Where Would You Hide From A Nuclear Blast? (24 GIFS)

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"Where could I go? I’m gonna make some ramen and a grilled cheese and just wait for the end."




"Imagine FAPPING and you see a nuclear cloud appear in the distance. Obviously you keep going but the mental concentration needed to finish has got to be Olympic level."




"Play some cards with my kid, listening to our favorite music, telling jokes. Give him a hug. I’m not far from a military base and a major airport but not sure I’m within “death radius” but wouldn’t chance not being with my baby."




"Do I know where the epicenter is going to be? If so I probably drive as fast as I can in the other direction. I could probably put 30 miles between myself and my current location, and according to one of those nuke map calculator sites, I only need to put ~10miles between me and the epicenter to avoid the “light damage radius” of a standard US nuke."




Izismile Videos

"Yes the epicenter would be in the nearest city center to you."




"I’m going to dig the deepest trench possible in 30min"


"I doubt I could go anywhere meaningful (considering my geographical location) within the 30 minutes. Call the family, the few friends that matter, and wait for the clock to hit 0 :("




"The only chance you have is a fast speedboat with a full tank of gas and calm seas. With a 5 Mega-ton warhead (a fairly standard yield) if you can make 15-20 miles out your chance of survival is decent."


"Down the street, into the woods, up the path, over the creek, up the hill and into vault 111."


"Not a scientist, but from my understanding of nuclear fallout, the water would help with the initial blast, but the fallout would quickly land and either sink in the water or stay on top. Both very bad for scuba diving as you have to come up eventually. If you had a submarine it would be better if it stayed on the surface, but I assume it doesn’t float."


Reply to “scuba diving” by ChromePon3


"This actually happened to me, sort of. My wife and I were in Hawaii, near Pearl Harbor, in 2018 when the ballistic missile alert showed up on my phone. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER, THIS IS NOT A DRILL, it said. For a minute I thought it was fake, but why take the chance? I’d lived in Hawaii before and decided to get as far away from Pearl Harbor as I could before mass panic set in. I drove East towards Kaneohe. There’s a tunnel through a mountain and I stopped in the middle. We were the 2nd car to stop and within a few minutes the entire tunnel was full. After about 30 more minutes a friend of mine in Kaneohe texted that it had been mistake. He’d had his wife lie down in the bathtub while he watched the TV for updates. It was a pretty frightening experience."


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"You’d be protected from some of the radiation, especially the heat wave. But the blast wave of the explosion propagates more efficiently in water as it’s not as compressible as air. Submarines in nuclear tests didn’t fare well."


Fact based reply to “SUBMARINE option” WITH a bit of actual SCIENCE by ThisIsNotAnAlias


"Meanwhile, my Russian parents told me all about nuclear bombs when I was 5, and I was living with the fear and recurring nightmares of nuclear war until I was an adult, lol."


Reply to Russian parents by “blondiecan”


"I’d be relieved (if) I was with my family. Not getting to say goodbye (is) really isva big fear of mine."


"Yeah, your father pretty much had the right idea. At that point, there’s really not anything you can do to avoid it. If you had a day’s notice? Sure. But less than an hour? On a tiny island? Pfft, not a chance. Half the island will be volcanic glass, and the other half will be an irradiated wasteland. At that point, it’s probably better to get hit in the initial blast and spare yourself the agony of slowly dying as your internal organs slowly melt from the massive radiation poisoning."


Reply to “being with family” by “KATIE_EATS_POOP”


"What about SUBMARINES?"

From Dustin_Bromain

"I’ve got one in the attic. Next to the Christmas tree."

Reply to “SUBMARINE option” by mr_bedbugs

"The nuclear depth charge test. Nukes are that one kid playing rock paper scissors and they say “gun”."


Reply to “hide deep under water in a sub” results after U.S. testing effects of Nukes impact on Submarines by Flying0stric


"Honestly if I wasn’t panicking I wouldn’t mind dying from a nuclear blast while making a grilled cheese"


Reply to “food at the END” by “uglypenguin5


"With my luck, I’ll cum a split second before the shockwave hits and the jizz will fly back in my face, making my last meal a salty protein shake."


Reply by pspetrini to his original “FAPPING during a NUKE”



"Haha, typical human /s"


Reply to uglypenguin5 by 2mg1ml


"Nuclear Blast DOOR is probably the only REAL answer."




"Best year 2020"




"We all died that day. We are just living in an Alternate Universe."


Reply to “FALSE nuke ALARM”-


"So, WHERE or What would you do if ya knew a NUKE would hit in a mere 30-minutes? Kick it around…funny answers are the best, But FACTs or heartfelt comments also work. Thanks for givin’ the post a read."




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