What Is This Thing? (21 PICS + 1 GIF)

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"Small round “shelf” in old mail box"

A: "Leave change for postal worker to add postage"

"What is this tool called?"

A: "Its a box tool. Originally designed for opening and closing crates, this is a crudely made tool, yet ideal for rough work."


"Found in an unfinished basement of an old home. Looks like a coin but it’s hollow and opens up"

A: "It is an Napoleon III Empereur Barre coin lighter."


"It’s kind of rubbery but hard."

A: "Bump stop off of a Peugeot car of some sort. Keeps the springs from bottoming out"


"Found in my uncooked brown rice"

A: "It looks like part of a crab shell. Maybe wherever the rice is produced/processed also does seafood"

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"Northern U.S., a pin from mother’s side of family. Wouldn’t even know how to look it up."

A: "It is a commemorative pin for the Statue of Liberty centennial, 1986. There was a “flags of the world” series."


"Flat-backed plate that resembles a music box wheel. Number search turned up nothing. Found in late father in law’s toolbox."

A: "Looks like an IBM punch card for use in Punched Card Typography in the 60s/70s— It’s basically computer code."


"Found among Grandma’s things. All snowflakes go into box, spring clasp on the box."

A: "One website calls them charms- peace, love, happiness"


"Found in a Coinstar return slot. Looks like some type of key in the shape of a gun."

A: "It is a gun keychain for a steering wheel lock"


"Near Agate, Utah. My dad and I came across this on Google Maps today but no search on Google gave me an answer"

A: "These have to be evaporation ponds near some sort of mineral mine."



"Weird hole in our garage floor?? Wondering what it woukd have been used for."

A: "It also looks to me like there is a section of cement at the bottom that is significantly older than the concrete blocks. (But it might just be dirtier) Is it possible that this exact spot once housed an older structure? If that’s the case, I wonder if there was once a cistern there, under an older house. When the garage was built, there was an original intention to keep the cistern, but it was later filled in for safety reasons. That would explain the access gaps left behind that look large enough to run pipe but don’t have any."


"What is this? Came with the house."

A: "It’s a doorbell chime"


"Buried structure in the woods near Suwanee river state park not certain on depth maybe 15ft deep and bowls out very wide."

A: "Perhaps it is a water cistern. I believe they tend to have that shape. That looks the closest to the shape and the size! I suppose there may have been another structure near it at one time to use the water."


"Small silver fob- Nazi or Navajo"

A: "Seems like it is a “Whirling Log Fred Harvey Thunderbird” pendant (Navajo vintage jewellery) I suspect that’s a couple hundred dollars at least."


"Found these in my grandma’s old jewellery box. Tried googling W.S.P. Co. but no link to whatever these are. They’re pretty solid, and somewhat heavy."

A: "Those are screw machine cold heading punches. I still use them daily. Wsp is from wrentham tool"



"Found at antique shop. Think it might be some sort of food server. But really no idea what this is!"

A: "It’s a bun warmer"


"Scary looking thing, but what is it? A friend found this, including the note, in a forest in Germany. Seems to be dangerous when burned, but nobody could tell us what it is and what the note is all about…"

A: "It’s most likely a old dry pine sap, it burns really well, a lot of people use it as fire starter, but it’s toxic in closed areas hence the warning."


"In the pursuit of family history, I uncovered these amongst old family storage, untouched for decades. Belonged to my Great-Great Grandfather, however no one had info or history on them. Any ideas?"

A: "Those are no doubt Italian pins. The PNF ones are National Fascist Party pins. The green one is Italian Voluntary Red Cross , possibly military related (this one I’m not 100% on but its definitely red Cross) The eagle one is Royal Airforce. All likely issued around the time Mussolini was around."


"Found clearing a house, works like a pair of scissors except for the pointy thing at the bottom which just swivels"

A: "It’s a candle snuffer. Candle snuffer scissors."


"Near the side of the road in West Virginia, three sides of it have those room things."

A: "It looks more like an iron furnace."



"These small cones I found buried in my backyard. I rinsed them off – penny for scale."

A: "Looks like (used) tumbling media."


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Ozzy 8 month s ago
#4 : it's the Citroën Logo, not Peugeot
channax 8 month s ago
Citroën + Peugeot = PSA Group
Pete 8 month s ago
Both logos are present
Maud 8 month s ago
As a matter of fact you can see both the Citroën and Peugeot logos.
Mick 8 month s ago
I like these galleries always learn something new. good
Deborah 8 month s ago
Another great post!
Deanne 8 month s ago
#7 Thought it was for a small multi-pin music box.
#11 Almost thought it could've been original trade silver
Myra 7 month s ago
Now we know what happened to Aunt Jemima after she was kicked out of the kitchen.



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