Hey, What’s That?! (21 PICS)

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"Found this building while I was hiking in west Kerry, Ireland."

A: "It’s a water tower, formerly used to refill steam engine tanks or tenders. There used to be a railway there from 1891 to 1953."


"Thing with wheels I found in the woods"

A: "Its what’s left of a Volkswagen beetle."


"Little brick outcroppings dotted every 20 feet or so on old brick building. Nashville TN"

A: "If it’s a really old building they could be coal chutes to basement furnaces"


"What is this metal monkey sculpture??"

A: "A Tsuba (sword guard)"


"I found this under my house during a remodel. I think it’s from the 1932 Olympics? I live in Southern California about an hour from Los Angeles."

A: "Car grille ornament celebrating the 1932 olympics"


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"Huge engine with wheels found hiking on copper mountain."

A: "Looks like it was meant to drive a belt. Since you said it was a logging area, could have been for a saw or bark stripper. I’ve found similar engines next to old mines that were for ventilation and air compressors, also belt driven."


"Found this tool in my grandma’s basement"

A: "It’s a clarinet stand"

"Wall thingy that has slots that can be pushed"

A: "It definitely is a coat hanger, it is a vintage design by Luciano Bertoncini from the 70’s. Just a weird design I guess. Had a Goole, some of them seem worth a fair bit as well"


"I work at the health department and found this no idea what it does"

A: "My husband is a manufacturing engineer for a medical company. He says it’s sold by conmed. Probably a plate holder or plate bender."


"Was my Grandfathers. It had cuff links and tie bars in it. Sort of an organizer? Maybe for travel? Was this a popular old item?"

A: "It’s a valet. Valet is a generic term for the item that holds your stuff. BTW, looks like a Boy Scout 1st class pin with the collar stays. Your grandfather knew how to wear a shirt properly."


"Partners mum found this in their house. Seems to have a sharp edge for cutting. There’s no number or words. It can lock shut. Spring inside. Any help is appreciated"

A: "It is for trimming Venetian (Horizontal) blinds. The cutting edge puts a small radius on the corner of the blind."


"We found them in a drawer, they’re metallic and quite stabby. Banana for scale."

A: "Martini garnish spikes (olives/onions)?"


"Found this lightbulb? while cleaning out my mother-in-law’s attic."

A: "Looks like a vintage Edison globe bulb."


"This glass thing my brother found in a charity shop. The top is closed, and the other four spouts are open. The top and bottom compartments are separate."

A: "It’s for balsamic vinegar and olive oil."


"Rentokil put four of these little dishes on the outer window ledge of all the offices in my building; I didn’t get the chance to ask them what it’s for and my Google-fu ain’t cutting it"

A: "Bird repellant gel."



"Found in a field metal detecting, Pickering, North Yorkshire, England, weights 4 grams and passed the vinegar gold test, what looks to be a sun in the middle and foliage around the edges, any guesses welcome"

A: "It’s a pendant from horse-gear. They are common, made from brass and you would find them on a field. The style is not medieval or tudor-time."


"A Contest Coupon of some sort? Maybe from England? 1880s-1940s?"

A: "It’s a Foley Bros., Glen Falls, NY , department store, ad."


"Egyptian sarcophagus pendant that opens and expands into…???"

A: "It is a mechanical pencil. You’re missing the ferrule the holds the lead."


"What is this on a pillow at a hotel I’m staying at?"

A: "Bed Bug Proof Zipper Closure Device"


"Shallow Cabinet in hallway with dowels instead of shelves"

A: "It’s a ladder for accessing the attic, there should be a panel in the ceiling above it."



"Out in the hills of southern Utah. No ID. What is it?!"

A: "It’s a rain gauge"


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Ginger 5 month s ago
Great post ✌️
Alazama 5 month s ago
Awesome post. I guessed about 75% of them right. And I'm not robot.
Irv 5 month s ago
really great to see someone actually say they are not a robot~!
Ced 5 month s ago
Alazama, Gotcha beat. I didn't have a clue for 100% of them! Try harder next time and you might catch me.
Raphael 5 month s ago
Fellow human,

I, too, am not a robot.



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