Dads Who Are Too Good At Dadding (46 PICS)

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"When Your Daughter Wants You To Join In Her Mermaid Photoshoot You Do Not Tell Her No"

"My Son's First Day At School Today. I Handled It Really Well"

"My Dad Got To Hold A 3-Week-Old Baby Goat Yesterday"

"My Dad Recently Got A 3D Printer And Made A Stool Sample For His Doctor"

"My Dad Was The Only One At The Office Today, So He Made This Picture And Sent It To My Family"

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"Daddio Is A Savage"

"Feels Bad"

"So My Daughter Juist Bought A House That Was Buit In Late 1800's. We Found This And She Threw It Out, I Got It Out Of The Trash And Let The Games Begin"

"When You Just Want To Play Your Guitar But Your Dad Is That Guy From Pink Floyd"

"My Dad Is Adorable And His Bad Jokes Always Make Me Happy"


"Womb, There It Is"

"I Promised My Daughter A Chocolate Cake If She Pooped On The Potty All By Herself. I Had To Pay Up"

"Cooper Leveled Up On Dog Ability"

"My Parents Just Got Internet (Bialet Massé) And My Dad Is Already Showing Videos To The Neighbors"

"Put On My Dad Uniform Today And Began The Journey Of Fatherhood! I Had To Use My Dads Actual Shoes Cause My Wife Wouldn’t Let Me Buy Dad Shoes"

"My Dad Has Just Figured Out How To Use The Front Camera. This Is The First Picture He Sent"

"My Wife Doesn’t Want Our Newborn Son’s Face Posted On Social Media, So She Asked Me To Censor Over It. Needless To Say, I Won’t Be Asked To Do That Again"

"Working With Dad"

"My Dad “Trying Out The Plot He Just Purchased”"

"My Dad Wanted To Take A Nice Picture With A Waterfall In Yosemite"

"My Son Was Shocked When He Saw Me With A Wig"

"I Told My Dad That I Bought The Game “Risk” And Wanted To Play It With Him. He Said He’d Never Played. I Show Up To His House And Find Him With Printed Out Battle Plans And Map Strategies"

"My Dad Told Me It Might Be Hard For Me To Find Him At The Airport Because He Looks So Much Different After Losing Weight"

"Sometimes My Daughter's Pad Falls Out Of Her Bra In The Laundry. Sometimes I Use It To Make My Dog Look Jewish"

"My Dad Was So Proud Of The "Feetloaf" He Made For Halloween. I Think He Nailed It"

"Throwback To When My Mom Forgot To Submit My Senior Baby Ad For The Yearbook And Asked My Dad To Do It"

"Today I Babysat My Son For The First Time While His Mother Was Out"

"My Brother's High School Math Teacher Assigned Parental Homework. My Dad Was Not Happy"

"Told My Dad His Toast Could Only Be One Page"

"I'm The Dad Who Was Charged $39.35 To Hold My Son At The Hospital. Here's My Kid In His New Favorite Shirt"

"Being A Terrible Dad To My Daughter"

"Dropped In On My Kids’ Zoom Classes - Payback For All The Interruptions To My Work Calls"

"Missed My Master’s Graduation Because Of Aerosinusitis And Rushed To Emergency Room. Here’s My Dad Handing Me My Insurance Papers Pretending To Graduate Me"

"We Have A Lightbox With Inspirational Quotes For My 2-Year-Old Daughter. My Wife Hasn't Noticed Yet"

"My Dad Mails My Dog Money And Giftcards On The Regular"

"Dad Waits 28 Years To Return Birthday Card To Son"

"I Asked My Husband How Long The Kitchen Table Is. This Is What I Got"

"My Dad Put Up A New Shower Curtain And I'm Not Sure How I Feel About It"

"Me, Absolutely Wrecked On PS1 By My Dad"

"My Dad Said He Found Some Cute Baby Pictures Of Me And Handed Me These"

"Picking Up My Daughter From The Airport"

"Dad Never Fails To Rip One During Family Photos"

"I Recently Became A Dad And Put My "Uniform" On While Still At The Hospital. I've Been Planning This For A While"

"My Dad Thinks He's Funny"

"My Dad Said He Patched The Hole In The Barstool So Well, "You Can't Even See It""

"Had A Kid The Other Day. First Thing I Packed Was Correct "Dad-Ttire" For The Trip Home"


Abraham 1 weeks ago
Why would you ever need to pay to hug your own child? Makes zero sense.
Thursa 1 weeks ago

To those in charge of the US healthcare system it does for reason only known to them. Body to body touch after birth is a chargeable activity. sm_80
Kissy 1 weeks ago
#1 - no, just don't. It's not good in any way.
Genevieve 1 weeks ago
Quote: Kissy

Oh yes? Please identify a single one.



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