Some Movie Plot Twists Are Just Insane! (18 PICS + 2 GIFS)

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“The moment we realize that Mr. Glass had actually set up all the disasters in order to find his antithesis is a feeling that cannot be replicated when watching the movie again.”




Fight Club

“You realize the plot twist at the exact same moment as Edward Norton. His face, and the music that plays as it clicks, is perfection.”




Knives Outa

“It was so good, the actors were incredible and the cinematography was unbelievable, but the twist ending is what really drove me wild! I had gone to see it with a friend, and the end of the movie had both of our jaws on the floor!”




Remember Me

“This plot twist messed me up. There was no indication of the time period or anything, no passing date on a calendar, it’s just a regular story, and then total devastation. It does a really good job of re-creating the out of nowhere impact of 9/11, but holy [email protected]#t that twist made the entire movie hit differently the first time.”




Izismile Videos

And its sequel, Split

“That moment when you realize that the kidnapped girls were actually in the basement of a building at the zoo, and that people were there every day but didn’t know the girls were there was absolutely wild. I seriously thought they were in an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere.”





“I was blown away when the maid came back to the house and you realize that there is a man living in the basement. The whole tone of the film changed in that exact moment. I can watch it again, but I’ll never get that moment back now that I know what happens.”




47 Meters Down

“At the end of this film, when you realize Lisa was hallucinating, it was absolutely wild. You find out that the ‘ending’ wasn’t real in like the last two minutes of the movie, and you just can’t get that feeling when rewatching it.”




The Prestige

“Realizing that Borden was actually a set of twins pretending to be one person their whole life for their magic act was a brilliant twist. I love watching it with people for their first viewing because they all have that moment of shock, and it’s so much fun getting to see it!”




Seven Pounds

“This movie had me thinking of so many different possible endings, but I never expected what actually happened. It blew me away! It was such a beautifully sad story that I would love to experience for the first time again.”





Crazy, Stupid, Love

“The first time I watched this movie, the reveal that Cal was Hannah’s father made my jaw drop! I was as flabbergasted as Jacob. My mind was still reeling as I watched the rest of that hilarious sequence unfold, and I had to watch that scene a second time to take it all in before continuing with the rest of the movie.”




The Sixth Sense

“I was so relieved when Malcolm survived the gunshot, it was almost too good to be true, and it was. Thinking back, all the signs were there: when he couldn’t open the door, when his wife ignored him, and that Cole was the only one to talk to him. When it was revealed that Malcolm died in the beginning, my mind was blown.”




The Village

“I would love to experience this plot twist for the first time again. I was surprised to find out why the adults left the world, that the Walker family was actually rich and bought out that land as an ‘animal reserve,’ and how Ivy was the only blind person in the village, yet the bravest in the woods.”





“The ending was so clever and left a myriad of hints throughout that I never caught on to. Suffice to say that it blew my mind!”





“The twist at the end broke me! Finding out that Cecilia and Robbie’s happy ending was actually made up by Briony for her book was devastating in the most real way.”





The Mist

“I was so shocked with the twist ending. He kills his son with the last bullet because he thinks the monsters will get them and he didn’t want him to suffer, but immediately after, the army shows up and saves him! If he’d waited two minutes longer, they would have both lived.”





“I honestly didn’t see the twist coming in this movie, but in hindsight, it all makes sense why Red is the only one of them who can actually talk! I totally wish I could watch it for the first time again to feel that surprise.”




Primal Fear

“You’re so convinced for the whole film that Norton’s character is innocent. I wish I could watch it again for the first time just to experience the shock when he revealed there never was an Aaron, and that he’d been evil all along.”




Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

“When Darth Vader reveals to Luke that he’s his father, the world was changed. It was such an impactful moment that is part of our collective knowledge. I’d love to travel back in time to see it in theaters for the first time with an audience who is also just experiencing it.”






Manoah 2 year s ago
Irreversible when he kills the wrong guy and you find out she was pregnant. The other insane part overshadowed these though.
Rosabella 2 year s ago
Mmm no keyser soze, i know is a repeated one but is the one
Sue 2 year s ago
The original "Old boy". That ending was a sick twist. It will leave your jaw fall to the ground.




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