These Are Some Dirty, Dirty Jobs (13 PICS + 2 GIFS)

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Nick Gerhardt, from the Family Handyman website, has compiled a few of the most disgusting careers out there that will make any desk job look much better.


Crime Scene Cleaner

It’s probably not always like a scene out of Dexter but you can imagine a crime scene cleaner has a tough job. They have to decontaminate scenes and deal with bodily fluids, not to mention any kind of odors that might arise.


Blood Worm Hunter

Blood worm hunters head to mud flats where they sift through the mud to find blood worms, which anglers like to use as bait. Hunters can make a few hundred dollars in one day if they have a good haul, but the work is tough. Hunters will work year-round to harvest the worms.


Seal Coater

Seal coating is just plain old messy work when you get right down to it. The seal coating can get under fingernails and stick to skin exceptionally well, making it a chore to clean off after the work is done.


Pig Slop Processor

Buffet food from Las Vegas and other places gets transformed into pig slop. Plastic, glass and other items have to get separated from the trashed food that comes in. The leftovers get recooked into a slop.


Izismile Videos

Geoduck Farmer

A Geoduck is a large saltwater clam that can be 3 ft. long. They can sell for up to $100 a piece, according to Modern Farmer, and are native to the Pacific Northwest. Geoducks bury themselves in sand, about three feet deep, before they can be harvested.


Oil Rig Worker

Oil is a slippery, messy material so working on an oil rig is no picnic.


Sewer Inspector

Sewer inspectors have a tough job, to say the least, and it can certainly get messy at times. When things get clogged or tree roots start growing into sewers, sewer inspectors get called in to clean it up.


Animal Castrator

It’s not an enviable job but one that has to get done on farms. Dirty jobs are still jobs. Restraining an animal and then performing the incision is dirty work.


Garbage Pit Technician

Take rotten food and put it through a trommel and then a grinder where it turns into a green sludge; then it gets put into a digester where it’s converted into energy. Converting unused food into a flammable gas and a source of energy.


Coal Miner

It’s a dangerous job that leaves workers covered in soot at the end of the day. Coal miners also have to worry about the health impact of working in the mines, too.


Chicken Sexer

In order to determine the sex of a baby chick, someone has to squeeze excrement from the chicken to get an unobstructed view of the organs by looking up its rectum.


Bat Guano Collector

Bat guano turns out to be a pretty good fertilizer but someone has to harvest that guano. Someone has to build bat houses or head to a cave to collect the guano. Even if you don’t have a fear of bats, it’s a dirty job.


Septic Tank Technician

There’s a lot going on with a septic tank and if it fails, well, you’ve got a dirty job ahead of you or for the tech.


Animal Urine Collector

An animal urine collector is a unique job for sure. Deer have to be kept in rooms overnight. The floor in the room has tiny holes where the urine drips and gets collected. Urine collectors have to come up with a gallon each night.



Karon 2 year s ago
There’s no such thing as an animal castrator. Either the farmer or the veterinarian does it. And often (not always) they don’t “cut” them off - they put rubber bands around them so tight that it cuts off blood flow and they eventually fall off (maybe it’s worse that way LOL). Source: grew up on a farm
Jed 2 year s ago
None of these jobs seem particularly repugnant. Decent pay is also a nice incentive.
Monte 2 year s ago
How about cheap hookers?




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