerned but clueless.

Smuggled a live rooster into the assembly and partway through the opening speech at the assembly, whipped it out over his head as it went [email protected]#t. Entire gym full of kids stood up and started chanting “Cock! Cock! Cock!”

Was not seen at school for a few days after that."




"Cut his own hair while in class, mentioned that he would conquer the world with a revolver. Ended up setting fire to his house and was sent to a mental asylum. Pretty mild stuf."





"My brother is a high school teacher and he once texted me that he caught a kid cutting his pubic hair in class.

Another kid (not even from his class) randomly ran into the classroom, took some binders out of a bookcase and started jumping up and down on them. Then he ran out of the classroom again."




"Ran around the hallways making pterodactyl noises with his arms raised up behind him like he was swimming butterfly"




"Humped my desk for a solid minute while maintaining eye-contact with me, and then said, “thanks” and just walked away.

I’m a guy, this was 15 years ago, on my first day at this new school, and I was just eating lunch at my desk, and this dude just walked up and went to town. No context, no introduction, nothing.

Didn’t even buy me dinner first. Just wham, bam, thank you desk."




"She barked at people and tried to scratch behind her ears with her foot amd sniffed peoples butts at recess. She was 14."




"Ate styrofoam, and then (visibly) lied about/denied it when someone pointed it out. Bits of styrofoam came out of his mouth."





"7th grade, guy Didn’t have a pen/pencil for the test and the teacher wouldn’t give him one (“you need to be prepared, blah”). Yeah, the dude took out a paper clip, straightened it out, stabbed himself, and started doing the test using his blood as ink. He was quickly sent to the nurse’s office."




"Had a container of Red Kool Aid powder in his desk and he would open it and eat it by the handful when he would get bored — usually an hour after lunch."




"Pulled down his pants in the middle of a public bathroom and span in a circle while spraying piss everywhere and shouting “AROUND THE WOOORRRLLLD”."




"There was this really mentally [email protected]#ked up kid I could probably write a book about. He went through a phase where he was obsessed with JFK, printed out pictures of him and taped them to everything, his binder, truck, locker, etc. idk what happened but later that year all those pictures changed to pictures of Hitler.

He referred to this as the time that “the devil overtook him with evil”. He did this same [email protected]#t with William Shatner and a teacher at our school, but the bizarre satanic Hitler obsession takes the cake.

He was also banned from the computers because the library lady caught him j#rking it to porn"





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Alfy 8 month s ago
This was sad.
In elementary school, there was a kid who was picked on a lot. In class, if someone gave him a hard time he would stand and yell out every cuss word he knew.
It was, of course, for shock value and no one understood he needed help, not to be ridiculed. We were about 8 years old and that still troubles me all these years later.



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